The Art of Food Art photos

As an Expat blogger i do follow other expat blogs here in Italy and their own adventures here where ever they are.

I have to admit alot of them are foodie bloggers and living here food is a big thing! Im always amazed and drooling at their food photos and how amazingly they come out.

My own foodie photos don’t come out to bad either but i never really stop to think about how to make the food look arty or attractive and so i decided to give it a go myself 🙂

I have noticed food always looks better on white plates so my first step was to go out and buy a lovely white bowl (which i fell in love with the moment i saw it) and a white plate.


Once these were bought and cleaned it was then time to think about what to try first?! Of course living in Italy it had to be pasta!

I have watched enough MasterChef episodes to know you have to place the food nicely on the plate in an attractive way and not put to much of it as well. Then it was just down to clicking photo’s in different angles with light coming from different directions.

Flipping through my photos i soon decided which i personally thought looked the best then it was a matter of just cropping the photo before it was finished!


I have to say im pretty pleased with the finished photo and got a lot of likes on Instagram even one from a chef! 😉 and hashtagging # helps to 🙂 I didn’t have to use any apps to change the look of the photo which i dont really like doing very often.

I then had a go with pizza we ordered from the corner shop one evening and again liked the way it turned out.


It really makes you think about angles, lighting and how to make the food look attractive to the eye of the person viewing it! It was also really good getting to eat it afterwards as well lol!

Then my next try was with my new favorite snack brown bread, ricotta and honey hmmm so good.


I fancied baked beans on toast one lunchtime and luckily i had a tin in the kitchen i had been saving from a trip to the big supermarket!


Desserts were quite easy and really made lovely looking photos as you see below with a crostata and a Baklava which is a turkish dessert.



Next the challenge for me was to make food outside look just as good! Especially eating out the food isn’t always presented in a pretty way depending on where you go.

Bakery House which i have already blogged about did present their food in an attractive way which made it so easy to take a very nice photo.



Next was a Mcchicken bacon sandwich and fries at Macdonalds, not a healthy lunch i know but still make a good looking photo 😉


Below is a porchetta sandwich 🙂 Porchetta is roasted pork and very delicious! I wish it had come on a plate but still even with the white paper it was wrapped in it still looks very good.


Next is a lovely vitello al forno with mozzarella and pomodoro sugo (veal oven cooked with melted mozarella cheese on top in a tomato sauce). Its eaten cold which sounds strange but it was heavenly and even this looked good as a photo!


Im quite enjoying making food look sexy and art-like and its not that difficult really if you just stop and think about how to make it look nice.

Its also nice to see all the likes and comments on instagram when you post the photos which gives you a confidence boost 🙂

I also found it alot easier at home in a controlled environment to take photos than it is going out to eat but again not impossible. The other important element is light as this can lead to your photo looking good or not so good. I found it a little harder in the evenings when the natural light was already gone sometimes to take a good photo i was pleased with. But with a little experimenting with indoor light you can work around it or if not it works if you have a good camera as the phone camera isn’t always so good for this.

I can see why alot of the foodie bloggers i follow enjoy taking food photos so much now! 😉




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Sep 18, 2014 @ 15:54:44

    Beautiful pictures. It looks like you picked up the way to present food so it looks its best. Now that I’m hungry again, I’ll be off to the kitchen…


    • ciro1
      Sep 19, 2014 @ 08:31:33

      I make myself hungry when i look at them lol! Its not to difficult when you think about making it pretty with colour, light and shadows its actually quite fun! 😀


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