Food Review: 999 Sushi Wok

Over the weekend we attended a friends birthday lunch at a chinese restaurant called 999 Sushi Wok. The name does sound a little weird its not just me right?

Also the place was on Via Raffaele Costi which was not central Rome but out a bit and i couldn’t find anything when i googled about the place. I tend to like to know a little about the place im visiting before going so this for me was a little strange.

In the end it was pretty easy to get to and not hard to find at all! We also realised it wasn’t that far from us driving as well.

When we arrived we discovered we were the first to get there for some minutes and it gave me time to have a look around the place. I was quite impressed that the inside was so big and bright and people were begining to arrive.

I noticed lots of Italian’s turning up to eat there which was a very good sign and ment the food would be very good. You can always tell if the food is good somewhere if Italian’s are happy to eat there as they are the biggest of food critics.


We were shown into a long room on the side of the main floor which you can hire out for parties or events. It was kind of nice to be seperate from the rest of the place to celebrate the birthday and they had arranged the tables so a high chair could be put out for Miss Peanut.

Friend’s started to arrive who had eaten here before and said how good it was as we all settled down at the table. I decided to go and check the food out with a few Others and found a lovely help yourself buffet!

Here you could have not only chinese food but also Italian style food as well if you wanted. I decided to start with some spring rolls and chinese dumblings as i looked at the various fried things you could have. There were suppli, crocchette, chips, fried chicken, little smily faced waffles and other bits and pieces.

Alex also decided to have chinese dumplings and spring rolls for his starter as he likes these but not all chinese food.



I bought back some chips and the smily waffles to the table for something Miss Peanut could munch on while she watched the rest of us eat. The spring rolls were the best i have ever had in Rome so far so i was quite impressed!

Next i decided to try out the sushi as this is something i love but don’t get very often here.


I was also impressed with the array of sushi to select from and i even got to try a few i have not tried before with squid inside and other different fish. It was really good and i did go back a second time for some more! It was also really pretty how they had set the sushi out for display and i now wish i had taken a photo of it.

There was also a counter with fresh fish on display where you could choose what you wanted and it was cooked fresh and exactly how you wanted it. I however decided not to go for the fish but decided to try some noodles instead.



I went  for the curry flavoured mixed rice, big soft noodles and smaller egg noodles mixed with meat and veggies. There were also prawn rice available, veggie rice, sweet and sour chicken, black bean sauce and meat and the list went on for choice. Also a very good selection of vegetarian choices as well i noticed.

Alex had gone for some curry rice and some of the Italian food which he said was really good and was happily sharing his lasagna with Miss Peanut. After which she wanted out of her feeding chair and a walk around.

As the place was so big she could happily hold our hands and march up and down staring at the other people in the place and have a whale of a time in the process! She was happy to laugh and chase our friends older kids and the staff kept smiling at her and were really nice as she played.

Me and Alex took turns walking her about while the other one ate or talked to the Others before switching over and so fourth.

So this also gave me the change to go and look at the dessert counter and see what was on offer 😉 There was a mixed fruit bowl, a selection of asian fruits, icecream and tiny tiramisù cake!

Tiramisù is one of my favorite italian desserts so i just had to have a piece or two and was happy to take it back to the table to eat while the Others tried the other desserts.


Then it was time for after meal coffee and drinks as everyone relaxed after such a good meal.

I really enjoyed eating at this place and would happily go there again especially as Alex also enjoyed it so much and was happy with the food. He can be very picky with chinese food as he finds it doesnt always digest well for him but with the food from here he had no trouble at all!

Infact he was feeling quite full from everything he had eaten just like the rest of us!

The staff were friendly, helpful and attentive and they were happy to have small kids there as i did see other families with small children there to.

There were high chairs (feeding chairs) available for small children and plenty of choice with soft foods to keep them happy.

We will definitely be going back here at some point to eat!




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  1. Gil
    Dec 22, 2014 @ 23:30:56

    Everything sounds delicious. Believe it or not, I have yet to try sushi. One of these days? Merry Christmas!


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