Kindle Vs Tablet

Some weeks ago my Ipad died completely after 6 years of loyal use. This depressed me a little bit as i had been using it to read all my PDF books when i had time when Peanut was sleeping/napping. kindle-fire-vs-galaxy-tab-2

Now i have a bit of money saved im at the stage i would really like to buy something to read my books on again as a replacement. I really don’t want to go with an Ipad again as it was nice but there quite expensive now and there are things just as nice for much less.

I have had my eye on A Kindle Fire HD and the more i have been looking at it the more i like it. I can easily put all my books on to it and even put cartoons and movies for Peanut to. It has email, apps, wifi and a whole range of other handy little things. Its also small enough to put in my bag and carry around with me on long trips so i can keep Peanut entertained.

After showing the Kindle to Alex he pointed out that i could probably get a Samsung Tablet for around about the same price which would do even more things. We could put SKY GO onto it, more apps, it could be faster internet wise etc.

We watched several reviews on both the Kindle and the Samsung Tablet and both had very good reviews!

So here’s the thing i know i want one of them but which one do i get? It’s gone from something i can read with to other possiblities and also for the Whole family to use! Its a tough choice for me it really is and i dont know what to go with.

Im sure over the next day or so there will be more reviews on both to watch and weighing up the differences until i come to a decision.

But we will have to wait and see i guess.


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