Food Review: C1B0 – eating in & A Tweet Meet :)

Over the weekend i was very excited as i finally got to eat in at the restaurant called C1bo or CIBO (on 4square) which is a gastropub. I had takeout from there once back at the begining of the year and loved their giant bacon cheese burger which had been a monster of a burger!

So with a friend from Milan (who’s another expat blogger) visiting it seemed a good time to eat in at this place at last! (this is her website)

So meeting Nerys at the Conca D’Oro metro station we headed to CIBO just after 12am to get some lunch.

We were the first to arrive and decided to sit outside as it was quite a hot day. ordering our drinks it was a nice suprise to have the glass bottles delievered in a bucket full of ice! Such a lovely idea as we could take a little of our drinks in our glasses and leave the rest to chill back in the Ice! It actually felt quite decadent.


Glancing over the menu it was nice to see they still had the burgers i liked the sound of but turning the page i found they now did steaks as well. My eyes fell upon the words BBQ ribs and that was it my mind was set on what i wanted to eat.

Since visiting the UK back in May i have been a little bit obsessed with BBQ ribs and they are quite hard to find here in Rome.

My friend was also tempted by the BBQ ribs and she to decided she would try them for lunch.

As assortment of mustard, bbq sauce, mayo and ketchup was left on our table and to my surprise they all seemed to be the brand Heinz! This isnt always that easy to get here especially the mayo!

The ribs came with dipper chips which were said to be crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle and it was true. When the food arrived it looked mouth-watering! The meat was so well cooked some of it even slipped of the bone as you picked it up to eat.


Of course this was no time for knives and forks and we happily munched away on our ribs using our fingers instead.

Other people begin to arrive and settle at tables outside as well as we chatted away and enjoyed ourselves.

CIBO has a very hip and funky look and feel to it, including the music which was coming from inside but wasn’t to loud so you could easily still talk to eachother.

Once we were done with our main meal we swiftly moved on to looking at the dessert menu! After all this was our second ever tweet meet up and so we deserved to spoil ourselves!

My friend settled on cheesecake and i had the chocolate brownie. It was a nice surprise to find my chocolate Browine wasnt humongous so i managed to eat it all and not have to much of a chocolate over load afterwards!

Both of us really enjoyed our meal and would both eat there again and i even noticed a few veggies options on the menu as well for those non-meat eaters 😉

Afterwards it was a trip back to my place so Nerys could meet Peanut for the first time and get some baby cuddles! Peanut liked my friend alot especially sitting on her lap and was happy with her first ever tweet meet!


Then we applyed sunblock and aftersun care before we headed back outside in the heat to get the metro to Eur Fermi. Here we had a walk around one of the markets or bancarella as they are called here and looked at the second hand stalls.

Nerys hadn’t been to this one before and also hadn’t walked around the EUR lake which we did afterwards. There was a lovely breeze coming off the water and if you stood in the shade it was lovely and refreshing. 10462456_10152557270513594_8324453256815295888_n

We did the circuit of the the lake and saw people sunbathing and enjoying the shaded areas with picnics. We also came across some turtles in the lake, some geese and a water basketball match.

Afterwards it was time to head home and we said our fond farewells before i jumped on the metro back home.

It was a good day and i had a very good time as i always enjoy my meet ups with Nerys from Milan.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nerys
    Jun 24, 2014 @ 08:25:23

    Lovely to see you again Claire, and to meet Peanut! xx


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