Review: T-burger Station – Rome

On saturday me and Alex had a date.

A real down to earth date! This was kind of a big deal to us!

It’s been two years and four months since we have had a real date. Time just by ourselves without Miss Peanut. Not that i have been counting honest.

I can’t believe i typed that with a straight face hahahaa!

A friend of ours babysat for us with her daughter. Yes we leapt at the chance.

Its got to the stage where we need Miss Peanut to be happy staying with other people. When september comes she needs to be used to it for school.

So suddenly we had two hours free on our hands! What the heck we’re we going to do? It’s been so long since we had time for just the two of us we had almost forgotten what it was like.

We decided to go out for lunch. There are certain places we have been wanting to try for ages, but never seem to have time to go. So now was the chance.

We chose T-burger station. As the title of the places refers to they serve burgers. American ones to be exact.


It was not a big place but had plenty of tables and chairs, which were almost all crowded by the time we got there. It reminded me a little of an american diner in some ways. I could see it was popular which made me even more happy to try it. I love burgers and always try them when i find a place serving them.


The choices we had were numerous, burgers, cheese burgers, burgers with cheese and egg! Chicken burger and even a veggie burger.

Also they had fries, potato wedges, onion rings, salads, pulled pork, hot dogs, more fried chicken, wraps and even desserts.(including cheese cake!!!)

Drinks consisted of water, pepsi, beer and even wine.

Even though we were toddler free i am always in parent mode. This is something i never seem to be able to switch off.

(You know its serious when you find yourself telling your friend’s eight year old to eat his yum yums, embarrassing i know.)

I noticed they did do a kids meal to! So if we liked the place Miss Peanut would have food to eat. (She loves burgers to.)

Alex of course went for the burger with bacon. He loves bacon in any shape or form so it only took him a second to decide.

I looked around and saw the advert for the burger of the week. It had loads of fried onions and with one glance i knew that was the one for me. I love onions in burgers almost as much as lots of ketchup.

Placing our orders we decided to go for the meal deal as it was only 2 euro more. This included our burgers, drinks and fries.

We also went large. When i say large i mean we went for the big burgers, 280 grams worth of meat.

So we spent around about 13.50 euros each, which isn’t bad for what we got.

Maybe we went over board but i don’t think either of us cared at that point. I kinda knew Alex didn’t when he also ordered a side of chicken strips. Yes we had freedom and we were going a little crazy!

Finding a seat in a corner we settled ourselves down. I was happy to see the condiments included Heinz ketchup, yellow mustard and a few other sauces.

We had been given one of those discs which light up and vibrate when your order is ready. Of course this was of endless amusement to Alex who had never seen one before. Yes the jokes did get a little silly.

It took a while for our food to come. I wasn’t really surprised as everything was being freshly cooked.

The flow of people in and out of the place was constant. This meant the food was good by Italian standards.

Being a blogger i like to take photos, especially of food. Alex knows this and i had told him i wanted a photo of his burger. But being a man as soon as the food appeared on the table any other thought left his head. He reverted to caveman.

Before i could set my phone on camera he had already taken a huge bite! I growled at him, but he just waved the burger around as i tried to snap a shot. So as you can see below they were not my best pics!




This as you can guess was slightly annoying! Ok it was already two pm and we were starving, but 30 more seconds would not have killed him. Apparently though a hungry Italian is not to be reckoned with.

Luckily i had no problems taking photos of my own food!


I really like the newspaper the food came half wrapped it. It kind of added to the experience and made it all a little different. The chips or french fries were nice and crispy. The chicken strips were tender and juicy and the white sauce was some kind of mayo but i was not sure.


The burger itself was HUGE! Seriously it was a handful and i knew we had let our child free moment go to our heads.

Alex had been nice enough to ask for mine well done. It’s something i have to do here or meat usually comes back pink in the middle.

I am not a pink person. Not for my meat anyway. And yes i will asked for it to be taken back and cooked a little more. So i was happy to find it cooked in the middle.

The first big bite and the meat just blew me away. It was sooo good and i soon felt my burger fix being met. The onions were perfect nice and soft. Yum!

