Il Giardino dei Tarocchi – Tarot Gardens Tuscany

I had done a little bit of research before our holiday in Tuscany and had decided  that The Tarot Gardens would be an interesting and unusal place to visit while we were there. The sculptures i had read were large and colourful and something eye catching for Peanut to look at and it was only an hours drive away from where we were staying.

Happily our friend had seen this place on the internet as well and really wanted to go with her family to and so it was easy to have a group trip there one afternoon.

I have to admit the place did seem to be in the middle of know where in the Tuscan countryside in Capalbio but when we found it there were plenty of other people who had discovered it to.

It was 36c at 3.30pm when we arrived and unbearably hot but we covered ourselves with sunblock, popped on hats and braved the heat.

When we got inside the park there was a bit of a hill to walk up but plenty of shade to stay in and keep out of the sun which was good for Peanut.

Once we got to the top we also discovered a water spray where people could walk through it and cool off and this was a welcome sight especially for Alex!


At the first glimpse of the sculptures i have to say i was quite amazed! I could see a Gaudi influence straight away as i have been to Barcelona and seen his work first hand.


The sculptures were created by Niki de Saint de Phalle a french artist and they represent the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot cards. She found inspiration in Gaudi’s work and wanted to create a place where man and nature could meet as one.

Each sculpture represents a different tarrot card like The Empress, The Justice, Tree of Life, The Devil, The Sun, The magician and many more.









Alot of the designs on the pieces were small to make up a bigger design but all where eye catching and could easily have you standing and looking at each little piece which made up the whole for ages.



All the pieces where huge and some of them you could even walk inside or climb steps to walk on top of them and view the other sculptures from atop them. It was quite awe inspiring and you found yourself slowly moving from one area to another wanting to experience the whole place.

At one point we moved into one of the buildings which was a sculpture itself so Peanut could get some more shade even though there were plenty of trees outside to provide it. Here we found a bathroom, bedroom and dinning room all bright and colourful for people to view.


Another sculptured building had pillars with many different designs adorning them and stairs which lead you up so you could view the rest of the park and the other designs of this particular sculpture. There was also a fountain in the middle of the building with brightly coloured women providing the water from their mouths and chests.








We spent about 2 hours discovering the whole place and even though its not big it takes you a while to explore all the many facinating sculptures and designs.

Peanut did get bored after a while but our friend’s bigger kids loved the place as they could run and explore this fairy tale park. So i would recommend it for kids from 3 or 4 years old upwards as i think it would go wild for their imaginations!


I would also recommend taking water, sunblock, hats and perhaps going a little later than the opening time if your going in the heat of summer. It was a very hot day when we visited so did take its toll on everyone even poor Peanut who was hot and sweaty even in her t-shirt and in the shade of her stroller hood.

There is a little shop at the entrance/exit with little things you can buy with some of the sculptures on them like, note books, bags, pens and there is also a toilet for public use. We didn’t see anywhere there selling food so it could be an idea to take a picnic or snacks as well incase they are needed.

The Tuscan Tarot Gardens or Il Giardino dei Tarocchi is an interesting place to visit if your in the maremma region of Tuscany and want something different to do. We really enjoyed the place even though it was very hot the day we visited it but it was still alot of fun.

Its was 12 Euro’s per person to get into the park but under 7’s are free.They also are open from 1st April until 15th October from 2.30pm to 7.30pm.



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