Platform 9 3/4k Virtual Race

If you have ever seen or read Harry Potter than you will know that Platform 9 3/4 in Kingscross is where all the children catch the Hogwarts Express.

When this race came up through the Hogwarts running Group, I was eager to sign up for yet another challenge.



The race was being held on September 1st although you were allowed to do it another day if you couldn’t make that day. This of course was the day that Harry and Ron went to catch the train but missed it!

The aim was to run 9.75km or 6.058 miles the same distance as 9 3/4!

The 1st September was a tuesday which meant my running time was from 7pm. The days are starting to get shorter so the sun is slowly begining to dip by that time.

I decided to try and run the whole distance, although you were allowed to break the distance up if you needed to.

I started off slow for the first mile and half taking my time. The temp has dropped so it was a lovely 27c that evening. Two miles in a sped up.

My legs have been feeling really good and strong since i started running further, so i like to push myself a little now.

When i hit the 3 and half miles mark i had to stop as my legs had started to hurt. The fact it was getting dark was also another factor.

I haven’t run further than 3 and half miles so i kind of knew I might not make the whole 6 and half miles in one go. (I’m not quite ready to hit 10km again but getting there!)

So tueday i did 3 and half miles and the following evening i did just over 3 miles.

I managed to make a personal best for my 5km run to! I used to be able to run 5km’s in 35mins some years ago and want to get back down to that. So i was very pleased to get my 5km down from 38 minutes something to 36 mins 41!


I was not the only one to break up the long run but i was happy that i completed it 🙂

We were even given a special ticket bib just for the run to wear which is really pretty and looks like a train ticket for the Hogwarts Express!

I posted a photo of myself on the events facebook page after i had finished along with everyone else.

It was also nice to get some more miles done for points for my Hufflepuff house!

I have to say i love the exclusive medal we will all recieve to for our run 🙂 I can’t wait for the next race!





4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gil
    Sep 10, 2015 @ 21:09:25

    Good job. Glad to see that you aren’t pushing yourself too hard!


  2. Alie C
    Sep 11, 2015 @ 13:59:49

    Yay Hufflepuffs! Well done you


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