My Italian twist stir-fry

I have been experimenting with different ingredients for my healthy eating meals and this week i came up with a really nice stir-fry for my lunches.

It’s really tasty and the flavours work really well togeather its a recipe i won’t get bored of eating any time soon.

I like to call it my Italian twist stir-fry and its very easy to make.

You will need:

3 small Italian sausages
1 large carrot
Half an onion
Handful of small tomatoes.
Olive oil

First pull apart the small italian sausages into chunks and put them in a frying pan with a splash of olive oil. Begin to cook these pieces until they are almost ready.


Next cut up the carrot into thin slices or if you can buy the ready cut ones even better. Next cut the little tomatoes into halfs and then cut up the onion half.



Add all the veggies to the frying pan and the italian sausages and continue to cook until all the veggies are cooked.

Then the stir-fry is ready to serve! Easy!

The combination of vegetables really adds a lovely flavour to the dish as well as the slight spiciness of the italian sausage!

You can always add chicken or turkey instead of the sausage if you dont want the italian twist and im more than sure it will work just as well.

No sauce or anything like that needed which makes it a lovely healthy dish and the combination of veggies and sausage work amazingly well togeather. Although if you wanted to add a little bit of soy sauce it wouldn’t hurt.



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