Off to the UK

In some days time i will be off to the UK for 4 whole weeks to visit my family and im very excited!

The only thing im a little nervous about is taking Peanut on the plane for the first time. She’s a happy little thing, very curious and rarely gets scared so im hoping she wont freak out and will just want to see whats going on around her.

Im going to pack her favorite toy Mr Monkey, her fruit shaped rattle, along with her zebra rattle and talking baby phone that plays music to keep her happy. I think its important to take these as they are her favorite things and it will be something familiar when we arrive in the UK.

I also have a Baby Einstein episode on my phone, along with 2 other cartoons in italian now so we can watch them if she gets to restless on the plane.


Packing for her has been interesting as the weather keeps changing alot in the UK and a lot of people have told me you can have all 4 seasons in one week! The forecast for saturday is 10c so its going to be cold as there is a cold snap forecast for over the weekend. So i have packed mostly warm things for her and plan to buy her some summer clothes when we are there for when we return to Italy.

Its going to be an interesting experience traveling with an almost 8 month old baby on a plane for the first time. Even more so that im traveling alone with her for the first time for so long!(2 and half hours or more).

If i have time i hope to post some blog posts about our stay there and maybe a few food reviews if i feel like it. (There will be plenty of food eaten of course! heehee)

But mostly i will be enjoying the time spent with my family and enjoying their happiness as some of them havent met Peanut in the flesh although they know her from our skyping! 🙂

So it should be a fun filled time for all of us and alot of first times for Peanut with her first ever trip to the UK!


Two year Wedding Anniversary lunch – Deriva Aniene Pub

Today is mine and Alex’s second wedding anniversary and to me it still feels like its just been 5 minutes! Seriously it was just last year we were celebrating in two with my pregnant bump and this year we are in three with little Peanut

Sunday we decided to go and celebrate early with a nice lunch out at a local beer garden pub we had found on friday called Deriva Aniene.

I have loved the look of this place for ages with its bright barrels, colours, decor and of course the red english telephone booth door!



We had walked past it a few times and i had curiously looked into the garden area and so friday we did actually go in for a drink for the first time with Peanut in her stroller after a long walk in the sunshine. We noticed straight away the staff were really friendly and child friendly to and we very happy to sit in the seated garden area for a while that day which was lovely.

As we left Alex asked if they did food which of course they did and we were also told they were open everyday and closed at 2am! They also do things in the evening during the hot summer months which i had noticed last year.

So sunday lunchtime after giving Peanut her lunch at home and dressing her up we did the short walk to the pub near the river.

It wasn’t to busy inside but we decided to sit in the garden area so Peanut could have lots to look at while we ate and drank.

Again the staff were super friendly and they adored little Peanut who was happy to stare at all the other people in the place with a big smile on her face from time to time. Of course this was her second visit to this place and she was a very good girl and always curious about whats going on around her.



We decided to both share a plate of chips and then each have a cheese, bacon burger along with a drink for our lunch after we were told the menu. Alex took a long beer and i took a small glass of Baileys my first in over 1 year and almost 8 months! I seriously couldn’t remember what it tasted like and it was nice just to have one drink.



It was so relaxing just sitting there and it really did feel like you were in a garden away from the stresses of the world.

Peanut did eventually get a little grumpy and wanted out of her stroller so she could see what we were doing. She was also due her nap time so after a long cuddle with me and a bit of milk i had bought with me she fell happily asleep in her stroller.



The chips when they arrived were very salty and crunchy and were really good and huge so we were glad we only ordered one. The burgers were also big and juicy and we really enjoyed them which is very good for pub food.



I was a little cheeky and ordered a dessert afterwards which was this heavenly chocolate cake with warm melted chocolate at the heart of it with whipped cream! It was a complete chocolate overload and i was buzzing a little afterwards with the sugar rush.

We all really enjoyed our new pub and have vowed to go there again many times as its one of our new favorite places! Especially as Peanut is welcome and it will be a perfect place in the evenings during summer when its hot hot hot! 🙂


Making Crescione

When i attend the Eataly Street food festival some weeks ago i got to try Crescione with patate, mozzarella and salsiccia (potatoes, mozzarella cheese and sausage).

It was heavenly all cooked and melted togeather and i decided there and then i wanted to make it for myself at home.

I very briefly glanced at a recipe for this but then decided to make it based on what i had tasted at the festival.

So over the long Easter break i decided to give it a go!

Things you will need:

olive oil

First i peeled the poatoes and cut them into chunks then added them to a pan of salted water and left them to cook. I wanted them to become nice and soft.


Next i broke the sausages up into little chunks then added them to a frying pan of olive oil and began to cook them.





Then i drained the mozzarella and put it onto a plate before cutting it into pieces ready to be heated up a little.

Once the potatoes were cooked i mashed them with a fork adding a little butter and milk to make them creamy.

The sausages were cooked by now and so i popped a few pieces of the mozzarella into the pan to heat them up and let them melt a little. This only takes a minute as you dont want to burn them.


Next i pulled out two of the piadina and put them on a plate before spreading some of the mashed potato in the middle of them. Then i added a few chunks of the sausage and a slice of the metled mozzarella and they were ready to eat.


They turned out pretty well and almost the same as i had tasted at Eataly but with one flaw as i didnt heat up the piadina! Which Alex pointed out even though he enjoyed them very much.

So next time i will heat them up and they should be prefect but still they turned out pretty well 🙂

Today is Earth Day

Today is Earth Day (22nd April) and i only just realised this when i saw SKY advertised all the amazing programmes they will be showing today! documentaries about that planet and all the animals, films and even the animated movies involving nature.

Digging a little deep i found that 190 countries are taking part in Earth Day today! Including Belgium, Italy, American, China and Russa to name just a few.

