365 Days of Happy – Days 151 to 180

I think its kind of fitting to start of with some happy moment for this new year so my first post of 2015 is 365 Days of happy and its days 151 to 180 ending this year 2014 🙂

Day 151 new fitness toy to help me with my weights workout!


Day 152 Opening day 1 off the Advent Calender and Miss Peanut’s first Christmas Calender! 😀


Day 153 loving my new jumper i bought on the weekend and wearing it for the first time.


Day 154 first of the Christmas boxes arrived with yummy goodies inside!


Day 155 Miss Peanut took her first few solo steps in the park before falling over! Im so proud and i know she will be walking on her own soon 😀


Day 156 more experimenting with my camera shutter speed this time trying to slow things down but i need more light!


Day 157 i will never get tired of going to the park and seeing this beautiful sight 🙂


Day 158 i now have a selfie stick and its so much fun to use!


Day 159 love the 2nd hand H&M coat i found and bought at a market its so lovely!


Day 160 doing the weights workout i missed the day before and loving it 🙂 (yes i used the selfie stick)


Day 161 one of my favorite pizza taglio for dinner tonight! yum


Day 162 this year’s parmigiano and pasta photo with Miss Peanut which is becoming a yearly tradition 🙂


Day 163 my happy place sleepy snuggles.


Day 164 wrapping presents in a very pretty paper!


Day 165 at my friends son’s 7th birthday party it was so much fun 😀


Day 166 the new fridge we ordered arrived and works perfectly.


Day 167 feeling festive so had turkey for lunch with red bell peppers and egg plant cooked in oil and garlic!


Day 168 playing with new filters on a new app and other bits.


Day 169 more Christmas goodies arrived yay!


Day 170 love my Mango body warmer with real ducks feather inside an early Christmas present 🙂


Day 171 first to arrive at the 999 sushi wok place for a friends birthday lunch yum!


Day 172 meet up with my lovely expat friend from Cilento while they visited Rome! Love John and Ali to bits 😀


Day 173 Dutch Christmas chocolates as a present from our friends from Amsterdam!


Day 174 eating figs all the way from my friends garden in Cilento! 🙂 yummy!


Day 175 Christmas eve afternoon nap time for the Whole family 🙂 Love to all snuggle sometimes!


Day 176 Christmas Day lunch with my Bestie Jess and her family! Love them all to bits it was so much fun 😀


Day 177 having Christmas candy makes it almost feel like Christmas back in the UK.


Day 178 im so excited im signed up for my first obstacle race the Spartan sprint here in Rome in April!! eeeek!


Day 179 dutch chips with tartar sauce and ketchup! Closed chips i have found in Rome that taste like chip shop chips back in the UK! YUM!


Day 180 Pizza dinner out with my friend Jess and her Husband and of course Alex and Miss Peanut 🙂


We say good bye to 2014 and all my happy days of this year 🙂 And i wonder what happy days will kick off 2015? 🙂


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  1. Gil
    Jan 02, 2015 @ 00:08:23

    Day 154- Is that a block of Torrone on the bottom of the pile on the right? If so, it is one of the biggest pieces I’ve seen in an individual’s home! On one of the New Year’s Eve shows, US television, the selfie stick was mentioned as one of the hottest gifts in 2014!


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