Taking a break from Blogging

I haven’t posted in a few weeks.

Truth be told i haven’t really had time. We had two weeks of sickness from Alex and Miss Peanut, so that was a handful in itself. I have kept up with my walking through and 365 days of fitness. I haven’t posted all the pics on Instagram yet, just no time but i will.

I will also try at least to keep going with that on there.

The other reason I plan to stop blogging for a while is because i am starting to make a dream come to.

My writing.

I have been doing it for months and quietly making friends online with other writers/authors and learning how to become an author myself.

I have a book hopefully being publish end of August under a pen name and i have decided to put all my energy and time into that.

I am learning so much and growing as a writer. Yes i am very excited about this and i can’t wait. Honestly i did not realize how much you need to know!

Writing, Beta readers, editing, formatting, cover art, promoting, Author page, and the list goes on! But i am very very lucky to have found some friends and people in the same boat as me and learning as we go.

I am also very lucky to have a really good friend who is an editor and who is helping me out and doing an amazing job at it!

So yes i am very busy.

But i am feeling positive about it all and i have only had small bouts of depression. I am finding being focused and being creative is helping. It makes me feel productive and happy. It’s what i needed to feel like me again. To find myself again.

This is something i really think i needed.

Having said that i have been blogging here for quite a while and will no doubt come back to post and blog. When that will be i cannot say. But i am more that sure i will.

So for now this is Run Brit Chick Run signing off….





Great Yarmouth Sealife Centre UK – Review

Last year we took Miss Peanut to the SeaLife Centre in Hunstanston. Although she couldn’t walk at the time she really enjoyed the experience. The Whole place had been rebuilt after a huge storm last May destroyed the place.

So this May we decided to take Miss Peanut to the SeaLife Centre in Great Yarmouth which we had been told was a much bigger place.

It was a little confusing on the drive there as we didn’t sea any signs for the place and in the end had to ask for directions. We ended up parking along the sea front near the pleasure beach area and walking along past all the shops and rides.

The SeaLife Centre was one of the buildings we found as we followed the stretch of beach and shops. This was my first time to Great Yarmouth so i wasn’t to sure what to expect.

A queue was already forming and it was quite busy as it was half term and all the kids were off school. It cost us around £40 – £50 to get inside as she didn’t have a coupon this time. (which we did for the other place).

Our hands were all stamped and as we were ushered inside we had to sit on a bench and have our photos taken. The women explained we could buy the photos at the end if we wanted them.

Miss Peanut who of course is walking walked straight up to the huge first tank of fish not quite sure what to make of them.



She seem fascinated as they swam round and round and she liked the soft lighting of the room. As we moved into the next area which was a tunnel it became very dark and she actually got quite scared and wanted to be carried.

Even Grandad commented that the corridors here were much darker than the other SeaLife centre we had visited.

The next area was even darker as the creatures in the tanks were glowing as they were jellyfish and under special lighting. They were absolutely beautiful to look at as they moved slowly about.




The next room had a door leading outside to the penguin pen and we decided to give Miss Peanut a break from all the darkness.

The pengiuns were so cute and one kept coming close to the glass and tapping on it with its beak right next to us. I was a little disappointed at how much the glass was scratched and thought they could have done a better job to clean it as i couldn’t get the best photo’s.



After watching the pengiun’s frolick around in the water for a while we decided to head back inside and see some more fish.

I had to laugh at one of the tank displays as it had a toilet inside and a rubber duck!


It was getting busier with more kids and parents as we headed to the next area. Here they were showing off some of the friendly sealife creatures. I was asked to put my hand in a swallow pool and a large shrimp swam over onto my fingers.

I was told it would clean all the bacteria of my hand if i stayed still. It felt very strange, my fingers were tingling in a strange way. It was slightly ticklish almost bordering on painful. The shrimp was quite intent and it took all my will power not to snatch my hand back.


My fingers still tingled even after we had left the pool and were still walking around.

Miss Peanut was still getting upset about the dark corridors and we took turns carrying her when needed as we had left the stroller in the car.

Alot of the tanks were smeared with little hand prints or just dirty which we all found a little disappointing when trying to see the different fish.




The main tank of the place was in the middle of the building and again i was a little disappointed. It didn’t seem as good as the other place but maybe that was because the other SeaLife Centre had been rebuilt. I also don’t think they had as many fish, sharks etc inside.




Miss Peanut didn’t seem very impressed and even needed a hug from Grandma while we watched the fish.

She was more than happy when we moved and even got down and walked holding my hand.

Again Grandad commented on the chocolately smudge marks on alot of the tanks. But i did point out we had come at half term so the kids were bound to leave lots of marks!

