365 Days of Happy – Day 211 to 240

More from 365 of Happy and heres days 211 to 240! 😀

Day 211 pizza night!


Day 212 second attempt at mug cake worked yum!!


Day 213 reading a graphic novel on my kindle


Day 214 managed to get some biscuits before Hubby ate them all


Day 215 early birthday cards arrived i love the stamps!


Day 216 the heating is fixed after not having it over the weekend 🙂


Day 217 funky chunky new headphones for my Kindle


Day 218 another kettle bell workout done & im in love with them


Day 219 friday night cuddles we love them!


Day 220 out for the evening with a friend Macdonalds then some Mischief round Rome!


Day 221 Hubby’s Birthday, present and cake it was a great day!


Day 222 it was one of those days when an extra huge cup of tea would only do!


Day 223 i have lost some weight yay!


Day 224 first time to the park with no stroller she held my hand walking all the way  🙂


Day 225 peace and quiet for an hour at naptime in the afternoon 🙂


Day 226 first taste of protein pancakes yum!!


Day 227 birthday card from my family 🙂


Day 228 wearing the new trainers Alex bought me for my birthday.


Day 229 new hair colour going on


Day 230 loving Miss Peanut’s new shoes there so grown up!


Day 231 tuna mayo wrap for lunch yum!


Day 232 Miss Peanut kissing herself in the mirror for a good 10 minutes had me laughing so much!


Day 233 progress from my working out 🙂


Day 234 carnival treat yum! its a type of biscuit 🙂


Day 235 another good book on my kindle im finding so many!


Day 236 bedtime cartoons are Always fun especial mice builders


Day 237 all signed up for the Euroma2 5km run


Day 238 wearing the shoes i bought in october in the UK for the first time


Day 239 skyping with my Mum who’s still getting used to using her new tablet 🙂


Day 240 lovely Sunshine and so warm for the end of february it feels like spring already.


Only 125 days to go until i completely my challenge now 😀


Insane Terrian training – half way mark

Well im half way into my fitness training with weights getting me ready for the Insane Terrian UK OCR race in May.

As i mentioned in my ‘change of plan’ blog post im not doing the Spartan Sprint now here in Rome due to them changing the location to somewhere with no transport and an hour and half away from Roma! 😦

But i have been carrying on with my training as the Insane Terrian Obstacle course race will be just as tough and challenging.

There will be obstacles to climb over and under, mud pits to wade/crawl through and many other challenges to face that day!

I haven’t been running in about 3/4 weeks as frankly its been to cold and wet by the time i can get outside after 7pm. Not to mention i don’t really like running in the dark! But as its starting to become lighter in the evenings again i should be able to start running again soon.

I did take a week off last week from weights as i had been working pretty hard but now im back training again this last week 🙂

Below are my half way progress photos showing week 1 and today which is week 13 see any difference? 🙂

Week 1 and week 13 total body


Then my arms week 1 to week 13






Im extremely happy with the results so far even with another 13 weeks to go until the actual race (17 th May). I never thought i would feel this strong before using weights and its even better than just running 🙂

I still have chicken wing arms but i can see the definition of my tricep muscles i just need to keep going til it all tones up eventually.

Im very proud that i have gone from barely being able to do 10 chair dips/tricep dips to now doing over 100 and rising with no problem! They have gone from something i hate to something i love!

I have also lost alot of belly and hip weight which i had left over from having a baby and its still going down.


I have already decided to continue my training even after the OCR race is done as i love my weight training so much now and want to see how strong i can really get.

I knew when i started it wasn’t going to be a 30 day transformation thing i knew i would probably see results after 6 months to a year after having all the weight left from pregnancy and not working out for over 2 years!

And i have already found a few other OCR races to do back in the UK when we visit there over this year and the next few! I know i havent done the Insane Terrian yet but hey i said i wanted to challenge myself more 😉

Just another 13 weeks to go until the Insane Terrian race! I wonder what my progress will look like by them? 😀


Review: Kindle Fire 7 HDX

Just after Christmas i decided to buy myself a Kindle some thing i have wanted for quite a while now. I love to read and have missed the simple pleasure of reading when i have time so getting one of these was very appealing.

Out of all the options of Kindles available and there are many! I decided to go with the Kindle Fire 7 HDX.

Thie particular Kindle is more like a tablet than a simple thing to read books on. I liked the fact i could have not only books but music, films, documents, apps etc on it as well. The processor is very fast making everything fast and smooth as well.