I ended up leaving a little of my burger. It got to the stage i feared i might overdose on the deliciousness. It seriously was that good and one of the best burgers i have ever had. Even Alex could not manage all his food either!

No i couldn’t eat anything for the rest of the day i was so full!

This place is fantastic if your looking for a burger and worth a visit if your in Rome. It’s a bit different than other places, a little quirky and i loved it.

Will we go back? Hell yes!

And i realised while writing this blog post they deliver. This could be potentially dangerous on so many delicious levels. And i know we will end up ordering some takeaway madness from them at some point.

Its inevitable.

The website of this lovely place is below.

Cosmo Restaurant – Norwich – UK Trip

Here’s my review from October about a great place to eat in Norwich in Norfolk!

While we were visiting family in the UK in October i was really wanting to try a new place i had heard about.

Someone i know posted it on facebook and said this certain restaurant was really good. The food looked amazing and the place looked quite glitzy.

Me being me, i told my family about it and persuaded one of my sisters and my mother to try it out with me. The place is in Norwich. I love this town it’s a great place for shopping and places to eat.


The restaurant is called Cosmo and it serves pan asian and world banquet dining. It is also all you can eat! My family like buffet places especially when there’s a big family clan meeting. Everyone can get fed without to much being spent. Also the benefit of places like this people can eat what ever they want. We have picky eaters in our family and also a few vegetarians.

So when we all meet up we really need somewhere with a lot of choice. That way at least everyone is happy!

When we got there we ended up standing in a line for ten minutes. We managed to beearly and people were already waiting. Nanny did complain a little. She’s the type who likes to go straight in. Me and my sister managed to convince her it was worth the wait though.

Slowly we all filtered in when the doors opened. We had to leave Miss Peanut’s buggy down stairs as the actually restaurant was upstairs. This wasn’t to bad as there was a hostess down stairs letting people up, so i knew it would be safe.

Weighed down with our shopping bags and toddler in tow we went up the escalators (there is also a lift.)

The place is HUGE. Seriously i have never seen an all you can eat place as big as this.

As we were guided to our eats by yet another hostess, I eyed the food stations hungrily. They were not kidding when they said they had worldwide food.

My eyed roved over the sushi bar. I also saw signs for curries, rice, noodles!

The drinks we discovered were re-fillable if you had soft drinks! So we had diet sodas while Nanny had an orange juice.

Deciding it was best to go up one at a time Nanny went first. We always do this so there’s someone at our table guarding our bags.

Nanny always tends to start with soup and was soon back with a bowl of chicken and sweetcorn soup. Leaving her and Miss Peanut who was now in a high chair me and my sister went to have a look.

I prowled the aisles checking out what was under each covering. Sushi was a must. Although they didn’t have the biggest selection i have ever seen i was happy to get some. So that was what i started with.

My sister instead went a little over board with her plate! I don’t like doing this as it can mix the flavours up to much. I liked to know what i am tasting so i can go get more if its good or leave it if i don’t like it.


(My sister’s heaving plate of food)

Miss Peanut had some omelette, chips and pasta. She can be a fussy eater sometimes so i started her off with things she knew. She seemed quite happy with what she had which was a relief.

Once i was done with my sushi i went for some noodles and ribs.

11167656_10153724509158594_9220175775249498985_nThe ribs were AMAZING! Really good that i had to go back for more. All of us were impressed with what we were sampling. Living in Italy i have become a bit of a food snob. I admit this freely. Italian’s love their food so if they aren’t happy about it you know.

I tend to find myself now being critical about what i eat. That being said i did stay away from the Italian selection they were offering. Nothing i have tasted in the UK can compare with the food in Italy. Not when you live there.

So i was happy to stick with ribs, sushi, curries and chinese. Things i don’t always get to eat back in Rome.

As you can see from my next pic i moved onto more ribs and chicken korma with rice. My portions were small. I was pacing myself.



I had no wish to feel sick if i gorged. This could have happened easily enough as i miss this types of food and it was a big treat for me. My sister was feeling defeated and slightly queasy by her third big plate. She complained about her small belly suddenly being so big.

