My 100 Happy Days – Days 41 to 60

Here are my Happy days from 41 to 60 days.

Day 41 going to my first carboot sale on our visit to the UK.


Day 42 My Dad’s homemade chicken curry and rice yum!!


Day 43 buying a little friend for Peanut!  We both love him 🙂


Day 44 Shopping in Diss with my Mum,  Sister and Peanut.


Day 45 first run with my sister in the evening in the pouring rain!  It was a very good run and a lot of fun.


Day 46 Feeding the ducks at the river with Grandma and Peanut 🙂


Day 47 My friend Clare visited us from London with her boyfriend.  I was so happy to see her as I do miss her a lot. Peanut also loved her Aunty Clare cuddles to!


Day 48 is going running with one of the family dogs. He usually runs with my sister and he was such a good boy.


Day 49 I bought some very cute night tops which I loved on sight and will be good for the hot summers in Roma.


Day 50 going to the garden centre with my Dad to buy tomato plants. I haven’t been here in years and always went with my Dad when he was going there.


Day 51 Peanut finally meeting her second Aunty who she absolutely loved. She had a lot of cuddles that day.


Day 52 my new yellow nail varnish!  Very bright and sparkly and I think it will look nicer on my toes 🙂


Day 53 had my hair cut shorter which looks much nicer and easier to sort out.


Day 54 while going through boxes I found my first ever race medal! Back in London I did it with a friend but I walked most of it.


Day 55 sitting in the lego car with Peanut in the giant model shop! She loved it!


Day 56 my present from my friend Jess which is a fitbit which im quite obsessed with now!


Day 57 mucking about with my new hair colour! A very bright and vibrant red.


Day 58 having a cornish pasty! I love these and miss them as I can’t get them in Roma.


Day 59 Dinner out with family at Wagamama. I love there pad thai dish yum!


Day 60 At the cinema with my sister watching the new Xmen movie 🙂


I am more than half way now with my 100dayshappy and still having a fun time posting a photo a day. Especially being here in the UK visiting family!  Just another 40 days to go now! 🙂

My running mojo is back!

One of my younger Sisters who I used to drag out running when ever I visited has really been bitten by the running bug.

I have to admit I was surprised how much weight she has lost from running 6 days a week for over 3 months.  Or sometimes slightly less when she doesn’t have time.


She runs 2 and half miles around a large grassy area and water meadow near the house.

She has become really motivated and it’s wonderful to see this happening.

So while im visiting shes been determined to get me running again as she knew I had lost my running mojo!

Luckily I bought my Garmin with me just incase.  And we have been running when we can with one of the family dogs in tow.

I have to admit I do feel way more motivated now to run! And actually find myself asking her if we can go run now.

I even went out on my own with the dog a few times! And he’s such a good boy and doesn’t stop trotting along beside me as he’s used to going running with my sister.


I have even been walking with my Mum 3 or more miles a day as well. So im getting plenty of exercise while im in the UK.

I still have two weeks left to go and im going to run as much as I can. So far I have run in the pouring rain a few times and even 21/22c as it has warmed up.

This should be the push I need to run again now especially when we get home to Rome!

I know it’s going to be a lot hotter there but I don’t think something like that should stop you 🙂


Family First Aid Course

While im visiting my parents in the UK I decided to take part in a family first aid course.

I really wanted the knowledge what to do in an emergency if I ever needed it. Especially having Peanut now I felt it was more important than ever.

I had done a lot of searching online several weeks before coming over to find one.

A lot of the courses were only 2 hours long but I managed to find one that would be 4 hours long.  This appealed to me more as I was certain we would cover a lot more things.

The course was held on Saturday at a village called Fakenham in Norfolk.  My Dad kindly drove me the hour there to do the course.

I discovered once I got there only me and another woman had signed up to do the course! But I have to admit I liked it better this way as we could ask the instructor more questions.

Our instructor was named Gary and he was an ex army medic. He also did a lot of things at the local hospital along with teaching courses.

At the beginning of the course we were given a wonderful booklet with information in about everything.


Several little info cards we could also use at home which I thought was a wonderful idea!


You could easily keep one on the fridge or somewhere handy with emergency contact numbers on and list the medication people are using.


I really did enjoy the course and im now able to do CPR on an infant,  child or adult.

Also for drowning as well and how to keep them warm.

We were also taught the moves if someone was choking again for infant,  child or adult.

We covered all types of burns, poisoning,  shock, febrile convulsions,  hypothermia, meningitis,  spinal injury,  head injury, broken bones, animal bites,  insect bites,  nosebleeds,  asthma, allergic reactions.

Also we were shown how to cover a burn, how to make a sling and apply different bandages.

The instructor assessed us as we did the practical side of the course as well.

It wasn’t easy doing chest compressions on the adult dummy at all. And after doing it for 2 minutes straight it was very exhausting!

