Running with Hogwarts!

Some weeks ago me and my friend Jess came across The Hogwarts Running Club which is an online community for people who love to run and who love Harry Potter!

They have virtual runs and races all inspired by the Harry Potter world and the money they make go to different charities.


I am a big Harry Potter fan and have all the films on Dvd which i love to pull out now and then and sit and watch.

So i was extremely excited to find the community and join up on their facebook Group!

The first thing i had to do was go to the Pottermore website and take the sorting hat quiz to find out which house i would be under. (You don’t have to do this you can always decide for yourself which school house you want to join)


I turned out to be a HufflePuff! So then it was an easy task of finding the facebook HufflePuff common room where i joined all the rest of my school team.


Next with the instructions on the Group page I downloaded the charity miles app. You use this app when running and your miles go as points towards you house. (i search for your Group on the app and join it)

Different sponsors of the app also donate money to the different causes you can run for with charity miles depending on your distance. You can choose a different charity eachtime you run, its free and all go to good causes.

Another thing i like about the Hogwarts running club is that you can also buy Hogwarts Running Club t-shirts to wear along with t-shirts and other bits and piece for your school house. For example they have alot of HufflePuff tops and even have competitions on the Hufflepuff page for us to design tops 🙂

So you can really feel the part when doing your run wearing one of these and bring a little magic to your workout.

There are also races that we can sign up for and get very exclusive medals at the end. At the moment i’m signed up for two of the races each were 30 euro’s to join and once i complete them i will recieve very different lovely medals. (I will blog more about these races as I finish them)

I have to say i love the idea of being part of Hogwarts through running and it really motivates me to run. Alot of the other runners listen to the Harry Potter audio books while they run which is something i am thinking of doing to at some point.

I think it will really make me feel part of the wizarding world as I run further and get fitter!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Aug 20, 2015 @ 20:57:05

    Good luck in your new running endeavor! Not really familiar with all of the characters. Must be too old!


  2. ciro1
    Aug 21, 2015 @ 17:44:30

    Your never to old for Harry Potter!! 🙂


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