Rare Solar Eclipse 20th March 2015

Last friday (20th March) a rare solar eclipse took place in the morning where the moon eclipsed the sun. Apparently though you could only see it in its totality in the far-northern Norwegian islands.

But we did still get to view it here in Rome even if it wasn’t complete! 🙂

Although it was a nice clear sunny day it wasn’t safe to watch the eclipse with the naked eye as this could lead to permanent eye damage.

I know with certain equipment and with special glasses you could see it outside.

But luckily for us there were different ways to view it inside including a few websites and also on the news channel on tv.

The first link i found on youtube for the live showing of the Eclipse was someone filming it live on there phone.

As you can see the quality wasn’t that great but it was still interesting to see 🙂










Next i discovered a live link from one of the Rome universities which was alot better although they didn’t zoom out enough in my opinion.







They were also showing the Eclipse live on tv and i watched as they chatted about it with experts and showed the live footage.



The Eclipse started at 9.24am and reached the maximum at 10.31 am before finishing at 11.42am.

I think i was more interested in the Whole thing than Miss Peanut who kept playing with her toys. Although from time to time she would come to see what i was watching 🙂

It’s a shame i couldn’t get a photo myself but i know a few people who closed their eyes and took photos which turned out very well 🙂

This event happened back in 1999 and won’t happen again until 2026 and maybe buy then she will be more interest. But im still glad i got to witness this unique event which as i said doesn’t happen very often 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Mar 24, 2015 @ 21:45:05

    Thanks for posting this as completely missed the whole thing. Well, except for a few pictures in the paper.


    • ciro1
      Mar 25, 2015 @ 06:43:43

      I was itching to go outside and take a photo hee hee but I was good and didn’t 🙂 But it was still amazing to watch online


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