A red Sunday

Have you ever had days where one colour seems to pop up everywhere at you? Well that was my sunday!

I seemed to be seeing red everywhere and i decided to have some fun with it! So i took some photo’s of red things and i have called it a red sunday.

So the first (ok this was saturday night but thats when all this red started to be noticed) was my pizza. I like to take photos for Instagram and the red on one of my favorite pizza’s just seemed to leap out at me.


The pizza is called a margheritissima and is from our favorite local pizzeria which is called Tonda. The pizza has mozzarella, basil leaves and parmigiano on it and its absolutely heavenly. It’s not really a heavy pizza but really enjoyable if you want something a bit light.

Sunday lunch was pasta with ragù which is a tomato based sauce and is lovely light and also good with parmigiano on top as well. I love the little chunks of tomatoes among the piece of pasta!


I also bought lovely big juice strawberries at the supermarket on sunday as well as last year i couldn’t have them and this year im going to eat as many as i can! Just look at that lovely red colour leaping out of the photo! How can you resist such strawberries?!.


And last but not least i got around to re-dying my hair a lovely bright red which made me happy to finally get it done!


I quite enjoyed my red sunday so i will probably see what other colours pop up on other days. Its a nice little bit of silly fun 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 19:25:41

    Really enjoyed this! Who couldn’t enjoy seeing the beautiful red: pizza, macaroni and strawberries? Especially, for me as red’s my favorite color…


  2. ciro1
    Mar 25, 2014 @ 07:45:57

    It was so funny how the colour just kept leaping out at me! Im going to see if i can do other colour days to but waiting to see if any colours jump out again 🙂


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