365 Days of Happy – Days 121 to 150

Another round up of 365 Happy days 🙂 Here is Day 121 to 150 and Autumn is here 🙂

Day 121 last cuddle with the kittens before i go back home to Rome and their just starting to open their eyes!


Day 122 Peanut being a very good girl on our trip back to Rome although she looks sad to be leaving her Nonni (grandparents)


Day 123 Miss Peanut having fun with her Papà who she has missed while we were away.


Day 124 pasta ragù for dinner yum!! Sometimes its little things like this that make my day 🙂


Day 125 feeling crap as i have a bad cold but i have peanut M&Ms to cheer me up.


Day 126 fried egg sandwich for lunch which my cold was urging me to have! Hopefully it helps.


Day 127 watching cartoons on a rainy day then having a play and cuddles 🙂


Day 128 love my new cat purse an early xmas present from my Sister and goes lovely with my tea cup scarf i bought in the UK! I feel a little like Alice in Wonderland now.


Day 129 Miss Peanut practicing her walking with her Papà in the park shes starting to get confident.


Day 130 me at the cinema to watch Guardian’s of the Galaxy in english at the LuxRoma and im completely alone in the sala! 🙂


Day 131 snuggling on the sofa under the new blanket as i feel sick 😦 Snuggling does make me feel better though especially with such a warm blanket.


Day 132 White rice with parmigiano and a little oil at least i can eat this without getting tummy cramps.


Day 133 watching the film Inkheart for the first time, its really good!


Day 134 Peanut’s surprise arrived from her Nonni (Grandparents) an early Christmas present and she LOVES it!


Day 135 Made my homemade shepherds pie for dinner which is always a big hit with the family 🙂


Day 136 Tramezini from the local bakery which were so so good and a nice change for lunch


Day 137 improvements on Miss Peanut’s walking still using our hands for support but she is getting better and better!


Day 138 a quick trip to the shop to get new bricks, paper and crayons and we have a happy Peanut on a rainy day 🙂


Day 139 watching the wrestling in bed with the family 🙂


Day 140 Peanut daydreaming on her swing on this glorious autumn morning here in Rome!


Day 141 my friend Jess signed me up for the WeRunRome 10k race on 31st December as part of my Christmas pressie! eeek!


Day 142 so many pretty colours in the park! I love Autumn!


Day 143 Lunch with Nerys as she was visting Rome and its Always fun 🙂


Day 144 still enjoying playing with the shutter speed on my camera and creating some Amazing photo effects!


Day 145 Something new to read as im getting into my photography and being creative.


Day 146 my new favorite dinner fried egg toast sandwich! It was so good and i can’t believe i never thought of using toast before.


Day 147 2nd day of my weights workout im back into and its going to be a looooooooong workout over the next 5 months!


Day 148 a treat from the supermarket 🙂 a freshly made suppli and a crocchetta yum!


Day 149 loving all the Christmas chocolate and Christmas things in the shops! It feels so Christmas-like now 😀


Day 150 a trip to a very Christmas Porta di Roma shopping mall for a walk around, present shopping and lunch! I love all there Christmas decorations!!


215 days left to go on this 365 days of happy photos journey! 🙂


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Dec 02, 2014 @ 00:04:33

    Looks like you are having some fun keeping yourself busy. Well, except for a sick day.


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