Week 39 to 52 – Happy Birthday Peanut! 1 year old today

39 weeks i was 9 months old and starting to learn fast what i liked and didnt like. Mummy said i was becoming a bit bossy. I was also practising standing in a crawling position but i kept falling down a little but i was getting better at it each day. 10527514_10152596560108594_2447058507787207255_n

40 weeks i was trying fish for the first time and other foods i hadn’t tried before and found i liked most of them. I even started on baby pasta which i really liked! Papà said i was a big girl now.

I started to pull myself up on Papà when he was next to me and i liked to practising taking steps if someone held me in a standing position.

41 weeks this week i was able to get up into a sitting position all by myself and i practise everyday to get better at it. I was enjoying my walks in the park with Mummy and playing on the swings where i even made some little friends!

Mummy bought me my first ever swimming costume for our holiday in July which was exciting!

I was teething badly on my upper gums which hurt alot! I started to chew on anything i could grab to help my teeth break through the gums. I even started to bite Mummy and Papà when i could which i got told off for!

42 weeks i had 5 teeth by now with one more on the way as Mummy and Papà could see more coming through my gums. Papà lowered my crib so i couldnt pull myself up and out of it.

Papà was ill with a virus and gave it to me as well and i had a temperature all day and all night. Mummy didn’t sleep much as she was watching over me but i liked it when she sponged me with a wet sponge. The illness only lasted 24 hours and then i was fine again even though Papà was ill for longer! Mummy said its my good english genes coming out heehee.

I finally managed to crawl a little on the sofa as i was after the tv remote control which was alot of fun.

43 weeks i was deciding what i liked and didn’t like to eat now and would get grumpy if it was something i didn’t like and get angry about it.


It was fun to start rolling off the sofa so i could lean against it to stand up and use it to balance for a few minutes although Mummy didn’t seem happy about it at first. But then she would stay beside me as i did it so i wouldn’t fall on the Marble floor and hurt myself.

Mummy also discovered me trying to stand up in my crib when i was supposed to be napping! I still dont have the confidence yet to pull myself right the way up only half way but i like practising now 🙂

I was teething so badly that i cried in the park a few times and Mummy had to keep putting the gel on my gums to help. They could see 6 teeth already with my gums all swollen and painful Papà said he thought more must be coming to. I didn’t want to eat much while this was happening as it was to painful but i did manage to eat a bit.

44 weeks my teething was better and i had my first taste of icecream and liked it so much that i wanted more!

We went on our first family holiday to Tuscany which was a long drive in the car 🙂 Mummy and Papà had packed all my favorite things and clothes for our Holiday and even bought my DVD’s of my favorite cartoons to watch there.

I had my first ever time in a swimming pool while we were there and it was so much fun! I kicked, splashed and tried to swim in Mummy and Papà’s arms. And i really didn’t like it when we had to get out sometimes!

I really loved the village we were having our holiday in and it was so nice to go out for walks in the square and see all the cats, birds and butterflies. I would get very excited when i saw we were going out and would stare out of the window of the door longingly.

45 weeks I was eating like a big girl and nibbled on some breadsticks and even more gelato! I loved sharing some of Mummy’s cornetto (cake) in the morning for breakfast and i would give her a big smile when i saw she had one!

I got lots of attention from our friends in the village and liked to watch the other children play and even go out for evening walks 🙂 We even went back to the swimming pool and i loved it as it was so exciting!

Mummy and Papà spent lots of time with me on the big bed practising my crawling and even our friend helped me stand up when we were outside in the square. After that i was obsessed with trying to stand up and wanted to be up all the time balancing on stuff.


46 weeks I was still obsessed with standing up and would pull myself up into a standing position using Mummy’s hair which she was a bit grumpy about. But then she would help me stand and even showed me how to stand in my crib!

I started practising pulling myself up on Papà when he was beside me to and slapped his tummy or layed my head on it which was nice.

Papà said i had to also practise crawling so he would use the tv remote which i like alot by putting it one end of the sofa then the other so i had to move after it. I really liked this game it was fun and i would laugh with delight when i finally got the remote!

I was also eating  little bits of white pizza from the corner shop all by myself this week as well although i only ripped off little bits with my teeth but i liked it alot.

I had started teething again to and my gum’s were swollen and so i started to bite things like Mummy, toys, pillows and i even tried to bite Papà to but it didn’t seem to help at all 😦

47 weeks i was 11 months old and enjoying going fast on the swing in the park with Mummy in the mornings! I had my first taste of chips little piece from Mummy’s dinner out one evening.

Papà also let me taste his pizza rosso which was packed with tomato sauce and i loved it! I loved pulling little pieces of white pizza of with my 6 teeth and Mummy thought she could see tooth number 7 coming along nicely to!

