Back to Running!

Its been almost two weeks since my fall. Since i fell hard, fast and flat on the tarmac in the park in the dark. It is an experience i hope never to repeat.

My hands and knee are all healed up now with only healing scars to show.

I have been having trouble with my wrist. That first week after falling it was hurting alot. I couldn’t put weight on it and it was agony if i moved it in certain ways.

Talking to the Doctor at the pharmacy he gave me some gel and a brace to keep it still. They have worked wonders as the pain began to lessen after a few days. He assured me it was nothing more than a bad sprain.

So the fall was on a Wednesday and i was back out running by saturday afternoon. I was both excited and scared to get back out there.

I have to admit i was terrified of falling again. It was not a nice experience and has made me wary of the paths and running faster. All running in the dark is not as nice as running in daylight.

So that saturday i took it slow and went for a run. Everything was still healing at the time but luckily i had no pain.

I did slow right down where i fell with fear i might fall again. I think that point in the park will always worry me now.

I was happy that i actually managed a PB! (personal best) Some seconds faster on my current 5km time! 😀


Since then i have been going out 4-5 times a week running no more than 5kms. Mostly this is because when i run in the week its at night and i don’t have a lot of time.

The other reason is my wrist ached when i ran.

Now everything is better i am going to start adding the milage. I want to get back to where i was on the 10km plan i was following. I had been running 4 and half miles before my fall.

I need to be able to do 10kms by newyears eve that is my aim!



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