Beating the Heat with a Baby!

Summer is well and truely upon us here in Rome with highs of 34 – 38c during the day! It’s bright, hot and sweaty and no fun when you have a little one.

It gets unbearable from 11am til 5pm when the heat can be at its worst and its no time to take a little one outside to play.
So here’s some ways to make it easier during the day:

1) Go for early morning walks! I have found if i take Peanut out just before 8.40 – 9am we have some freshness we can enjoy. It also gives us time to play in the playground for a while before enjoying a walk in the park then back home just after 10am. If its to hot i don’t take her out.

2) When the heat reaches its peak its aircon and fan time in the house. I try not to let Peanut sit in the direct current as i don’t want her to get cold and i keep an eye on her. But it makes the house much fresher.

3) Nap time tends to be longer now in the day as Peanut gets tired in the heat. I will happily let her sleep when she wants so shes awake more in the cooler evenings.

4) Bath time is every other day with a little wash with a cloth on the other days in between. This makes sure she stays cool and sweat free-ish.

5) I have been giving her liquidy things for snacks like yoghurts and fruit pots which are quite refreshing. I have also been adding extra water to these to sneak in some extra liquid.


6) Main meals i have made slightly warm or cold and again added water to make it slightly more liquidy to keep her hydrated in the heat. She’s been eating less in the heat and i have read little and often are better for her while its so hot.

7) juice mixed with water is another good way to keep a little one hydrated although Peanut isn’t a big fan of juice at the moment.

8) If she wants more milk from her bottle i give it to her anything to keep her hydrated.

9) Less clothing is a must she’s been in her short armed onsies in the house as its hot even inside. Outside its either leggins or shorts with a t-shirt and also a summer hat to keep the sun off her head.

10) Find something with light or reflective fabric to cover the carseat when you leave the car out in the heat of the sun. This should keep it from getting to hot while you and baby are away.

11) Try and stay in the shade when you do go out and make sure you have a good baby/child sun screen/block for your little one. I also use the hood of the stroller and pull it down so she’s sitting in shade.

12) Going for walks after the sun has gone down or low is another way to get some air. All the Italians are usually outside in the parks by 6pm enjoying the cooler hours. Dog walkers, runners, kids playing in the playground everyone is out and so are we πŸ™‚

13) If she’s fussing because its hot in the house a nice damp cloth to the forehead and face is very soothing.

So these are the ways we are keeping cool at home here in Rome with the temp so high! Im hoping at some point to take Peanut to a pool to cool off to but we will have to wait and see πŸ™‚



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