Looking Back at 2014

I thought i would do the round up of my blog for 2014! Its been a year of new discoveries, settling more into being a full time mother and Learning and growing with Miss Peanut!


I was playing around with new apps for my phone, filters and effects for photos. I was making plans for running again and looking at races to join throughout the year, joining one and writing about the Rome Harriers. I blogged about making an easy and very yummy bruschetta! I blogged about a few of my favorite places i had visited over the years and the flooding we were having in Rome.



I blogged about the Mummy brain i had started to experience and how forgetful i was becoming (still have it now! lol) A few food reviews of some places i finally got to try. More about my running plan which was the C5K i had started. I wrote about how i was making the baby food for his Peanut who had started the process of moving to solid foods. I was busy making cupcakes and pancakes as i was becoming a domestic goddess! I was having walks with Peanut and doing weights workouts. I blogged about apps for bloggers and how helpful they could be.



I took part in a 5km race and really enjoyed it getting a new shiny medal! I blogged about International Womens Day and Peanut becoming 6 months old. More food reviews including a chinese place and a Street food festival. There was meeting up with friends, more weights workouts as i had stopped running, a red day and my promise to my daughter. I also started the 100 days of happy challenge!



I help support the English library in Rome, there was a green day and i was experimenting with new recipes. I wrote about the annual pillow fight in Rome, also Earth day and posted my first set of photos for 100 days of happy. There was a food review and my 2nd wedding anniversary.



We were visting family in the UK Miss Peanut’s first trip there and on a plane! And she was being fussy with the foods. More photos of 100 days of happy which was going strong. I took part in a family first aid course which was 4 hours long but Worth every moment. I was running with my sister and getting my running mojo back at last. More from the 100 days of happy and lots of photos from our UK month.



I blogged about Spring Watch and the nature photos i had taken on our trip to the UK in May. I found foods Peanut had enjoyed in the UK which i was now able to find in Rome. I was taking part in the Juneathon running challenge and running every day. Miss Peanut turned 9 months old and i blogged about her progress. Beating the heat with a baby was something else i wrote about, along with more photos from 100 happy days. I bought the Game of Thrones 3 seasons all in one box set as we had like alot of Others become addicted to the series! There was food reviews from the UK and one here in Rome at a burger place. And finally nature photos here in Rome as i took them on the camera on my phone.



I blogged about the Amazing natural hot springs i swam in while on Holiday in Tuscany. There was a fab meet up with English expats who live in Cilento who were visiting Rome (2 of my bestie). I had started my photo blog ‘A Claire Lens’ and loving taking photos on my new Cannon camera! I took Amazing photos of the supermoon and i did a 13 minute mile my first in a long time. I was taking part in the 30 day abs challenge and there was the end of 100 days of happy photos as i had reach day 100.



I started 365 days (1 year) of happy with 3 other ladies on twitter (we are still all going strong with it). I blogged about more Tuscany places we visited and the Amazing tarrot garden in Tuscany we had visited and a food review of a place to eat there. More supermoon photos and a night full of singing and wine on the river with Rome River tracks! A meet up with a new friend and a food review for Bakery House with awesome pancakes!



More from 365 days of happy photos and photos from my Tuscan Holiday being shares on the BrowsingItaly website! My blog post about Sovana was also featured on the Sovanablog! Miss Peanut had her 1st Birthday and i did a review on Bio Parco the Rome zoo we took her to. I wrote about Rome Street art and also where to find this graffiti. I blogged about how to make food art photos for Instagram and a food review for Pinsa a type of ancient Roman pizza. I did a review on my fitbit fitness tracker and a food review on an Amazing local tavola calda!




There was more from 365 days of happy photos which was already at day 90! We were visitng the UK again for the month and i blogged about my first virtual race i was doing there. I reviewed the zombies run app i was doing and having loads of fun running with it. I blogged about my food adventures in the UK and took food art photos of it all. My blog became featured on the Internations website under the ‘recommended Expats blogs Rome section’. And there was even more from 365 days of happy getting me to day 120!



There was the last of my UK food adventure photos and a review on the sealife centre in Hunstanton in Norfolk which was Amazing. I blogged about lung cancer awareness month and gave 10 tips for traveling with a 1 year old on a plane. KFC opened in Rome for the first time ever before opening shops else where in Italy. I went on my first Rome Instameet and really enjoyed meeting new people and taking photos. There was a meet up with my friend Nerys and a food review of La Zanzara! I was also in search of Babbo Natale/Father Christmas or where he would be so we could take Peanut to go and see him.



I had been signed up for the WeRunRome 10k by my friend Jess and I blogged about the trending selfie stick and joining another virtual race. I made myself my very own medal board from scratch. There were more photos from 365 days of happy photos and i tried a delicious chinese buffet at a friends birthday party. Also another wonderful meet up with my friends from Cilento as they were visiting Rome once again and a food review for splendor parthenopes 🙂


It was a very very good year but i can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring! 🙂







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