My 100 Happy Days – 21 to 40

Im still doing the 100 Days of Happiness challenge and still very much enjoying taking a photo of things that make me happy each day. Im still uploading them onto my Instagram and here’s my photos for days 21 to 40!

Day 21 – Having time to read a book when Peanut is napping as this is something i have missed alot lately as i love reading books.

Day 22 – After seeing some yummy breakfast photos on twitter i suddenly had the urge for scrambled eggs! So my happiness was making a scrambled egg roll with salad for my lunch.


Day 23 – Lazing about on the sofa bed with Peanut watching her favorite BabyTV cartoons is always a joy for both of us šŸ™‚


Day 24 – The Colomba cake which is an Italian Easter cake Alex was given at work šŸ™‚ I love the bright packaging it comes in and the fake flowers its so pretty!


Day 25 – Easter chocolate egg for breakfast! Also me and Alex broke the chocolate egg togeather as its supposed to bring luck by breaking it šŸ™‚ So that was double fun!


Day 26 – Finding my cat having a staring match with a pigeon which amused me no end! And im happy they can be almost friends in a way although im sure if my cat got hold of it he probably wouldn’t know what to do lol


Day 27 – Peanut eating someone elses hair for a change! We visited friends on Easter sunday and she was happy to pull and eat their hair instead of mine which was quite funny.


Day 28 – I bought some bubbles from the local shop and while Peanut was on her swing in the playground and started to blow them for her. We both loved them and it was lovely to see her happy reaction to them.


Day 29 – I love my Cat Woman t-shirt Hubby got me as a present! Im a true geeky nerd šŸ™‚


Day 30 – Starting my packing for my trip to the UK in 11 days time! So excited and i can’t wait i just hope i have packed correctly for the weather there.


Day 31 – Having lunch at our favorite place today we love the different choices and the pasta there is really good! They also tend to try new and different things so you never get bored of eating there either.


Day 32 – Having a long walk in the big park with Peanut and Hubby, after walking an hour and half we were completely knackered but we were glad we got some sun and fresh air!


Day 33 – My new ring i bought from a little antiques market šŸ™‚ it has the symbol for infinte love which i thought was beautiful and to me represents me, Peanut and Hubby!


Day 34 – The chocolate cake i had for dessert at our day early two year wedding anniversary lunch! The chocolate cake was filled with a warm runny chocolate centre and served with whipped cream! It was a chocolate overload!


Day 35 – Looking at my wedding photo’s today as its my 2 year wedding anniversary today! It still feels like its only been 5 minutes šŸ™‚


Day 36 – For my lunch i made boiled eggs and then my favorite mashed potatoes! This goes well with Branston pickle which i happen to have and it was a big treat for me!


Day 37 – Watching Peanut playing with her Hungry Caterpillar book, although i don’t think she has it completely figured out quite yet šŸ™‚


Day 38 – Friends visited us today which was lovely and Peanut got to play with them which she enjoyed very much! New hair to munch on lol!


Day 39 – Pizza a huge one from our local corner shop only 7 euros yum!


Day 40 – Mine and Peanut’s view from the plane on the way to the UK.


So now im up to 40 days so far of the 100dayshappy challenge and the next days in the UK visiting family will be brimming with more happiness! šŸ™‚


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  1. Gil
    May 05, 2014 @ 20:43:54

    Love the look on her face while she is chewing the book!


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