365 Days of Happy – Days 181 to 210

My round up of happy days 181 to day 210! 😀

Day 181 Miss Peanut found my yoga ball this morning! So much fun chasing it and bouncing it 🙂


Day 182 theres no where else i would rather be than with the beautiful Miss Peanut and Hubby on Newyears Eve 🙂


Day 183 first dinner of the newyear at a friends house!


Day 184 making thai green curry for lunch.


Day 185 sales shopping at Romaest mall and KFC with my bestie Jess 🙂


Day 186 homemade polenta at a friends house it tasted Amazing!!


Day 187 love my new warm scarf which even has pockets for my hands!


Day 188 happy Befana! Miss Peanut loves her kinder chocolate the witch bought her so do we.


Day 189 my kindle fire HDX arrived yay!


Day 190 wore my new jumper today i bought in the sales!


Day 191 a little time to read a book on my new kindle!


Day 192 new jeans in the sales as I have gone from a size 50 to 46! Also a new t-shirt 😉


Day 193 5km run done and still loving my zombies run app!


Day 194 Miss Peanut can now walk all by herself and gets EVERYWHERE!! Toddler tornado!


Day 195 Miss Peanut cuddles while we were in the pub this afternoon


Day 196 in bed with my Kindle going to read a while tonight!


Day 197 Just happy to go to bed and sleep tonight


Day 198 planning this years races!


Day 199 Miss Peanut can now walk solo in the park! So funny watching her walk alone 🙂


Day 200 another run done in the dark 🙂


Day 201 watching the Top Gear special yay 🙂


Day 202 New batteries in her french singing book as it hasn’t worked in a while and shes now a happy Peanut.


Day 203 in the mood for something minty


Day 204 movie time on my kindle


Day 205 exploring the park togeather


Day 206 a day where im more than glad to sit down and have a cup of tea


Day 207 something new to play with my shiny new Kettlebells weights!


Day 208 wearing my new jeans


Day 209 20 mins to enjoy a bubble bath all on my own 🙂


Day 110 sunny but cold day playing in the park 🙂


Just 155 days to go now! 😀


Janathon Days 19 to 25th!

A round up of Janathon for this week gone! 😀

Monday 19th – 55 tricep dips! I was supposed to do weights as well but got distracted reading on my kindle at Miss Peanut’s nap time. I did however spend the afternoon chasing her around the house!

Tuesday 20th – 100 tricep dips, 28 pushups.

Wednesday 21st – 40 min weights workout, 29 pushups and 60 tricep dips! Also 5km zombie run which im really enjoying.

Thursday 22nd – 30 pushups and 65 tricep dips.

Friday 23rd – 40 mins of weights, 31 pushups and 70 tricep dips

Saturday 24th – only a slow 3 mile walk as i wasn’t feeling to well and was tired.

Sunday 25th – 5km zombie run

I have a new workout for this next week with these lovelies to! 😀




Janathon days 12 to 18

Another week of exercise!

Monday 12th – Today started with 30 mins of weights workout and was able to use my two 7kgs weights in an exercise i haven’t been able to before as they were to heavy progress! 🙂 followed by 100 tricep dips. Later i did a 2 minute plank (my longest plank held in several years!) .

Tuesday 13th – i did another 5km zombie run.

Wednesday 14th – 30 minutes of weights, 24 Pushups done and 60 tricep dips completed.

Thursday 15th – 25 pushups completed and 80 tricep dips done. 5km zombie run done in the evening.

Friday 16th – 26 pushups completed

Saturday 17th – 3 mile walk

Sunday 18th – 7 mile walk and zombies run 5km run done (so 10 miles in all that day)


A change of plans!

This morning i discovered they had changed the location of the Rome Spartan Sprint to Orte which is not Rome. Infact its a good hour and half out of Rome and the race is to be held in a field in the middle of nowhere.

This kind of screws up my plans as i cannot get there now and theres no public transport to a field… Alex doesn’t want to drag poor Miss Peanut out to the middle of nowhere to then wait hours for me to complete the race then drive home.

I can see his point its not fair on my little girl to make her wait around in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.

I am quite disappointed as i have been working hard towards it and i hope i can get my money back from them as i have already paid. They suddenly changed location after saying it was going to be in a Rome stadium so im sure im not the only person wanting to be reimbursed.


