Making Crescione

When i attend the Eataly Street food festival some weeks ago i got to try Crescione with patate, mozzarella and salsiccia (potatoes, mozzarella cheese and sausage).

It was heavenly all cooked and melted togeather and i decided there and then i wanted to make it for myself at home.

I very briefly glanced at a recipe for this but then decided to make it based on what i had tasted at the festival.

So over the long Easter break i decided to give it a go!

Things you will need:

olive oil

First i peeled the poatoes and cut them into chunks then added them to a pan of salted water and left them to cook. I wanted them to become nice and soft.


Next i broke the sausages up into little chunks then added them to a frying pan of olive oil and began to cook them.





Then i drained the mozzarella and put it onto a plate before cutting it into pieces ready to be heated up a little.

Once the potatoes were cooked i mashed them with a fork adding a little butter and milk to make them creamy.

The sausages were cooked by now and so i popped a few pieces of the mozzarella into the pan to heat them up and let them melt a little. This only takes a minute as you dont want to burn them.


Next i pulled out two of the piadina and put them on a plate before spreading some of the mashed potato in the middle of them. Then i added a few chunks of the sausage and a slice of the metled mozzarella and they were ready to eat.


They turned out pretty well and almost the same as i had tasted at Eataly but with one flaw as i didnt heat up the piadina! Which Alex pointed out even though he enjoyed them very much.

So next time i will heat them up and they should be prefect but still they turned out pretty well 🙂


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