Sharing my Tuscan Experience

I am quite happy that so many people really enjoyed my holiday posts about Tuscany and our experiences there! 🙂

And i was even more excited and honoured to be asked to share 6 of my favorite holiday photos on the BrowsingItaly website under their ‘show and tell’ section!

I also added a few helpful tips and names of the places which i was happy to share for those interested in visiting the same places.

You can find my photos here on the BrowsingItaly website:

I was also asked very nicely to share my blog post on our visit to Sovana in Tuscany by the Sovanablog which is all about the town and local area!

And i was more than happy to do so! 🙂 and you can find it here on their website:

I have never had anything published about Italy on other sites before either writing or photos so its quite a big deal for me and really made my week!

I really can’t wait for us to go back to Tuscany which will hopefully be a long weekend before Christmas 🙂




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