It was funny watching her sit there moaning and groaning in pain. Even Nanny pointed out she shouldn’t have gone so wild. My sister admitted though things looked so good every time she passed she couldn’t help but add it to her plate.

Luckily for me i didn’t have this problem. Me and Miss Peanut even had dessert. desserts where really really good! There was a fairly food cake selection, also icecream as well. I had the coconut cake. It was so soft and moist. yum!

After that we decided to walk off our big lunch. Miss Peanut was happy to get out and stretch her legs. My sister staggered along pushing the pushchair still complaining.

12039299_10153724508868594_8682362803332972553_nA few weeks later we went back with my Brother, his girlfriend and her dad!

Shes a vegetarian but had plenty to choose from in fact its now her favorite place. (My other sister and niece are also veggie eaters so i know they can be fussy times.) I had to admit i was worried about her finding something she liked until we got in there. Thankfully it was not a problem.

Her Dad had never tasted sushi before and loved his first taste! It was funny everyone sitting there and then saying how amazing something tasted. Everyone would then go to try it for themselves.

Miss Peanut had a whale of a time and loved the food. She was happy with pizza, pasta but also tried noodles, baked beans. She is obsessed with baked beans now. I am happy i can find them in certain places here in Rome now!


The waitress we had both times adored her. She kept coming up to chat to us and make sure everything was alright. Miss Peanut liked all the attention. Even now she’s sitting on the computer desk while i type pointing at the pics of her. (Crazy child.)

12189068_10153744450683594_1177099404177032993_nI am really happy that its a family friendly place. There was always a highchair ready for my girl. The staff were helpful and friendly. She was happy with the food and entertained with everything going on around her. They looked after our pushchair at there reception area both times. I knew then i didn’t have to spend the time worrying about it.

It looks like you get alot more to choose from at dinnertime as well and there’s already tons at lunch times. So on another trip i would love to go for dinner there. I know they do mexican food to in the evenings or some i am told.

They did dinners for Christmas as well as a buffet!

I know my brother and his girlfriend have been back quiet a few times. So has my sister and Nanny. Just last week Nanny dragged Grandad in there and now he likes it to! I have a feeling we will be going when we go for an early visit near Easter!


Potty Training begins

So i have started the year with trying to get Miss Peanut potty trained.

To be honest i have waited this long because i have been dreading it. Just the thought of her without a nappy scared the hell out of me.

What if she didn’t understand? What if she freaked out? The endless questions of what the heck she would do bare bummed! I have heard the horror stories and wasn’t looking forwards to it.

We’ve had the actual pink potty for about five months.


She has seen it and not really been interested with it. Up until now i haven’t shown her what its for either. It’s just sat in a corner of the bathroom lonely and unused.

My friend Jenny gave me a few books last weekend. Two were potty books for kids.

Peanut immediately fell in love with one of them. She studied the cartoons and got me to read it to her a few million times. After that it hasn’t been far from her since she got it on saturday.

Monday morning i was surprised when she bought me the book and her pink potty. The kid is two years and three months old! But as sharp as a tack when learning stuff.

I could tell she was telling me it was time. Potty training was going to have to start.

Swallowing my dread, we sat on the floor and looked at the book again together.

Then i showed her how to sit on it while fully dressed. I decided maybe that would be a start. She had fun doing that for a while. The she looked at both books again.


Then as kids do she got bored and moved onto playing. That was fine by me. I was happy to start in stages.

In the afternoon she was back at my side with the book.

I could not help but laugh. She was determined to get this done.

Nappy coming off this time she went straight to sit on her potty. She seemed content to just sit on it and watch tv. I found myself relaxing. How hard could this be?

I kept encouraging with saying ‘ lets peepee’ and ‘ are you going to poopoo’. She knows what both of these mean.

Every time she shadows me to the bathroom i tell her what i’m doing. So she’s picked that up quite quickly.

So after an hour she hadn’t done either. Going into the bathroom i pretend to have a peepee.

I realise my mistake straight away. Peanut decided she wanted to sit on the big toilet to. She wanted to be a big girl.

