Off to the UK

In some days time i will be off to the UK for 4 whole weeks to visit my family and im very excited!

The only thing im a little nervous about is taking Peanut on the plane for the first time. She’s a happy little thing, very curious and rarely gets scared so im hoping she wont freak out and will just want to see whats going on around her.

Im going to pack her favorite toy Mr Monkey, her fruit shaped rattle, along with her zebra rattle and talking baby phone that plays music to keep her happy. I think its important to take these as they are her favorite things and it will be something familiar when we arrive in the UK.

I also have a Baby Einstein episode on my phone, along with 2 other cartoons in italian now so we can watch them if she gets to restless on the plane.


Packing for her has been interesting as the weather keeps changing alot in the UK and a lot of people have told me you can have all 4 seasons in one week! The forecast for saturday is 10c so its going to be cold as there is a cold snap forecast for over the weekend. So i have packed mostly warm things for her and plan to buy her some summer clothes when we are there for when we return to Italy.

Its going to be an interesting experience traveling with an almost 8 month old baby on a plane for the first time. Even more so that im traveling alone with her for the first time for so long!(2 and half hours or more).

If i have time i hope to post some blog posts about our stay there and maybe a few food reviews if i feel like it. (There will be plenty of food eaten of course! heehee)

But mostly i will be enjoying the time spent with my family and enjoying their happiness as some of them havent met Peanut in the flesh although they know her from our skyping! 🙂

So it should be a fun filled time for all of us and alot of first times for Peanut with her first ever trip to the UK!



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  1. Nerys
    Apr 30, 2014 @ 16:03:31

    Have a lovely time!


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