My 100 Happy Days – Days 1 to 20

So as i mentioned in a previous post i am doing the 100dayshappy challenge where you post a photo of something that makes you happy for 100 days. I have been doing it on Instagram and i thought i would share the first 20 photo’s of the things that make/made me happy.

Somethings are little things and other are big things as you will see 🙂

Day 1 – making fairy cakes! I loving baking since i started a few months ago and sometimes i get the urge to just make these now and then.

Day 2 – First cup of tea of the day is always a small pleasure for me each morning.


Day 3- A walk in the park with Peanut is always fun when we get some sun.


Day 4 – Watching Peanut play is something that always makes me happy as shes just learning and growing so quickly.


Day 5 – Little Yellow wild flowers blooming everywhere in the spring Sunshine makes you know spring is really here.


Day 6 – New Jean that finally fit me finally after so long! post Baby jeans yay!


Day 7 – The Cookie i saved from the Street Food Festival i had it for breakfast the next day.


Day 8 – The two loves of my life Alex and Peanut.


Day 9 – I love it when Peanut has her naps time! We snuggle for a bit then i have 5 mins peace to myself 🙂


Day 10 – A gift from my friend! The chocolate i love the most and can’t get here in Italy. She bought it back from a trip home to the UK.


Day 11 – A little fluffy Bunny toy with a belly filled with yummy chocolates! An early Easter present from Alex 🙂 I love it!


Day 12 – Catching the bus home from the centre of Roma after a trip to the English Library where i joined there raffle to raise funds.


Day 13 – Visiting a friend who’s dog had puppies! The most cutest little things that wanted to play and have Cuddles and Peanut loved seeing dogs/puppies for the very first time in her life.


Day 14 – Having a piece of left over sacher torta which a friend who visited bought over on the weekend! Its very yummy!


Day 15 – Playing in the local playground with Peanut which we only started to do this week! She loves the baby swings and also to sit on my lap on the big swings.


Day 16 – Having a bowl of my favorite veggie soup for lunch which is a little bit of comfort food for me sometimes 🙂


Day 17 – Peanut in her first ever pair of jeans! and what a difference it makes she now looks like a little girl rather than a baby!


Day 18 – Cuddles with my Cat Ciro who’s been feeling a little bit jealous of Peanut lately so i have been giving him some special attention.


Day 19 – Weekend snuggles and relaxing with Alex and Peanut! I love our lazy weekends when we have them and theres nothing better than playing on the bed with our daughter. 🙂


Day 20 – The look of love Peanut gave me with her little smile 🙂 Moments like these i treasure every minute of them and im so lucky to have such a happy and beautfiul little girl in my life!


So these are the first 20 days of my Happy days and as i can see its family, love, food, Sunshine and happiness 🙂


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