The Patronus 5k!

I have been a little busy with stuff lately but I am getting around to blogging about stuff we did in October while on the UK visit.

So here is the online race i did while there 🙂

Another of the Hogwarts races was held on the 4th October. It was called the The Patronus 5k!

If you know the books and films then you will know a Patronus can only be conjured by focusing on one’s happiest memories and finding the light amidst the darkness. They are used to fight off Dementors Attacks.

This race was being held to support the Noah’s light foundation, which is a charity for pediatric brain cancer. The fact this type of cancer affects children made me really want to take part.

Having a child myself i cannot imagine the pain of parents going through something like that and i hope i never do.

The race fee which was going to the charity was 30 dollars with 4 dollars over seas delivery charge.

The medal itself is lovely! It’s two sided with Snape’s patronus doe leading us through the forrest of Dean. On the other side it says: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

We also got a downloadable Bib to wear again 🙂

As this was the Sunday which would be my first full day in the UK, I ended up running it slow round the local park. My sister and the dog came running with me as they always do when i visit.

I had not run for a week and half before that so it was not as good as I would have liked. Still it was enjoyable and kept me running.

Once I was done I posted a pic of my time and distance on the Facebook event page.

I couldn’t wait to receive this lovely medal! 🙂 It looks fantastic on my medal board!


There are also a ton more races to choose from for November! I have signed up for two more The Voldemort V-miler (5 miles) and Department of Mysteries (6.2442miles)

As its the Time turn event i can do these when ever i want with no date set! So i will be doing these some time now in December!



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