I was climbing up to a standing position all the time now using Papà, Mummy, the sofa and anything else i could find. I could balance against these things and hold my own weight with straight back for ages.

I could also sit up on my knees and get up that way as well!


48 weeks Mummy held me under my arm pits so i was standing on the floor and i began to take steps! She even held my hand sometimes instead and i would squeal with excitment.

I also learnt how to shriek and scream when i was very upset by listening to the other kids in the park when they were bad. Mummy said she didn’t like me Learning stuff like this from the other kids!

We played on the slide alot in the park as well and i liked banging it and trying to climb up it.

I was becoming more and more obsessed with the 3 wheeled kids bikes people left in the playground for us to play with. I wanted to stand next to them all the time using them for balance and to bang them and explore them.

I also went of fruit this week and didn’t want to eat it for my breakfast and would cry if anyone tried to make me! Even though they said it was good for me i didn’t want it.

49 weeks I started getting upset if anyone took me out of the swing when i wanted to stay in it and play.

Also now i had decided i didnt like fruit for breakfast in any shape or form and would even kick or slap it out of Mummy or Papà’s hand if they tried to feed it to me.

They discovered i was teething again really badly my gums were all swollen and i didn’t want to eat very much as it hurt badly. So Mummy let me eat as much as i wanted and tried me with new things which were soft like scrambled egg and ricotta cheese.

I had been saying Mamma and Babbo for a few months now but i started to say them all the time 🙂 Babbo is another way of saying Papà and this made him very happy!

When Papà came home i would say Babbo Babbo Babbo! but most of the time in the day i just said Mamma Mamma Mamma and other happy noises. 1621845_10152673586998594_4858753082005168489_n

I was crawling properly now and could move very fast so Mummy had to watch me all the time. She would put a blanket down so i could crawl on the floor and not the Marble floor. But i was still obsessed with standing up and practising to balance myself! I would even use things to blanace then let go and be ok fo 30 seconds before i fell down again.

50 weeks I started to throw things out of my stroller, high chair and off the bed when i didn’t want them and onto the floor. Papà said i was being naughty but Mummy said it was just a phase 🙂

I was happy to eat some fruits again for breakfast as long as Mummy shared it with me and fed me with her hands. I also liked to start saying Papà in a singsong voice and make little squealing sounds when i was excited.

I had my first taste of pancake when Mummy took me out for brunch to meet a friend 🙂

Mummy let me taste her pizza with mozzarella, tomatoes and prosciutto and i loved it so much i wanted to eat it all!

Now if Mummy or Papà have pizza then i growl and reach for it as i want it as its so yummy!

51 weeks This week i didn’t want to eat my baby food anymore i would just take a few mouthfuls and then want to eat Mummy’s lunch!

So Mummy would let me eat some of my food and then she would share her lunch with me everyday 🙂 I felt like such a big girl eating big food and Papà said feeding me would be much easier this way. Especially as i already liked pizza and pasta like a proper Italian princess 😉

Mummy also put down the mat from Ikea that Papà bought me over the weekend so i could crawl on the floor. She also put down some soft tiles and i was so happy i was crawling all over the place and playing on them for hours.

But i made my little toes bleed from rubbing my legs excitedly on the mat so Mummy said i have to be more careful and not do that.

I started poking my tongue out for the first time coping Mummy as she always does it to me and now its my favorite expression and i do it all the time 🙂

I could pull myself up into a standing postion in my crib now as i was getting very confident about standing and Mummy said i would soon be walking!

I got very upset when Mummy said i couldnt hold or pull her hair anymore and screamed and cried! She said i didn’t need it for self-comforting anymore and had to learn to do it on my own 😦

I tried to eat all of Mummy’s cheesecake gelato one evening when we were out and even demanded some of her pasta when she had it for dinner! So she would break it up small so i could eat it to 🙂

52 weeks Its tuesday the 9th September and my birthday today!! I am 1 year old today and so big and still growing 🙂 I have grown so much from when i was a tiny baby and i am now a toddler.

Mummy and Papà took me to the zoo for the first time today and it was a big suprise! I liked looking at the animals and seeing the other children having fun. I also liked eating my pizza rosso and prosciutto for lunch and also sharing Mummy’s icecream!

And when it was time to go home Papà bought me a toy tiger just for me so i could remember the day! 😀

I had such a good birthday i cannot wait to see what the next years will bring 🙂



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  1. Gil
    Sep 09, 2014 @ 16:33:04

    What a beautiful tribute to your darling daughter. Your words show so much love and I’m sure when she reads it years from now she will feel so lucky to have such a caring and loving mother.


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