Not your regular Tavola Calda! – Il Cacciatore

Over the summer on one of our many walks me, Alex and Peanut found an amazing little place in the Montesacro zone of Rome called Il Cacciatore.

By chance we stopped at this tavola calda on Via Conca D’oro to get some pizza rosso for ourselves on a sunday morning as a snack. I think it was probably the best decision we made that day.

Not only is it a pizzeria, takeaway place and snack bar but all the food is freshly made with fresh products! It has a collection of over 200 different wines as well as spirits and liqueurs and craft beers.

The pizza in the window looked very inviting and when i took a bite i was quite amazed how the flavour on the tomato pizza (pizza rosso) just leapt out at every bite!


Even Alex agreed it was the best pizza we had eaten in a very long time and it was then he said the cook here must be quite old as the pizza reminded him of the pizza from the late 70’s!

And infact the place has been open since 1971 and has always been a big success with all the locals living in the area! (so you know its going to be good!)

We both agreed we would have to eat there again and so on another weekend we went on a sunday lunchtime to sample a few more of their dishes.

I decided to try the Vitello al forno con mozzarella in a sugo sauce (Veal oven cooked with melted mozzarella on top in a fresh tomato sauce). I was a bit taken aback when i was told it was normally eaten cold but once i took my first bite i realised how devine it tasted just as it was.

The meat was soft and cooked perfectly with the melted mozzarella and again the freshly made tomato sauce just exploded in my mouth with flavour it was a wonderful combination of food!

10609626_10152747742523594_3158890864012342738_n10701962_10152760234398594_924115598769090161_nAlex had gone for the pizza again but soon insisted on taking bites of my vitello and wishing he had ordered it to! And soon we had finished off every bite in no time at all! It had been a little expensive as the Vitello had been 10 euros for the plate but it was huge and well worth the price!

I wanted to try something else after that, something hot and of course as soon as i saw the melanzane alla parmigiana i knew what i wanted next!

I have had this dish in many places before and always been slightly disappointed as its either been swimming in oil or over cooked and burnt or dry. In this case however i was delighted to find a perfect melanzane alla parmigiana and it was heavenly!

It was cook to perfection, soft and hearty and with every bite i wanted more and yes Alex did steal some from my plate!


As we sat and ate we noticed quite a few people coming in to buy the delicious food as more dishes were bought out freshly cooked from their kitchen. And i took a few quick photos of their pizza board along with some of the food out and ready to serve.

There was pizza, fritti fish, fried vegetables, suppli, lasagna, pasta arrabiata and numerous other dishes!


We visited again just this weekend gone for lunch and i had to just try something different and see if it was just as good as i remembered! We decided to try the cotoletta vitello panata and again the meat was soft and perfect and we both couldn’t stop with the praises of how much we enjoyed the food.


Of course Alex got more pizza which he and Peanut enjoyed very much and i got a small portion of melanzane alla parmigiana which i had fallen in love with on our previous trip there:)


How the heck had we never found this place before? And how come know one as far as i know has ever blogged about it?

Il Cacciatore is a little gem of a place hidden behind the words Tavola Calda pizza rustica with such mouthwatering dishes! And if your a foodie like me in Rome it’s a must try as you won’t be disappointed with these authentic italian dishes handed down from the 70’s.

And we will definitely be going back for more tempting food there that is for sure!


The place is closed on mondays but open tuesdays to sundays 9am to 11pm

Closest metro to this lovely place is: Conca D’Oro then its just a 15/20 minute walk.

Address: Pizzeria Tavola Calda a Montesacro Roma – Il Cacciatore

Via Conca D’Oro, 340,

00141 Roma




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Sep 29, 2014 @ 20:46:00

    I want to go now! I don’t know why I read these food posts as they just make me hungry for food and hungrier for Italy!!


    • ciro1
      Sep 30, 2014 @ 09:37:21

      lol sorry! I bet there are some nice Italian places near you though 😉


      • Gil
        Sep 30, 2014 @ 19:56:22

        Most of them where I live in the US use fake ingredients. The good ones are at least an hour from where I live or New York which is close to three hours. ood thing my wife is a great cook.

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