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As i have mentioned in a previous post i have a new camera 🙂 Its a Canon Power Shot SX510 HS and already im taking some pretty amazing photos with it. I really think im growing more and more as a photographer since starting my photo blog posts 🙂

So a week ago sunday evening i thought i would try my hand at taking some photos of the moon from our balcony and this is how they turned out:)

Sunday 6th July


Monday 7th July


Tuesday 8th July


Wednesday 9th July


Thursday 10th July


Friday 11th July


Saturday 12th July – This full moon is what they call a supermoon. A supermoon occurs when the moon is closer to Earth in its normal orbit than average. It is most notable when it takes place at the same time as a full moon.


I was very lucky to catch this one as we had a bit of a rain storm that evening and alot of cloud cover but the moon did manage to sneak out for 10 minutes so i could get some shots 🙂

Here are the cloudy shots which i think are lovely with the play of light, shadow and darkness:





There will also be supermoon’s on 10th August which will be the closest supermoon of the year when it comes within 356,896km (221,764 miles) of Earth.

And there will also be a supermoon on the 9th September and i intend to catch a photo of all these supermoons (fingerscrossed). You should be able to see them anywhere in Europe not just Italy as long as its a clear night so its something not to miss out on.

I would love to take a pic of all the complete phases of the moon which i might do at some point and should make an interesting photo blog 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Jul 14, 2014 @ 22:03:17

    Beautiful photos! Did you use a tripod?


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