But at the end of the course we passed with flying colours!  Which means I will be getting a certificate for family first aid which lasts 3 years.

We were also told they do refresher courses and the instructor could come to a house and teach the course as long as there was 4 or more people to take part.

We would also be emailed updates if any of the things taught us changed.

Gary was also selling first aid kits for home or little ones you could carry with you.  I ended up buying a little one for my bag as its always handy to have.


They also teach first aid for martial arts classes and also for stables.

I was really happy with the course as I found it very in depth. It was also taught in a fun relaxed way which didn’t make it boring. And I would recommend this course to anyone interested.

If you are interested in taking part in this course they have a wonderful website you can visit.

Peanut’s adventure so far…

Me and Peanut have been in the UK visiting our family for almost a week now.

Peanut slept most of the journey on the plane and barely grumbled at all. I was pretty proud and relieved how the plane journey turned out.


We had a lot of trouble the first day we arrived though finding the right milk. My parents had got the right brand but not the right age group.  So in the end I had to rush out to the supermarket and buy the right one.

Then Peanut decided she didn’t want to eat as she didn’t like the taste of English veggies. Even I have to admit they dont taste as nice as the ones back home in Italy!

But she soon found a love for the English baby biscuits which come in different flavours! So far apple, banana,  chocolate and plain.

She will also happily eat the baby breakfast cereal with berries. Although I have started to add the Italian baby broth to this and parmigiano.  But Peanut is still happy to eat it up.


Her Grandma has also given her baby chocolate pudding which she now adores! We don’t have this in italy so I hope she won’t miss it to much when we go home.

So its been a bit up and down this week but quite normal when you visit another country with a baby.

Im glad shes settled down now and is a lot happier with her eating habits.

My 100 Happy Days – 21 to 40

Im still doing the 100 Days of Happiness challenge and still very much enjoying taking a photo of things that make me happy each day. Im still uploading them onto my Instagram and here’s my photos for days 21 to 40!

Day 21 – Having time to read a book when Peanut is napping as this is something i have missed alot lately as i love reading books.

Day 22 – After seeing some yummy breakfast photos on twitter i suddenly had the urge for scrambled eggs! So my happiness was making a scrambled egg roll with salad for my lunch.


Day 23 – Lazing about on the sofa bed with Peanut watching her favorite BabyTV cartoons is always a joy for both of us 🙂


Day 24 – The Colomba cake which is an Italian Easter cake Alex was given at work 🙂 I love the bright packaging it comes in and the fake flowers its so pretty!


Day 25 – Easter chocolate egg for breakfast! Also me and Alex broke the chocolate egg togeather as its supposed to bring luck by breaking it 🙂 So that was double fun!


Day 26 – Finding my cat having a staring match with a pigeon which amused me no end! And im happy they can be almost friends in a way although im sure if my cat got hold of it he probably wouldn’t know what to do lol


Day 27 – Peanut eating someone elses hair for a change! We visited friends on Easter sunday and she was happy to pull and eat their hair instead of mine which was quite funny.


Day 28 – I bought some bubbles from the local shop and while Peanut was on her swing in the playground and started to blow them for her. We both loved them and it was lovely to see her happy reaction to them.


Day 29 – I love my Cat Woman t-shirt Hubby got me as a present! Im a true geeky nerd 🙂


Day 30 – Starting my packing for my trip to the UK in 11 days time! So excited and i can’t wait i just hope i have packed correctly for the weather there.


Day 31 – Having lunch at our favorite place today we love the different choices and the pasta there is really good! They also tend to try new and different things so you never get bored of eating there either.


Day 32 – Having a long walk in the big park with Peanut and Hubby, after walking an hour and half we were completely knackered but we were glad we got some sun and fresh air!


Day 33 – My new ring i bought from a little antiques market 🙂 it has the symbol for infinte love which i thought was beautiful and to me represents me, Peanut and Hubby!


Day 34 – The chocolate cake i had for dessert at our day early two year wedding anniversary lunch! The chocolate cake was filled with a warm runny chocolate centre and served with whipped cream! It was a chocolate overload!


Day 35 – Looking at my wedding photo’s today as its my 2 year wedding anniversary today! It still feels like its only been 5 minutes 🙂


Day 36 – For my lunch i made boiled eggs and then my favorite mashed potatoes! This goes well with Branston pickle which i happen to have and it was a big treat for me!


Day 37 – Watching Peanut playing with her Hungry Caterpillar book, although i don’t think she has it completely figured out quite yet 🙂


Day 38 – Friends visited us today which was lovely and Peanut got to play with them which she enjoyed very much! New hair to munch on lol!


Day 39 – Pizza a huge one from our local corner shop only 7 euros yum!


Day 40 – Mine and Peanut’s view from the plane on the way to the UK.


So now im up to 40 days so far of the 100dayshappy challenge and the next days in the UK visiting family will be brimming with more happiness! 🙂

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