Peanut’s adventure so far…

Me and Peanut have been in the UK visiting our family for almost a week now.

Peanut slept most of the journey on the plane and barely grumbled at all. I was pretty proud and relieved how the plane journey turned out.


We had a lot of trouble the first day we arrived though finding the right milk. My parents had got the right brand but not the right age group.  So in the end I had to rush out to the supermarket and buy the right one.

Then Peanut decided she didn’t want to eat as she didn’t like the taste of English veggies. Even I have to admit they dont taste as nice as the ones back home in Italy!

But she soon found a love for the English baby biscuits which come in different flavours! So far apple, banana,  chocolate and plain.

She will also happily eat the baby breakfast cereal with berries. Although I have started to add the Italian baby broth to this and parmigiano.  But Peanut is still happy to eat it up.


Her Grandma has also given her baby chocolate pudding which she now adores! We don’t have this in italy so I hope she won’t miss it to much when we go home.

So its been a bit up and down this week but quite normal when you visit another country with a baby.

Im glad shes settled down now and is a lot happier with her eating habits.


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  1. Gil
    May 09, 2014 @ 21:55:40

    I’m sure that you will be able to concoct your own baby chocolate pudding when you go back to Rome. It might take a couple of tries to get the right mix, but you’ll get it right.


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