So i have decided not to do this spartan sprint in Italy after all! Infact im now going to do the Insane Terrian OCR in Suffolk when i visit home in May which i had already planned to do.

There is also a Spartan sprint in May but its the day before the Insane Terrian and thinking clearly i can’t do both.

So my plan is Insane Terrian this May and next May 2016 the Spartan Sprint in London. At least this way i still get to challenge myself and do an OCR (obstacle course race) this year like i planned.

Insane Terrian looks just as challenging with mud pits and obstacles so im still happy to do this race instead.

I also think i will feel more comfortable doing the OCR races there as they have been doing them for several years or more now.

Im also a member of the Mudd Queens UK facebook Group and these ladies loving doing these types of races!

So im hoping to bump into a few of them doing these races as i have already ordered my Mudd Queens top which i can wear for the races.

They sometimes team up and do obstacle course races togeather so thats something else i would like to do at some point! 🙂



Janathon days 5 to 11


Monday 5th Jan  – I started with 30 mins of weights workout in the morning followed bya minute and half plank and 15 pushups. That evening in the dark and completely alone i started running again doing my zombies run running app! This was the first time i have run in a month and half and im still pretty impressed with my stamina and i didnt get tired at all doing the 5km. Side stitch did hit me 10 minutes before the end though.

Tuesday 6th Jan – I did another 5km zombies run run in the park in the afternoon which was nice to be out in the Sunshine. That evening i then did 16 pushups and 1 minute and 40 seconds plank (plank 30 day challenge).

Wednesday 7th Jan  – 70 tricep dips which hurt like hell but i got them done, 17 pushups and 1 minute and 45 seconds plank.

Thursday 8th Jan – 30 minutes of weights workout in the morning as usual 🙂 80 Tricep dips done, 1 minutes and 45 seconds plank done and 18 pushups done.

Friday 9th Jan – 85 tricep dips done, 1 minute and 50 seconds plank done. 19 pushups done 🙂

Saturday 10th Jan – 3 mile walk

Sunday 11th Jan – 5km Zombies run done

Not to bad for 1 week but i think i can do better this week 🙂


Signed up for Spartan Sprint Rome!

Im now signed up for the Spartan Sprint here in Rome on 25th April 2015 which is an obstacle course race. (eeeeeekkk!) 10703860_10152528623169562_2827065899948824764_n

I have been watched the youtube video’s of last years race here in Rome over and over again to get an idea of what it would be like. And yes it looks very tough and challenging and not for the faint hearted! Its going to be scary, painful, long and dirty!

Yes im a little nervous about being signed up and doing one of these OCR races (Obstacle course race)! I mean who wouldn’t be right? But if you dont challenge yourself and leave your comfort zone then you never will. And im not going to let fear and what if’s stop me from doing a race i want to do.

The reason i signed up for this is because i have been wanting to do one of these for the last several years. And now i feel its the right time to do one and experience a spartan race.

When i started looking at them properly at the end of 2012 i fell pregnant with Miss Peanut and so up until now i have not been able to take part in one.

The other factor is they didn’t exist in Italy until last year or so and so instead of doing one in Cambridge in the UK like i planned now i can do it here.


1468530_328005917341503_1723246968_nIm already training hard for it and before i went to the UK back in October i was doing an intense weights workout which was showing awesome results! And my heaviest weights were two 7kgs and my lightest two 2 kgs with 4kg weights inbetween. I only did this for 6 weeks before i went away for a month though.

This time i have been using the same weights but adjusted them several weeks ago to 3kgs, 5kgs and 7kgs as i find im getting stronger and need more weight 🙂

I also know im going to have to buy heavier weights than 7kgs as there getting to comfortable for me now! Im already looking at 30kg adjustable weights.

The strength in my arms is quite impressive now 🙂 and i started it to help me carry an ever growing child who is getting heavier and bigger each month. It also helped me with my back problems and has made me alot stronger since doing that workout.

So if i continue this and keep working up til April i should be ready for the Spartan Sprint! I really want to challenge myself with this as its going to be alot tougher than a normal race.

