Juneathon week 3

Monday Monday i managed 2 and half miles walking with Peanut but didn’t get a chance to run as we had huge Thunder storms in the afternoon!

Tuesday was a 2 mile Walk with Peanut again in the morning we are still enjoying the cooler weather. Alex actually kicked me out the door that evening and told me to go run lol so 2 miles running was done even though i got bad stitch from not drinking enough water in the day! 4 miles in total that day.

Wednesday quite a long walk with Peanut in the morning we managed 3 miles this time! We also nipped to the market and i bought some second hand running clothes for the summer so that was a bit of motivation.


Thursday was another long 3 mile walk with Peanut as i knew i wouldn’t be able to run that evening as Alex was off to a Baby first aid course and came home late.

Friday Me and Peanut did a 2 and half mile power walk in the park while the weather was cooler and of course she fell asleep. That evening it was a quick 1 and half mile run in the park as the Italy game was on and Alex said we had to watch it togeather lol.

Saturday we had a long walk to the shops to buy swimming costumes and have lunch. Then i did food shopping and had a walk in the afternoon and managed to do 5 miles that day.

Sunday i had a meet up with a friend from Milan and we went out for lunch and did some shopping and i managed to walk 6 miles that day!

Im going to try and up my mileages each day now to maybe 5 miles a day and see how that goes! 🙂


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