Review: Fitbit fitness tracker

Almost 6 months ago my friend Jess sent me my very own fitbit as a little present when i was visiting family in the UK back in May.

Since then my fitbit has always been on me and i love it to bits!  10363370_10152504094143594_4079291470700384433_n

What is a Fitbit you ask?

Its a fitness tracker you can wear all the time which is also wireless! I have the white Zip fitbit which is small, cute and easily clips onto my top, trousers or jeans and super easy to use.

It has a sleep mode when your not using it and activates itself when you start moving about so all you have to do is to remember to clip it on in the mornings.

It tracks my steps, distance, calories burned and is even a handy little watch which can wirelessly be connected to the fitbit app on your phone to download. Or if you have a PC it does come with a little wire if needed to download your stats that way to.

You can set goals of how many steps you want to do a day, add friends and cheer or taunt them if they manage to do more steps than you or less.

I have quite a few friends doing it so its motivational to see who is beating me or lagging behind so i can choose to cheer, taunt or message them!

There are several different types of Fitbit you can buy and as i have said i have the Zip.

The others are ‘Flex’ which is a wrist band again it counts distance, calories burnt, measures your sleep and wakes you in the morning. The only down side is you cant see your stats on the wristband screen and have to view it on the app on the phone. (Im interested in getting a wrist one but will probably go with a different make for this).

There’s also ‘One’ which is another clip version which counts steps, distance, calories burnt, steps climbed and also measures your sleep at night!

There is also a FitBit scale called ‘Aria’ which again is wireless and tracks your BMI, body fat percentage and weight and makes a helpful graph and also has online tools to help keep you motivated!


Sound cool don’t they? And i love all the different colours you can get! So bright and lovely and to me they are more than just a pedometer.

My Fitbit has kept me motivated to move for so long now and its easy just to see how far you have walked or run and sometimes its the push you need to do some more.

I try to do the minimum of 3 miles a day and more if im able to as im really enjoying my walks and then having a quick check to see how im doing on my fitbit.

The batteries for my Zip are the small round ones and last for months so i dont have to worry about them running out especially with the sleep mode.

The fitbit also lets you know if the battery is starting to run out so you have time to go and get another battery before it dies completely.

The Fitbit app is quite basic and easy to use if you just want to sync your daily steps and keep an eye on friends progress. The Fitbit website which is free to register with has some more advanced features such as a calories  in vs out section, how much water you have drunk and a  food planner. Again its very easy to use and you can choose to use these features or not as well as link for daily steps to Facebook or Twitter.

You also get awarded little badges on your Fitbit page when you reach big goal distances which is another motivational push.

I really think my Zip Fitbit has kept me aware of how much movement i have been doing in the last almost 6 months and im already over 250 miles 🙂





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Sep 26, 2014 @ 21:04:40

    Congratulations! That is a lot of moving.


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