Making a runners medal board!

So over the weekend i saw online a magazine who had asked runners about where they kept their running medals! Alot of the replies were homemade medal boards and that got me curious about making one. If you have a look online there are many different versions of medal boards you can make yourself and personalise.

There were a few examples of how to DIY yourself a medal board on the website i was reading and so i decided to give it a go myself.

Nipping to the local shop which sells pretty much everything i picked up a few items i thought might be useful. I decided to go with the chalk board version of the running board as i could add the time etc of future races:

Chalk board with wooden frame


screw in hooks


little letters and some glue


Getting a hammer from our handy tool kit i used it to bang in the screw hooks a little before twisting them in until they were securely in place. I decided to have 4 hooks on each side to start with leaving me room to add more if needed so i could hang lots of medals. I also made sure the medal ribbon fitted fine on the hooks before doing this and also that the hook was the right way up!




Then it was time to get out the glue and my little different coloured letters and make some words across the top of the board and along the sides. I decided on ‘Run Brit Chick Run’ at the top and along each side ‘race’ and’ medals’. The words do look quite small as you will see in the photos below as the letters are small and supposed to be used for bracelet making but i still like the look of them.



I may try to find larger letters and decorate it a little more when i have time as i quite enjoyed doing that 🙂

I had an old picture hook and nailed it onto the back of the board once the glue i had used on my words was dry so i could hang it on my wall. Then it was just a matter of using some chalk to write the count down to my next race and hang up my lovely race bling!



Don’t they look lovely all hanging up there togeather? And there’s plenty of room for more to come 😉

I really enjoyed making myself my very own runners medal board from scratchy it was so much fun and its something quite personal to me i think making it myself. Im so happy i have somewhere now to hang up my medals at last as i didn’t have a proper place before!

If you don’t feel like making your own though or your not very crafty then don’t worry as many places now sell medal boards/hangers and can easily be found and ordered online.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Dec 15, 2014 @ 20:29:31

    Looks good! Nice job. In the future make starter holes for screws with a small nail or brad if you don’t have a drill. Using the screws could split the wood as they are a bit wider.


    • ciro1
      Dec 16, 2014 @ 06:59:34

      Thanks for the advice Gil! I don’t normally work with this kind of thing so it was all new 🙂 I will do that when I try making another one at some point


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