Food Review: Trattoria Casa e Bottega Saturnia Tuscany

While we were on holiday in Tuscany we decided we would eat out once or twice while we were staying in the village of Saturnia. 10500332_10152636386618594_8697353276234824889_n

We had planned to go back to Mario’s which is where we had our wedding lunch several years ago. But another place caught our eye the moment we arrived as we had never seen it before and it looked very popular.

The name of the place was trattoria casa e bottega and run by a lovely couple from Rome. Having a chat with them we discovered they had run a restaurant in the heart of Rome for many years before deciding it was time to go somewhere else.

Alex bonded with the owner being another Roman and then the decision was made that we would eat there that same evening.

It was a lovely place open with white walls with the photo of Castel St Angelo and i loved their giant light bulbs on the ceiling they were huge.



Looking at the menu it was a mix of Tuscan and Roman food so i knew i had to try a little of both. Going for something Tuscan i decided on the Pappardelle al ragù di Cinghiale which was a pasta with boar meat sauce.

Alex went for the same as me and we both had to admit when it arrived it was the best pasta we had ever had just after a few mouthfuls.


Slightly full from the pasta we decided to have seconds as everything sounded so mouth watering on the menu. Alex went for the straccetti con rucola and i had the coda alla vaccinara which is cooked Ox tail and a very typical Roman dish.

Alex said his meat was just how his mother used to make it and he was instantly in love with the place just for this.


I was slightly worried about my Ox tail as i had only had it once before in Rome when a friend had cooked it and it had been amazing. And i knew the meat had to be cooked for 4-5 hours so it became tender enough to eat.

But when it arrived i was not disappointed as it was heavenly! The meat was cooked to perfection and just fell away from the bone and it was in a wonderful sauce of tomatoes, onions and herbs.


I was completely stuffed by the end of the meal and couldn’t even think about the dessert!

But we did decide to go back the second evening to try a few more dishes as we had enjoyed our first dinner there so much.

This time we tried their Carbonara which is my favorite Italian pasta dish and again it was amazing and everything cooked perfectly.


Alex enjoyed their wine and again he decided to have his favorite straccetti con rucola which he couldn’t get enough of.  And this time i decided to have my favorite dessert tiramisù which again was the best i have ever had.


The food was an authentic mix of Tuscan and Roman true dishes and not touristy at all. The place was friendly and so were the people who ran the place and i would really recommend it to anyone visiting the area. They were also child friendly and didn’t mind if Peanut got grumpy or if they had to serve the food one at a time for us as one of us would hug/hold Peanut while the other ate and vice versa 🙂

Luckily though she did get tired out in the end!




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Aug 07, 2014 @ 20:57:51

    Everything sounds so delicious, that I am now hungry. too bad some of those meals aren’t available in the USA!


    • ciro1
      Aug 08, 2014 @ 10:41:09

      You will have to come and visit then! lol


      • Gil
        Aug 08, 2014 @ 19:10:55

        I’ve been to Italy a few times. Like my uncles before me my trips have ended due to health reasons and age. Me, I got COPD from smoking cigarettes and need to be hooked up to oxygen. Them I forgot the details.

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