Back to Running!

Its been almost two weeks since my fall. Since i fell hard, fast and flat on the tarmac in the park in the dark. It is an experience i hope never to repeat.

My hands and knee are all healed up now with only healing scars to show.

I have been having trouble with my wrist. That first week after falling it was hurting alot. I couldn’t put weight on it and it was agony if i moved it in certain ways.

Talking to the Doctor at the pharmacy he gave me some gel and a brace to keep it still. They have worked wonders as the pain began to lessen after a few days. He assured me it was nothing more than a bad sprain.

So the fall was on a Wednesday and i was back out running by saturday afternoon. I was both excited and scared to get back out there.

I have to admit i was terrified of falling again. It was not a nice experience and has made me wary of the paths and running faster. All running in the dark is not as nice as running in daylight.

So that saturday i took it slow and went for a run. Everything was still healing at the time but luckily i had no pain.

I did slow right down where i fell with fear i might fall again. I think that point in the park will always worry me now.

I was happy that i actually managed a PB! (personal best) Some seconds faster on my current 5km time! ūüėÄ


Since then i have been going out 4-5 times a week running no more than 5kms. Mostly this is because when i run in the week its at night and i don’t have a lot of time.

The other reason is my wrist ached when i ran.

Now everything is better i am going to start adding the milage. I want to get back to where i was on the 10km plan i was following. I had been running 4 and half miles before my fall.

I need to be able to do 10kms by newyears eve that is my aim!


My first Running Fall!

Last night i went out for a run. It was the first run back in Rome since getting back from my UK trip on saturday.

For the last 5 weeks i have been running with my sister. I am following a 10km running plan at the moment. We had reached running 4 miles already and i have been really enjoying the runs.

I have been getting faster and stronger.

So last night i went out with the intention of running 5km’s. It was already dark but the park lights were on, there were also 4 other runners.

I started to run and then after half a mile got problems with the music player on my phone. It kept changing songs every minute which was getting annoying.

I am not sure what’s going on with it but i couldn’t fix it. I finished the first mile in 12 minutes exactly, carrying on i started to run faster and harder.

The constant change in music just made me want to get the run finished. I remember looking at my watch realising i had completed over a mile and half in 17 minutes.          11168399_10153757653738594_2618123172050037746_n

The next thing i knew i stumbled then tripped. I was running so fast i knew the impact was going to hurt alot!

Bringing my arms up i saved my face from hitting the tarmac. Laying their flat on the ground i felt completely numb for a moment.

Then the pain started, a burning, growing pain.

An Italian guy who had been sitting on a bench near by talking on his phone ran to help me. He told his friend on the phone what had happened and he would call him back.

He helped me sit up and asked if i was ok. The pain was growing and i was hissing at the stinging. Not just my hands now but on one knee to.

Looking down i realised i had torn skin off my palms, a tiny bit on my left and alot on my right hand.

Blood was welling and skin was hanging off, it was not a pretty sight.

The guy was telling me to just sit still, breath and relax that there was no rush to get up.

I just sat their hurting and stunned at what had happened. I have never fallen when running before and i could not believe it had happened. Also i could not believe how hard i had hit the floor. I was amazed i had not broken anything!

What the heck had happened?

The guy told me he thought he saw me put one leg behind the other and trip myself. I was not so sure this was true as the part of the path i was running on was uneven.

The pain was getting worse and i knew i just couldn’t sit there all night. The guy helped me up and i thanked him saying i would walk home. I was actually limping when i headed out of the park.

It was a 6 -7 minute walk home. When i started feeling woozy and faint i pulled out my phone.

I was pretty certain it was shock making me feel light headed but i was worried about passing out.

Phoning Hubby i told him what happened. He kept me talking the whole walk home and kept my mind focused which helped the faintness.

As soon i was inside he put sugar in my mouth. Sometimes i have low blood pressure and he wanted to make sure my blood sugar was up. It helped ūüôā

Next he checked me over and helped me get my running stuff off. Washing all my scrapes, cuts and brusies was painful especially as there was dirt in alot of them. I think the shock of what happened made them feel worse.

My running trousers had a hole now in the knee where i had fallen. There were cuts and a big bruise.


Alex is always prepared for EVERYTHING, it’s like living with a pharmacist! He always keeps stocks of plasters, bandages etc just in case we need them. (I think he’s stocking for the apocalypse)

So it was easy for¬†Alex to disinfect everything. After cleaning my knee Miss Peanut decided to poke it to help, i couldn’t stop laughing at her serious face.

More cleaning and then i was bandaged up. Everything still throbbed, burnt and my left wrist was aching.


I was making light of everything and joking. Alex was happy i had not hurt myself any worse!

This morning we had to take the bandages off which was not fun as some of them were stuck to the wounds. More disinfecting which again stung and burned then i was bandages up again.

My hands don’t look pretty with missing skin. My knee is a bit swollen. It looks like i have half of a red golf ball sticking out just below my knee, its also scraped and cut.

I can walk fine, things are just a bit achy now.

All i can keep thinking is when can i go run again??

I know i will have to run slower now. I probably won’t be able to go out until monday if all is well. Strangly i’m excited about going¬†running again it¬†has not put me off at all.

I don’t know if that makes me crazy or just dedicated! Hahahaha!




The Talented Photographer

While i was in the UK in May my Sister Rachel promised to take some photos of Miss Peanut for me.

She’s been taking photos for over a year now and i have to say they are quite impressive. And no im not just saying that as she’s my sister!

Rachel is very passionate about taking photos and is quite talented which im very proud of. She had taken some lovely ones of a friend’s little boy in a garden scene she had built herself. And i wanted something similar done with Miss Peanut back in May.

She makes all her own back drops, gathers all the props and scouts locations to take photos with people who she uses as models.

She’s very serious about what she does and puts a lot of hard work into each collection of photos she takes. Each different collection of photos she works on has a different name.

She shoots photos because its something she loves to do and its amazing to watch her come up with some amazing ideas!

For Miss Peanut she came up with the theme name ‘An Italian Rose in an English Garden’. She went out and found the perfect dress for Miss Peanut to wear then found new props to use in the scene.

It was alot of fun dressing her up then trying to get a toddler to sit on a little chair or on the fake grass. Most of the time Miss Peanut would get up and walk off set like a little Diva!




My sister though wasn’t phased while i jumped about putting Miss Peanut back in place or making funny faces to keep her distracted. And after an hour we got some Amazing shots for Rachel to work with!

And of course being a perfectionist I was not given all the photos at once as my sister liked to tweek them and get the best out of them.



Rachel does like to work with black and White alot but has started to focus more on colour photos now to!

This October trip Rachel did some photos of me dressed as an Elf. That was a lot of fun going up into the local forest and finding places to pose.

It was an experience for both of us and i am really happy i got to get some done. One of my favorite photo’s taken is in black and White.


I thought i would show some of her other photos in this blog as well which are below.





I can’t wait to see the other ideas she has for up and coming photos shoots which she shared with me while we were there.

If you like these photos you can follow my sister the photographer on her facebook artist page:

and her instagram: RachelWillett82

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