My 100 Happy Days – Days 41 to 60

Here are my Happy days from 41 to 60 days.

Day 41 going to my first carboot sale on our visit to the UK.


Day 42 My Dad’s homemade chicken curry and rice yum!!


Day 43 buying a little friend for Peanut!  We both love him 🙂


Day 44 Shopping in Diss with my Mum,  Sister and Peanut.


Day 45 first run with my sister in the evening in the pouring rain!  It was a very good run and a lot of fun.


Day 46 Feeding the ducks at the river with Grandma and Peanut 🙂


Day 47 My friend Clare visited us from London with her boyfriend.  I was so happy to see her as I do miss her a lot. Peanut also loved her Aunty Clare cuddles to!


Day 48 is going running with one of the family dogs. He usually runs with my sister and he was such a good boy.


Day 49 I bought some very cute night tops which I loved on sight and will be good for the hot summers in Roma.


Day 50 going to the garden centre with my Dad to buy tomato plants. I haven’t been here in years and always went with my Dad when he was going there.


Day 51 Peanut finally meeting her second Aunty who she absolutely loved. She had a lot of cuddles that day.


Day 52 my new yellow nail varnish!  Very bright and sparkly and I think it will look nicer on my toes 🙂


Day 53 had my hair cut shorter which looks much nicer and easier to sort out.


Day 54 while going through boxes I found my first ever race medal! Back in London I did it with a friend but I walked most of it.


Day 55 sitting in the lego car with Peanut in the giant model shop! She loved it!


Day 56 my present from my friend Jess which is a fitbit which im quite obsessed with now!


Day 57 mucking about with my new hair colour! A very bright and vibrant red.


Day 58 having a cornish pasty! I love these and miss them as I can’t get them in Roma.


Day 59 Dinner out with family at Wagamama. I love there pad thai dish yum!


Day 60 At the cinema with my sister watching the new Xmen movie 🙂


I am more than half way now with my 100dayshappy and still having a fun time posting a photo a day. Especially being here in the UK visiting family!  Just another 40 days to go now! 🙂


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