Juneathon week 1

I actually forgot it was juneathon until the 3rd of june! But luckily I have been active every day so it still counts.

Juneathon is where you have to be active and exercise everyday of June and blog about it.

Usually everyday but I have decided to do it weekly.

Alot of twitter runners have been doing it every year. #juneathon

There’s also a Facebook page where you can post your blog post for other juneathoner’s to read.

I think there is also a Janathon for January and I think a few other months to.

Sunday I walked over 4 miles as we went to the park for some family time.

Monday and Tuesday I did alot of walking with Peanut in the morning and then ran a mile and half in the evenings.  So again I did over 4 miles both days.

Wednesday was again a long walk in the park and then an evening run in 27c so I was very hot and sweaty!  Total for that day 4 miles.


Thursday we had a Dr’s appointment so walked there and then went to the park.  I couldn’t run that evening as Alex was going out but we managed 3 and half miles walking.

Friday Peanut went for a jab and had a fever in the evening so I didn’t get to run. But I did walk 3 and half miles during the day.

Saturday again was another 3 and half mile walk with Alex and a recovered Peanut.

Sunday I seem to have no time at all today but some how still managed to do almost 2 and half miles.

As you can see im trying to do just over 3 and half to 4 miles a day. Either walking or walking and then running.

So far im really enjoying being very active again! 


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