And if i can’t do some of the obstacles for any reason then you are allowed to do 30 burpee’s instead! Although there are obstacles apparently that you have to do or you cannot complete the race. So i also intend to practise the burpee’s as well just incase i need them. (which i hopefully shouldn’t do)

I have been talking to other women in several facebook Groups who do spartan races and OCR’s all the time all over the world and they are very encouraging and helpful. They have also been telling me what training to focus on to prepare which is a really big help especially from those who have already done these races and are still doing them.

Im already at week 7 into my training of 22 weeks which is leading up to the race (yes i started training end of November when i knew i wanted to do this race)  and im already seeing good results and strength gain 🙂 So im happy with my progress so far.

Up til now i havent been running at all but started again this week running 3-4 times a week. Im impressed with my stamina gain from the weights training and feel quite comfortable running again. Im going to continue running now and try to build my miles up.

Im going to also blog about my progress from time to time maybe at the half way mark which will be 11 weeks in and also the time leading up to this race!

I should also be signing up for some more races for 2015 as well which is my aim now for this year.

So watch this space!







Happy Befana!

On 6 January (today) Italians celebrate the religious feast of the Epiphany or the more popular one of Befana.

I blogged about the origins of Befana last year that on the night of the 5th of January (Epiphany Eve) in Italian Folklore the Befana strega (witch) or old woman leaves gifts to children here in Italy which are usually sweets and chocolate but if you have been bad she will leave you coal!

So its a little like Father Christmas leaving you presents while you sleep except this is a witch who gives you sweets 🙂

I also blogged that the Holiday is originally a Roman festival to a Goddess! (not a witch!)

I love this Holiday with all the sweets and other bits you can buy for your kids!

The socks you usually put out for Christmas for Christmas present fillers well this is when the Italians get them! Many supermarkets sell the socks full of sweets all different shapes and sizes!

Of course these are for the kids so alot of them will have popular cartoon characters on etc. Or sometimes with mixed sweets inside and Others with certain brand sweets.

As Miss Peanut is almost 16 months old this year and a big girl with many teeth now (12 to be exact) i decided she could have her very open Befana sweet sock!

Some of them can be expensive depending on where you go and the size of the sock. I found some nice ones in the local supermarket and decided on a more traditional one.

There were as i said before popular cartoon socks but shes still small and doesn’t know what they are.

So i went for a kinder sock instead with a witch which was 8 euros but this only happens once a year so i don’t think its to bad price-wise 🙂


There is a nice mix of kinder chocolate inside 7 pieces and Miss Peanut LOVES kinder chocolate when shes allowed it which isn’t often.

Her face this morning when we opened the sock for her so she could see all the chocolate! She’s never seen so much before! heehee

Of course it will be rationed and not eaten all today but will last her a while as little treats now and then.

I love the witch which came with the chocolate she looks really happy and nice so a good witch giving out her sweets 🙂



The Witch onces we have finished Befana will be going to Grandma in the UK in May as she loves that kind of thing. And its also nice to share an Italian tradition with the family back in England! 🙂




Janathon Begins

Yes its that time of year again and Janathon is back! And this year is its 5th Birthday 🙂

to take part in Janathon you have to be active and do exercise everyday of the month of January. This includes running, swimming, cycling or any other physical activity.

Then blog about it or talk about it on the Janathon FB page or twitter with the hashtag #Janathon

I have done it on and off a few times over the years and its quite moitvational for the begining of the year.

You are supposed to blog about it every day but i dont Always have time so i do a weekly round up instead 🙂

As im training for a spartan race (will be blogging about that later this week)  i need all the exercise i can get and so here’s my round up of the first 4 days of january which started on a Thursday!

Thursday 1st Jan – In the morning i did a 30 minutes weights workout with my yoga ball 🙂 I didn’t get a chance to run as Alex some how had back ache and wanted to just lay on the bed so there was no one to watch Miss Peanut.

Friday 2nd Jan – another weights workout for 30 mins was done yay me! And also some 30 day challenges were started!

Saturday 3rd Jan – 4 miles walking of sales shopping counts right? hehee! I did 1 and half mins plank and 65 tricep dips (which i hate but get done!)

Sunday 4th Jan – more tricep dips this time 70 and another 1 and half mins held plank!

Ok so i didn’t do tons of exercise on a few of the days but at least i got off my butt and did something! And the 30 day challenges keep my doing them!

This week will be better i promise! 😉


Happy New Year & my Resolutions 2015!

Happy 2015 everyone and i hope its a good year for you all!