I decided 16gb was more than enough for what i wanted after reading reviews and seeing youtube videos about it.

I was really quite surprised when it arrived 3 days earlier than the time given and opening the box i was instantly in love with my new kindle.

It’s so light, thin and the screen is just perfect for reading or watching movies or playing app games! (not that i play app games but on the rare occasion i might find one i like).


I was extremely impressed with the Dolby sound technology which makes listening to music or films a delight! And even just as good when using headphones with it as well.

When you turn it first on it connects with amazon which allows you on the amazon.com site. For me this was much better as i could then go straight to the E-book section and seek out English free e-books to download to read. And there are many free books to choose from if you don’t mind spending time looking through them.

Also with the Kindle free books they update them every few days so theres always something new to download and read! (yes i like romance books and also downloaded any free book which caught my interest as after all they are FREE! )


I do have the option to go onto the Italian amazon site and get free books and apps there to if i so choose 🙂

It didn’t take me long to figure out where everything was and how the Kindle worked which infact is very easy and simple to use.

You have a button to turn the Kindle on and off and also two buttons to raise or lower the sound.

There is also a camera on the kindle but the photos aren’t that great from what i have seen and the camera faces forwards to you. You can also use this as a video camera and use it for skype which is very handy and i like this alot.

I found the social apps i wanted like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, youtube, email etc all as normal for free! There aren’t so many apps like itunes and android but the apps collection is growing with time.


It was easy to navigate to the apps section and store then very quickly they were downloaded. There are paid and free apps but if you want the paid books or apps you need to link it to your Amazon account to pay for them.

The movies have to be MP4 to be able to play and i was very impressed once i had a few on my Kindle.

The screen is the perfect size to watch them and even with or without headphones the sound is amazing! The only draw back i discovered is it wont stay at the spot you are on in the movie if you pause it and then close the kindle. If you pause it and then unpause it seems to like to restart the movie! Im still playing around with this at the moment though so i may have missed something there and it might not be the case.


Documents can be opened from email and read on the documents section of the Kindle again if i have non kindle downloaded books i can read them this way. The books have to be in Mobi version and again if you come out of documents it wont save your place in the book you have to remember where you were.

There is also a parental lock where you can set up a profile for your child and put a timer on how much they play games or watch cartoons. You can get 10 mins for example on cartoons and 1 hour for them to read a downloaded book!

This will come in handy with Miss Peanut in the future although right now she is content to watch cartoons i have downloaded or Cartoons on youtube.

The Kindle Fire HDX is very fast which i like alot and can easily go from app to app or book or internet. Its really handy to have, fast and good for entertaining myself or my little girl. And also will be handy when we are traveling about to the UK or on holidays.

I did also buy a case to go with it which is very important as it really protects the Kindle and keeps it safe when laying on surfaces or being handled. The cover was £13 of the English Amazon site as i didn’t like the choices i had on the Italian amazon.

Its a lovely and snug fit so you don’t really notice it when using the Kindle and doesnt get in the way of the screen or anything else.




I also bought myself a pair of big read headphones to use when i want to watch something when Miss Peanut is napping. Or again if we go on a journey i or Peanut can use them to listen to things on the Kindle.


I also love the way it fits easily into my bag so i can comfortable carry it with me where ever i go if i so choose.

I would really recommend the Kindle if you are after something more than a simple book reader. Also the new Kindle has been released the Kindle Fire 8.9 HDX  which is much more expensive but seems just as good as the 7.



Janathon 26th to 31st

No running this last week as it was way to cold at 7pm and dark and wet…and those are my excuses and im sticking to them! However i did do all this:

Monday 26th – 1 hour of kettlebell weights! I only used my 4kg weight as it was the first time i have done the workout and wanted to see how it went 🙂 Quite enjoyed! and also 33 pushups.

Tuesday 27th – 30 mins weights workout and 34 pushups .

Wednesday 28th – 1 hour kettle weights 🙂 I am loving my Kettlebells and fully intend to keep them up!

Thursday 29th – 35 pushups

Friday 30th – 1 hour kettle weights mix of 4kg and 6kg ones , 36 pushups and 60 tricep dips.

Saturday 31st – a mile and half walk was all i managed today unless you including the food shopping and carrying a backpack full of food on my back heehee!

Wow i can’t believe Janathon is over for another year but it certainly kept me motivated and i intend to keep up the pace and progress!


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