Review: Hunstanton Sealife Centre – UK

While we were visting the UK i wanted the chance to take Peanut to a sealife centre as it was something she had never seen before. I had planned to take her back in May to the one in Hunstanton in Norfolk but it had been flooded due to very bad weather.

However this trip they had re-opened and we decided to visit them the second week of their opening. Of course we hadn’t realised this was the same week as half term so found a huge queue waiting to go inside! But lining up we only had to wait half an hour and getting chatting to another mother she gave us some spare discount tickets she had to get in. (which was extremely nice of her!)

Peanut was by now getting very excited seeing all the other children and was looking around her with curiousity. Once inside Grandad handed over the discount tickets for the adults as Peanut was free to get in as she was under 3 years old.

Our hands were stamped with the sealife logo so we could come and go all day if we wanted to.

Once inside we began to follow the other parents and kids along until we found ourselves next to the first tank of fish.

Peanut wasn’t sure at first what was going on but soon wanted out of her stroller to be carried so she could get a better look. She was quite mesmerized by the lights and water reflecting on the ceiling and top of the tanks.



And wasn’t quite sure at first what to make of all these different colourful fish in different shapes and sizes.

I have to say i think its a pretty wonderful aquarium and i loved the first huge low tank with the rays and sand sharks which were swimming around and around. As there was no top on the tank you could see when a Ray came to the surface which was quite amazing.




It was a little crowded around some of the tanks due to all the kids and parents but the tanks were so big you could easily see what was inside.

They even had a show and tell area where Captain Jack was their special guest who was showing the kids there all about rock pool sealife.


I loved the different seahorses who were floating gently in their tanks as we all stopped to look.




And i even ducked under the Piranha tank so i could stick my head into the glass tank to be right in the middle of them which was a little scary but worth it.


We had to take turns carrying Peanut as she did not want to be put back in her stroller as she was so excited over all the fish and what was going on around her. We even found a crocodile tank where again you could crawl under the tank and put your head in a glass tank among them but this time i did not try it.

I even found a tank low down where Peanut could stand next to it and see and stare at the huge fish which were going around and around. There were so many fish every which way you turned and each tank held something new and beautiful to look at.




Coming out of the main building we found a Penguin enclosure, a seal tank and otter enclosure! The penguins were watching everyone as they headed to the pool. We found the seals frolicking playfully togeather and the otters fast asleep.

Here there was plenty of outside seating and a play area for the kids so you could eat a picnic or take a rest before moving on.

There was also two other buildings one housed wild baby seals who had been injured on the beach and were recovering and they were the cutest little things!


The second building was just completely amazing! You entered it to find the roof and sides made of glass and the fish swimming above and around you!




Even Peanut who was now back in her stroller just sat there staring above her in awe and amazement! And it got even better when you realised it wasn’t just fish inside the huge tank but Rays, Sharks and a huge sea turtle swimming above you!

Both me and Grandad stopped for ages to take photo after photo of this amazing sight and had to keep making space for passing people.

As we followed the corridor around i found a tank of beautiful jellyfish moving gently about and couldn’t help but think how lovely they were.


As we turned the corner and found ourselves infront of the main huge glass tank which made up all of the room you couldn’t help but stare in awe.

This was amazing and picking Peanut up we went and sat right next to it as we watched the seaturtle glide gracefully back and fourth infront of us.




For me this really was worth the money to get in and the time spent driving there and walking around just to see the awe and amazement on my daughter’s face.


After we had finished we found ourselves in the sealife centre shop where i bought her a little onsie with a cartoon crab on. The shop wasn’t that expensive as i had a quick look around before going to pay.

Having a chat with the lady at the desk she told me they hadn’t expected so many people turning up from there opening the week before and how wonderful it was.

We stopped for some sandwiches and a cup of tea in the sealife centre restaurant and it was quite reasonable at £4 for a sandwich.

We really enjoyed our time there and spent two hours in the whole place, an hour and half walking around and 30 minutes eating. It was the right amount of time to keep Peanut happy and distracted with what was going on.

Next year we will take her to the sealife centre in Great Yarmouth which is much larger and by then she will be bigger and walking around.

If you have kids it really is worth the trip to have a look at Hunstanton Sealife centre and its a great day out for everyone.

Also if you walk along the beach for 10-15 minutes from the sealife centre you can easily reach the town centre for a look around this beautiful seaside town. There’s also plenty of amusements, rides and places to eat if you want to make a day of it.

And i also found a boat ride on the beach which takes you out to see the wild seals out at sea! (which i would like to do next time)

Below is the website for the sealife centre!





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Nov 17, 2014 @ 21:43:23

    Glad your family had a good time. Better yet, loved your pictures and story.


    • ciro1
      Nov 18, 2014 @ 07:32:51

      Thanks Gil 🙂 We took so many photos it was hard picking which ones to use and i didnt want to use to many as i didn’t want to spoil it for anyone who might visit there 🙂 There was so much to see and so many tanks it was quite Amazing 🙂 I can’t wait to go to another one and also hopefully visit one here in Italy at some point to.


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