To avoid a temper tantrum i let her sit on it. I was kind of curious to see what she would do anyway.

We grinned at each other for a while. After ten minutes of her just sitting there and me holding her it started to get boring. My arms were hurting from holding her. I had visions of her falling down the hole. She wasn’t peeing or pooing.

So we decided to go back to the sitting room. When i say ‘we’ i mean me with a very grumpy toddler. I think she would have sat on the big toilet all night.

I know we are going to have to buy her one of those kiddie toilet seats on the weekend. At least that way my arms will be saved.

A few more times sitting on the potty she got bored again. Instead she thought chasing the cat around the flat bare bottomed was much more fun.


When it was time for the nappy back on she really didn’t want it. It took another ten minutes to convince her it was for the best.

This morning she’s back with the book and the potty.

It’s obvious this is not going to be forgotten or skipped. The child is determined.

So now i’m sitting here writing this with a bare bummed child dancing in the middle of the sitting room to music.

The pink potty is sitting beside her. The potty book is on the sofa.

Like yesterday we haven’t relieved ourselves yet. I keep glancing over waiting for a little accident and wondering if i should get the mop out ready. Quietly praying to the potty training gods to be merciful and let us conquer this quickly.

I’m hoping she will go straight for the potty when she needs to go. I doubt though that i’m going to be that lucky.

Other mum’s have told me it can take a few days, weeks or even months to get a toddler out of their nappies.

I’m just happy Miss Peanut seems keen to do it.

Hopefully by september she won’t need them. I know it’s a must for when she starts school in september.

I am keep keeping my fingers crossed.



Happy New year!

I know its 5 days since the new year started but hey Im now making the effort to blog.

If your reading this i hope you had an amazing Christmas and got everything you wanted. I also hope your New years eve was fantastic and fun. 🙂

Christmas we spent with friends. Miss Peanut had a blast she was so happy! She is now the proud owner of a ‘sunshine’ Care bear with a dvd which she loves from her Auntie Jess! She also had lots of Ben and Holly stuff from me and Alex and stickers.

We are in that phase where she is obsessed with stickers! We have them everywhere now! The tables, the cabinet the tv sits on, the tv itself! She stuck them even to me and the cat.

I got running stuff for Christmas, which is handy as i just started the ‘escape from the shire’ race. It’s of course a lord of the rings themed online race and is going to be set in stages across middle earth.

So the first one is 53 miles leaving the hobbits as the black riders chase you. The medal looks like the one ring and is very cool! Like the other long race i did (Road to Hogwarts) all the distances are recorded on the website then once i have completed the distance i receive my medal.

I am also supposed to be doing a 30 day running streak. That ermm has not gone to to well…i have only run once in four days due to a sick Alex and a little bit of laziness.

I know i really have to do better, but the cold and dark does not seem appealing right now. I will though motivate my butt out the door. I have to if i want the shiny shiny precious….i mean knew medal.

What i have been doing with my time is writing. As you can guess it’s not blog writing.

I have actually started to write stories. I do tend to get a little wrapped up in them.

My first story involves Paris, vampires, secret agents, a French arms dealer, techno mages and a bomb on the Eiffel tower. It’s romance, supernatural and lots of action. It’s quite a lot of fun coming up with the storyline and the interaction with my main characters.

So now you can see why i am a little distracted!

Ok New years resolutions:

  1. Blog more (i have been lazy and need to blog at least once a week again)
  2. Work on my stories and hopefully get them published on Amazon!
  3. Run more (My motivation is waning in the winter i need to get out there.)
  4. Enjoy my weekends more and go out(We need to spend more family time, in winter we just seem to stay in and i would like us to get out more)
  5. Do a few races. (I am not bothered if there online or real life races but i would like to do more)
  6. Cook more (I dont experiment enough anymore, everyone survive my cooking so i can start this again mawwhaaa)
I am sure i will think of some more at some point! We shall see.
I will be 39 years old this year! A very scary thought, especially as i still feel like i am twenty something! It’s funny how things sometimes seem to pass you by in a blink of an eye isn’t it?
Suddenly you start thinking of all the things you still want to do and haven’t done yet!


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