My First Rome Instameet – Esquilino Neighborhood

Saturday morning i took part in my first Instameet here in Rome!

I had heard about this over the summer when another blogger i follow on twitter announced she would be starting them up and that got me really interested in wanting to meet the Instagrammers here in Rome. An Instameet is a meeting up of people who love to take photos and post them on instagram. 10565008_10152507320262475_7647869826815269201_n

I love Instagram and am always taking photos of life around me, food, places and anywhere i might visit or travel almost daily since getting my new phone last christmas.

Im also using it for my 365 days of happy photos which is still going strong and already on day 144!

I was a little nervous as i hadn’t done anything like this before and had missed the meetups over the summer as it always seemed to pop up on weekends i had something finally to do. And so this time i was determined to finally get to meet these other instagrammers.

The meeting place was at  Santa Maria Maggiore Church at the front of the building beneath the coloumn and i seemed to be the first to arrive. It was a lovely sunny day with a perfect blue sky for November as i waited for more people to turn up.

Eventually i saw a face i recognised! Linda who runs The Beehive hotel here in Rome which does vegan and vegetarian nights at the hotel’s restaurant with guest local chefs! We only knew eachother through facebook so i walked up and very happily introduced myself as we waited for more to arrive.

Then i saw another familiar face Diana from the BrowsingItaly website who i had met for the first time back in August when we had lunch at the Bakery House.

More people started to arrive and introductions were made all around as we waited for the main people of this rag-tag Group of Instagrammers to get started. We were a mix of Italians, Expats, people passing through for a few days and others who called Rome home.

We were all given a little pin badge and then a badge with the Instagram symbol so we could wear it on our coats as we began the meetup.



The Esquilino neighborhood was the place we would be exploring today which was the base and stomping ground of The Bee Hive Hotel which i mentioned above

I did take some photos while we were all standing around in the Piazza and near the Church and tried to find things a little bit hidden and different in my view.





A moment was taken to take some photos of our merry band before we began to follow the leader and head out of Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore. A handy Street map was found and the route we would be taking was pointed out before we were all on our way.

It was a really nice bunch of people and i soon got talking to quite a few of them and finding out about their blogs, instagram names and where they were from. We also had a furry instagrammer and some mini ones to as people had bought their kids along.




We soon found ourselves by a Roman Arch way and one of the leaders started to explain the history behind it as we all stood snapping photos and listening. A little further and we could see where the arch wall was now part of a Church and other features of that area like the faces on building i had spotted.





Then it was down towards Piazza Vittorio Emanuele a lovely little area full of chinese shops and little chinese supermarkets. I love this area as you can find some really different stuff here especially food wise and is always a nice walk around.

I had however never been the the park which is the main piazza area so it was something very new and different for me to see. Our leader again stopped to explain that there had once been a fountain here as we looked at the ruins behind him.

Spotting a cat nimbly climbing the broken walls someone soon told me that there was a cat sanctuary there as i spotted more felines moving about.


Moving on just a little further we came across a rather nice fountain with half naked males which we all took snaps of as we admired it.



The brick tree we found on a wall just behind where some boys were playing football really made my day as i really loved it! This park was a little treasure and i cannot believe i have never ventured into it before.




At this stage pizza was bought for everyone but i unfortunately had to leave as i was meeting a friend for lunch and was not able to stay any long with the group. I knew that they hadn’t yet finished the meet up as they would be heading towards Piazza Repubblica and then on to The BeeHive Hotel itself.


Im so happy i have finally got to take part in one of these Instagram meetups and i cannot wait for the next one! If your interested in joining this Group look for the hashtags #meetrome #instameet on Instagram and twitter!

Even afterwards that evening uploading my photos it was great to see everyone elses shots and views of our walk and how they viewed things. There was also a list of who everyones Instagram names were, making it easy to then follow them.

The next meet up i will try to experiment with different effects with the photos i take and try something a little different eachtime as that is a good way to learn and grow with my photo techniques.

I even made a friend on Instagram who lives in Cornwall in the UK the same evening who liked my photos and who also had just had an Instameet there to!

Its quite amazing that this is a world-wide thing and connects people togeather where ever they are and i look forwards to the next one.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Nov 23, 2014 @ 22:50:56

    Did you take all of the photos in this post with your phone?


    • ciro1
      Nov 24, 2014 @ 06:44:00

      No I used my camera 🙂 quite a few of us had cameras few with phones it was just photo taking then posting afterwards as people liked to use filters etc on then afterwards


      • Gil
        Nov 24, 2014 @ 06:46:09

        Thanks. One of these days I’ll have to have my son explain the filter thing. With film we used filters when taking the picture…

      • ciro1
        Nov 24, 2014 @ 07:16:52

        Its alot of fun changing the colour of the photo or making different effects so it looks different 😀

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