The theme this year for Earth Day is Green Cities and they hope to educate everyone on things like sustainable energy like wind power, solar power and recylcing and making bette choices for a better future for us all.


It will also touch on subjects like climate change and enviromental challenges we are facing in our generation.

Yesteday here in Roma they held an Earth Day run/walk at the Valley Nature Reserve dell’Aniene for anyone to take part.

Today at the Maxxi – Museum for Contemporary Arts there will be a photo exhibition of Italian photographers of international fame and photographers network Shoot4Change.

There will also be an Earth Day Concern today which will have parts of it Broadcast on tv from around 12.30am.


I think Earth Day is such a good idea and helps remind people about the enviroment and the planet we live on.

Im going to watch some of the Earth Day programmes today on SKY and put on the animated movies for it to for Peanut.

Im going to teach her the beauty of our planet and how its very important to respect it and look after it.


Kindle Vs Tablet

Some weeks ago my Ipad died completely after 6 years of loyal use. This depressed me a little bit as i had been using it to read all my PDF books when i had time when Peanut was sleeping/napping. kindle-fire-vs-galaxy-tab-2

Now i have a bit of money saved im at the stage i would really like to buy something to read my books on again as a replacement. I really don’t want to go with an Ipad again as it was nice but there quite expensive now and there are things just as nice for much less.

I have had my eye on A Kindle Fire HD and the more i have been looking at it the more i like it. I can easily put all my books on to it and even put cartoons and movies for Peanut to. It has email, apps, wifi and a whole range of other handy little things. Its also small enough to put in my bag and carry around with me on long trips so i can keep Peanut entertained.

After showing the Kindle to Alex he pointed out that i could probably get a Samsung Tablet for around about the same price which would do even more things. We could put SKY GO onto it, more apps, it could be faster internet wise etc.

We watched several reviews on both the Kindle and the Samsung Tablet and both had very good reviews!

So here’s the thing i know i want one of them but which one do i get? It’s gone from something i can read with to other possiblities and also for the Whole family to use! Its a tough choice for me it really is and i dont know what to go with.

Im sure over the next day or so there will be more reviews on both to watch and weighing up the differences until i come to a decision.

But we will have to wait and see i guess.

My 100 Happy Days – Days 1 to 20

So as i mentioned in a previous post i am doing the 100dayshappy challenge where you post a photo of something that makes you happy for 100 days. I have been doing it on Instagram and i thought i would share the first 20 photo’s of the things that make/made me happy.

Somethings are little things and other are big things as you will see 🙂

Day 1 – making fairy cakes! I loving baking since i started a few months ago and sometimes i get the urge to just make these now and then.

Day 2 – First cup of tea of the day is always a small pleasure for me each morning.


Day 3- A walk in the park with Peanut is always fun when we get some sun.


Day 4 – Watching Peanut play is something that always makes me happy as shes just learning and growing so quickly.


Day 5 – Little Yellow wild flowers blooming everywhere in the spring Sunshine makes you know spring is really here.


Day 6 – New Jean that finally fit me finally after so long! post Baby jeans yay!


Day 7 – The Cookie i saved from the Street Food Festival i had it for breakfast the next day.


Day 8 – The two loves of my life Alex and Peanut.


Day 9 – I love it when Peanut has her naps time! We snuggle for a bit then i have 5 mins peace to myself 🙂


Day 10 – A gift from my friend! The chocolate i love the most and can’t get here in Italy. She bought it back from a trip home to the UK.


Day 11 – A little fluffy Bunny toy with a belly filled with yummy chocolates! An early Easter present from Alex 🙂 I love it!


Day 12 – Catching the bus home from the centre of Roma after a trip to the English Library where i joined there raffle to raise funds.


Day 13 – Visiting a friend who’s dog had puppies! The most cutest little things that wanted to play and have Cuddles and Peanut loved seeing dogs/puppies for the very first time in her life.


Day 14 – Having a piece of left over sacher torta which a friend who visited bought over on the weekend! Its very yummy!


Day 15 – Playing in the local playground with Peanut which we only started to do this week! She loves the baby swings and also to sit on my lap on the big swings.


Day 16 – Having a bowl of my favorite veggie soup for lunch which is a little bit of comfort food for me sometimes 🙂


Day 17 – Peanut in her first ever pair of jeans! and what a difference it makes she now looks like a little girl rather than a baby!


Day 18 – Cuddles with my Cat Ciro who’s been feeling a little bit jealous of Peanut lately so i have been giving him some special attention.


Day 19 – Weekend snuggles and relaxing with Alex and Peanut! I love our lazy weekends when we have them and theres nothing better than playing on the bed with our daughter. 🙂


Day 20 – The look of love Peanut gave me with her little smile 🙂 Moments like these i treasure every minute of them and im so lucky to have such a happy and beautfiul little girl in my life!


So these are the first 20 days of my Happy days and as i can see its family, love, food, Sunshine and happiness 🙂

Rome’s Annual Pillow Fight 9th Edition 13th April

If your in Rome over this weekend you might want to take part in the annual Pillow Fight which this year takes part on sunday 13th April. (Its Always held in April sometime)

This year it takes place infront of the S. Maria Church in Trastevere and will be held between 17.45 and 19.00.

Here everyone will be armed with fluffy pillows and when the clock strikes 18.00 the battle will begin.

I blogged about this last year and was unable to go because i was pregnant at the time. Im very tempted to go and have a look this year but we will see 🙂

Other pillow fights are also held around the world at roughly the same time from London to New York and even in Austalia! There’s even a website which will tell you when and where in your country the pillow fights will be held!

It does sound like alot of fun and seems to be turning into quite a big thing from something which started as a flash mob back in 2006!


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