Food Review: Pinsa Re

One evening Alex messaged me about this place a friend had told him about called Pinsa Re and how good it was supposed to be.

Was it another pizza place i wondered? But Alex quickly told me that no they made Pinsa which is a type of flatbread pizza which the ancient Roman’s used to eat!

The name comes from the latin pinsere which means stretch, stretch out, and its recipe dates back to the time of ancient imperial Rome.

Hearing this i became quite intrigued at wanting to try one and so Alex quickly phoned up the place nearest to us and ordered two pinsa for that evening.

They delivered after 7.20pm and the smell was marvelous when they arrived and i couldn’t wait to get tucked into mine as we placed them on the table!

I had chosen the Provola pinsa bianca which was a combination of provola cheese, pancetta (italian bacon), crema di zucca (pumpkin sauce) and erba cipollina (chives).


It looked amazing and when i took my first bite i could see why the ancient Roman’s loved it so much it was delicious! The base was very different from a pizza base much lighter and not heavy at all which combined lovely with the toppings.

Alex had gone for the Prosciutto pinsa rossa which had prosciutto crudo, pomodoro (tomatoes) and mozzarella toppings. And he to was really enjoying his first pinsa experience as much as myself.



Looking at their website i knew i wanted to try another Pinsa at some point as their food gallery looked fantastic and mouthwatering! So over the weekend we ordered in again and i got to try a different one 🙂

This time i went for the Pinsa Bianca Broccoli which has of course a broccoli topping, salsiccia (sausage) and mozzarella and also seemed to have something a little spicy on it not mentioned on the menu. I really liked it but wished i had known about the spice which i guess could have been pepper corns? Im not completely sure.

Of course Alex went again for his prosciutto pinsa as he had enjoyed it so much the first time.


I think we have found our new favorite take-away treat after enjoying these so much!

I really recommend this as a must try if you are in Rome or visting as they are so good! Its about the same money wise as a pizza to buy but its definitely something a bit different.

To me this is the real ancient taste of Rome and a must try if you ever visit Rome to get the real ancient taste of this eternal city.

This is their website:

Below address of the Pinsa Re restaurants:

Pinsa Re Aurelio Cassia                                              10665090_10152754002093594_7180622421848426348_n

Largo di San Godenzo, 96

00189 Roma

Tel:+39 06 3310755

Cel:+39 320 2238885

Pinsa Re Aurelio Vaticano

Via Anastasio II, 11

00165 Roma

Pinsa Re Viale Somalia

Tel:+39 06 39378383

Viale Somalia, 47 – 00199 Roma

Tel: +39 06 86219884


(Sidenote: One of my Pinsa photos also made it to the BrowsingItaly favorite 25 photos from Instagram last week 🙂


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