The trending Selfie Stick

Over the weekend i was out on the Rome Metro (underground) and happened to see a couple sitting next to me taking photo’s of themselves. I watched with fascination as the woman then got out this long adjustable stick and proceeded to extend it then take photos of herself and partner.

This i suddenly realised was a ‘selfie stick’! (also known as monpod) I had very vaguely heard about them when i went to the Instameet here in Rome and many of the wandering Street vendors had been trying to sell them. But that weekend i hadn’t really been very focused on what they were selling and more interested in the meetup.

Now however seeing this stick in action i could see all the possibilities it could be used for especially for a budding photographer like myself even with just my phone and not my camera.

So while i was out the same day at a market (bancarella) i kept look to see if i could find one and it seemed i was in luck! I found a Street vendor selling selfie sticks for 8 euros each and happily bought a pink one.




Its quite a handy thing extending out to about a meter long (maybe a little longer) and the top part where you can fit your phone snuggly can even be removed so it can fit easily in your bag. There is also a little clicker so you can remotely take the photo when everything is attached through bluetooth.

The other way of taking a photo is putting your phone camera on a timer which is also very easy to do. The only down fall is because your using the camera facing you on the main screen you cannot use the focus like you would on the normal bit of the camera phone.

Also you have to make sure you dont get the selfie stick in the photo which with a little bit of practise is easy enough to do and turn your head slightly so your features look less flat.

Im quite happy with my selfie stick though and can’t wait to get using it out and about more and see what kind of photos i can create with it. We did have fun in the park trying it out though the next day which was quite amusing.








I have also read these sticks since there release this year are becoming more and more popular with people who love to take photos and selfies where ever they go! Creating the perfect selfie can be a very big thing nowadays. And there is a large range of different selfie sticks you can buy from cheap to the more exepensive if you search online. (i believe amazon sell them also)

The selfie stick has apparently been trending alot in China and the Philippines but also more and more across the world! Its making it alot easier to take group photos with everyone in the picture and take photos of yourself with Amazing things in the back ground!

I think it could turn out to be a very serious piece of photo taking kit for your phone if your seriously into taking photos and its also alot of fun to use!

So i think my selfie stick will come in handy in the future! Maybe some fun selfie photos when im doing a race or something like that could be a good idea!



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  1. Gil
    Dec 08, 2014 @ 23:36:45

    Interesting piece of equipment. Are the picture in your post taken with you phone or camera? They are great!


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