We spent most of Christmas and Newyears visting with friends which was alot of fun and very hectic! And involved alot of food and just Yesterday i had some amazing homemade lemon crostata! But now im back on track with normal eating which im quite happy about 🙂

I hope you all had a good Christmas and Newyears to!


Last year i made some resolutions i don’t think i managed to do all of them but i guess your never supposed to manage all of them right? But this year i would like to tick them all off my list 🙂

1) Carry on my fitness journey! Im on a roll right now with weights and need to keep focused.

2) start running again as i have been lazy with it being dark in the evenings when i can run! I just have to get out there again and run!

3) Sign up for more races in Rome and the UK!

4) Find more me time and enjoy it as i don’t always get it.

5) Appreciate my Husband even more as i love him to bits!

6) Do some more online race for medals as i loved doing my first one back in October!

7) Take Miss Peanut to more fun places as this year i want it to be even more exciting for her.

8) Attend more Instameets, blogger meetups and do some fun stuff exploring more of Rome the city i live in.

9) See more of my friends! (although i saw alot of most of them over Christmas and newyears!) 🙂

10) Get my sports Cert done and join my friend’s running Group

11) Visit more places here in Italy! Its a beautiful country and i have barely seen any of it since moving here 🙂

12) Do some more OCR races!

Those aren’t to bad as resolutions go and lets see how many i can get done in this very exciting new year!







365 Days of Happy – Days 151 to 180

I think its kind of fitting to start of with some happy moment for this new year so my first post of 2015 is 365 Days of happy and its days 151 to 180 ending this year 2014 🙂

Day 151 new fitness toy to help me with my weights workout!


Day 152 Opening day 1 off the Advent Calender and Miss Peanut’s first Christmas Calender! 😀


Day 153 loving my new jumper i bought on the weekend and wearing it for the first time.


Day 154 first of the Christmas boxes arrived with yummy goodies inside!


Day 155 Miss Peanut took her first few solo steps in the park before falling over! Im so proud and i know she will be walking on her own soon 😀


Day 156 more experimenting with my camera shutter speed this time trying to slow things down but i need more light!


Day 157 i will never get tired of going to the park and seeing this beautiful sight 🙂


Day 158 i now have a selfie stick and its so much fun to use!


Day 159 love the 2nd hand H&M coat i found and bought at a market its so lovely!


Day 160 doing the weights workout i missed the day before and loving it 🙂 (yes i used the selfie stick)


Day 161 one of my favorite pizza taglio for dinner tonight! yum


Day 162 this year’s parmigiano and pasta photo with Miss Peanut which is becoming a yearly tradition 🙂


Day 163 my happy place sleepy snuggles.


Day 164 wrapping presents in a very pretty paper!


Day 165 at my friends son’s 7th birthday party it was so much fun 😀


Day 166 the new fridge we ordered arrived and works perfectly.


Day 167 feeling festive so had turkey for lunch with red bell peppers and egg plant cooked in oil and garlic!


Day 168 playing with new filters on a new app and other bits.


Day 169 more Christmas goodies arrived yay!


Day 170 love my Mango body warmer with real ducks feather inside an early Christmas present 🙂


Day 171 first to arrive at the 999 sushi wok place for a friends birthday lunch yum!


Day 172 meet up with my lovely expat friend from Cilento while they visited Rome! Love John and Ali to bits 😀


Day 173 Dutch Christmas chocolates as a present from our friends from Amsterdam!


Day 174 eating figs all the way from my friends garden in Cilento! 🙂 yummy!


Day 175 Christmas eve afternoon nap time for the Whole family 🙂 Love to all snuggle sometimes!


Day 176 Christmas Day lunch with my Bestie Jess and her family! Love them all to bits it was so much fun 😀


Day 177 having Christmas candy makes it almost feel like Christmas back in the UK.


Day 178 im so excited im signed up for my first obstacle race the Spartan sprint here in Rome in April!! eeeek!


Day 179 dutch chips with tartar sauce and ketchup! Closed chips i have found in Rome that taste like chip shop chips back in the UK! YUM!


Day 180 Pizza dinner out with my friend Jess and her Husband and of course Alex and Miss Peanut 🙂


We say good bye to 2014 and all my happy days of this year 🙂 And i wonder what happy days will kick off 2015? 🙂

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