Food Review: Splendor Parthenopes

My friends Alison and John the expats from Cilento were back in Rome on the weekend for a visit which is something i always love. Both me and Alison had both been dying to try a place called Splendor Parthenopes after joining their facebook page and seeing their food photos.

Sunday we had decided to meet up and try the place for lunch and John had very kindly booked a table for us.

Meeting at piazza del popolo John our map bearer began to lead the way to the restaurant which was across the river so we had a bit of a walk.

The day was lovely with blue skies and just a little chilly as we stopped now and then to take photos with our cameras.

We are all keen instagramers so quite happy to click away at anything that caught our eye. We were a little early getting to the place as our table was booked for 1pm so decided to wander around piazza Cavour.

This was a great place for taking photos so we took our time exploring a little. And i soon realised where i was when i spotted the river and Castel St Angelo!









Heading back to the restaurant we decided to go inside and get seated as we were on time by now. Going inside i felt like i was stepping into an Agatha Christie novel with the feel of the place being almost 1960’s.




There were quite a few people already at tables as we were shown to ours and both me and Alison were very excited. Quite a few foodie bloggers in Rome have blogged about this place so i couldn’t wait to try the food for myself.

As we looked over our menu’s we were spoilt for choice and i had a hard time deciding exactly what i wanted! But in the end i went for the double cheese burger and salad. Alison went for the mushroom fettuccine pasta and John had the polpette (meat balls) in tomato sauce with mixed beans.

This was my happy moment for the day which Alison is also doing for 365 days of happy so John kindly took photo’s for us.




When the food arrive each plate was huge and everything looked so mouthwatering! I realised though after taking a bite of my burger it was slightly rare and pink inside. I had forgotten to ask for it well done as meat in Italy tends to come rare or medium. But i still enjoyed my burger very much just as John and Alison enjoyed their meat balls and pasta.





My burger as i said was quite big and not bad for 16 euros with the salad also on the plate. We noticed the place filling up quite quickly as its very popular and posh.

We did have to wait a while for the waiter to come back and they took mine and John’s plates away as soon as we finished eating.

Next we had a look at the dessert menu and again it was a tough choice as everything sounded so good! They had a selection of little pastries, mini chocolate cake, tiramisù, apple pie and several other things.

John decided on the Mini chocolate cake and Alison went for a type of pastry which i can’t remember the name of.



Of course i decided on the tiramisù my favorite Italian dessert but didn’t realise just how big the desserts were! My tiramisù was the size of my hand (no joke), thick and lovely when it arrived and i couldn’t believe how big it was.


Normally when i eat out i find the tiramisù to be tiny so this was a real treat! My dessert was 7 euros so for the Whole meal i spent 23 euros as we were drinking water.

As me and Ali went to use the bathroom we saw a cookery class for kids going on down stairs! Something i have also seen advertised on their facebook page. It’s something maybe i can do with Miss Peanut one day in the future when shes a bit bigger.

We all really enjoyed our meal at Splendor Parthenopes and we all agreed the food was really good. I loved the feel of the place, decor and atmosphere.

I also did see parents with kids there so it was a family friendly place to eat which is always good to know when you have a family. 🙂

I would like to go again but i think it would be more of a treat place to eat at rather than a regular place to go. So maybe when someone is visiting or to celebrate a birthday or perhaps an anniversary.

But it was so good to catch up with Alison and John again and spent most of the day with them having a walk about. Their two great Cilento expats and i love them to bits and i really look forwards to their next visit to Rome!





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  1. Gil
    Dec 23, 2014 @ 23:38:31

    Pictures are beautiful. The food looks so good that I nearly started to lick the screen!


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