365 Days of Happy – Days 1 to 30

I have decided to challenge myself by doing a 365 Days of Happy where i will take a photo of something that makes me happy for a whole year!

I enjoyed my 100 Days of Happy challenge so much i felt a little at a loss when it finally did finish it some months ago…

I know it sounds crazy doing 365 days but im interested to see if i can do it as i did complete a whole 100 days so how hard can a whole year be?

Also i decided to start fresh from day 1 to 365 days as the 100 Days happy to me was a different challenge. Im also not alone in this challenge as at least 3 other twitter ladies i know were glad to except the challenge with me 🙂

Nerys from http://welshieinitaly.blogspot.it/2014/08/365-days-of-happy-days-1-to-30.html

Alison from http://cilentofairytales.blogspot.it/

And Susan on Instagram/Twitter https://twitter.com/downatheel

So here is the first 30 days of my self challenged 365 Days of Happy! 🙂

Day 1 Pasta Freddo one of my favorite dishes in the hot summer months.


Day 2 Best bird photo yet catching some pigeons that were being fed in flight 🙂


Day 3 Braving the first day of the Italian summer sales on the 5th July! Luckily it wasnt to bad althought my photo was a bit blurry.


Day 4 my new little treasure my brand new canon camera which takes amazing photos!


Day 5 We found bacon in the supermarket in the shopping mall on the weekend so today i had a bacon sandwich! It was heaven!


Day 6 Peanut’s baby tv dvd’s have arrived for us to take on Holiday incase we need them 🙂 These are all the cartoons she loves best when she has a little tv time.


Day 7 A nice simple healthy lunch of brown bread, boiled eggs and cucumber really made my day!


Day 8 Peanut practising her balancing in her crib when i thought she was napping! cheeky little monkey! 🙂


Day 9 Mine and Peanut’s bags packed for our holidays next week! woohoo!


Day 10 homemade veal burgers for dinner with gherkins, onions and taco sauce for the filling they were lovely!


Day 11 my best bird photo of the day on my new camera 🙂 A crow bin diving


Day 12 Selfie in the park with Peanut! Happy we are out and enjoying the swing! Forgive my soppy smile im just a proud Mummy 🙂


Day 13 New hair colour freshly applied for the Holiday


Day 14 Finally on our way to Tuscany for the Holiday! 🙂


Day 15 Breakfast at the bar in Saturina in tuscany a lovely morning.


Day 16 Peanut all dressed and ready for a big adventure!


Day 17 Enjoying the hot springs swimming pool at the hotel and spa near where we were staying her first time in a swimming pool.


Day 18 Exploring and discovering the little Roman gate and road in the village we were staying in.


Day 19 Evening drink out after the rain and thunderstorm we had in the day.


Day 20 Cheeky gelato while we were visiting Pitigliano 🙂


Day 21 Dinner out at a new place in Saturnia the food here was amazing! A mix of Roman and Tuscan dishes.


Day 22 Back at the swimming pool last time as we were going home the next day back to Rome.


Day 23 pizza and tweet meet with Cilento expat friends visiting Rome! So much fun and i love them to bits 🙂


Day 24 walk around and lunch out with same friends before the went home.


Day 25 Peanut enjoying my sunglasses she didnt want to take them off and happily looked around in them lol


Day 26 finally using my new bag that i bought while we were on Holiday 🙂 It fits my camera bag perfectly and i love the bright colours!


Day 27 starting a 30 day weights workout which is pretty intense and will have me using them 5 days a week! Can’t wait to see the results.


Day 28 finally a toy Peanut wanted to cuddle with rather than beat the crap out of like her other toys. She can be a right little thug sometimes lol


Day 29 having a glass of Baileys in our favorite Irish pub now its reopened 🙂 Quite excited that its under new management & they are starting a fab new menu! Can’t wait to taste it all! 🙂


Day 30 Peanut had pizza bianca on her own this evening! Usually i pull little bits off of the soft bits for her to eat but tonight she ate on her own and even ripped bits off with her teeth! Im so proud! 🙂



So there are my first 30 days! 🙂 Just another 335 days to go!!! 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Aug 01, 2014 @ 20:09:48

    What a nice tribute for your little Peanut!


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