We enjoyed seeing the different types of star fish and Miss Peanut would stop at each tank and gaze up at them and touch the glass.





I liked a little flat fish who had very human features when it settled on the glass infront of me. It was strange but cute in a way.


The reptile area i really liked as the tanks were more open and you could see the creatures more clearly.




Grandad even spotted one of the turtles in distress on its back! When we found one of the SeaLife people we told them what we had seen and hoped they would help.

As we rounded another area we realised we had come to the end. We had been told by others that the place was much larger than the other one but in truth i felt it was smaller.

We were offered the photos of ourselves from the begining at a price but we decided not to both with them. We emerged into the gift shop and resutrant but decided to head outside.

In the end for lunch we found a lovely fish and chips place next to the beach.

All in all i think we were all disappointed with our trip to Great Yarmouth Sealife centre. I guess we had been spoilt with the visit to the one in Hunstanton and expected much more than we saw.

We all agreed in the end if Miss Peanut wanted to go to a Sealife centre in the future than we would stick to the one in Hunstanton.

But i would like to visit Great Yarmouth again as i really enjoyed the beach, pleasure beach rides and shops. Miss Peanut enjoyed walking around the town and i even found a wonderful second handbook stall in the market!


Race for Life Norwich – Miss Peanut’s first race!

Me and Miss Peanut have been in the UK for 5 weeks visiting family. I decided not to blog while i was there to just enjoy the holiday and have fun. The 5th week wasn’t planned but we both came down with a nasty virus end of the 4th week so had to extend our stay.

While i was there i had planned to do my first Obstacle course race (OCR) Insane Terrian. I had prepared hard for it doing weights and running. I was even running solidly the first 2 weeks i was in the UK with my sister almost every day.

As the weekend of the race approached both my Dad and Brother came down with a nasty virus making them very sick  (yes its the same virus we ended up catching!) . It was so bad they couldn’t leave their houses (they work away from home) and left them weak for 5 days afterwards.

Because my Dad was the one taking me to my OCR race and couldn’t come home i had to cancel going because i just couldn’t get there without him. The race was in Suffolk and i was in Norfolk with no transport to get there. I was extremely disappointed as i had been building up to this race for months 😦

One of my sister’s was doing the Race for Life 5km race the same day and asked if i wanted to join her. It wasn’t the same as an Obstacle race but it was better than doing nothing at all! Plus Miss Peanut would get to come along.

The race for life 5km was held at Norwich showground and as we arrived we could see all the other ladies ready to take part. The weather was nice but cloudy although rain had been forcast for the afternoon.

My Sister was doing the race with a friend from her work and a Group of co-workers. All i could see was a wave of pink where ever i looked and as we approached the start line i could really feel the excited buzz.

(photo me and my sisters friend) 11049598_10153344334183594_5968755500367581673_n Even Miss Peanut was getting excited dancing to the music as the warm up exercises began. 11049598_10153344334808594_8940851807441240456_n 1528457_10153344334253594_3098123861580203412_n First the runners were called to the front of the line, then the slower joggers so we moved with them and then last the walkers.

As the start horn sounded we all moved forwards as one to the cheer of the crowd who were watching. It was a little bit of a mess as some runners tried to push forwards then people who suddenly decided to walk stopped running. But after about 5 minutes everyone had found their own pace and we could all move more comfortably.

My sister who is now quite a fast runner after running for over a year was pushing Miss Peanut’s stroller as she ran. Miss Peanut in question was having a whale of a time laughing and putting her hands out wanting to go faster. 11295873_10153344334998594_6244090727007283949_n 11263101_10153344335068594_7372796634880508304_n I stuck with my sister’s friend and we ran slowly with bursts of speed when we wanted to catch up with them. There were quite a few other ladies running with small children and buggies i noticed. And everyone was talking to eachother giving encouragement and having a laugh.

It was a little harder going on some of the grassy areas with the stroller when it was my turn to push but we managed. It was a nice mix of terrians including grass, stones, concrete path, flat areas and hills.

We were all happy when we reached the 3km mark knowing we only had another 2km’s to go until the finish line. 11112878_10153344335363594_2085337726063800208_n 11138072_10153344335243594_2568648600366243979_n At this point we all started to push a little harder as we just wanted to get across the finish line. My Sister was pushing Miss Peanut again and i encouraged her to run fast and finish. But she decided to stick with us wanting to cross all togeather which we finally did 🙂

Miss Peanut ended up being the 3rd child in a stroller across the finish line! 🙂 Which wasn’t bad for her first ever race and im really proud of.

In the end the day was alot of fun even though i missed my other race and i am more than happy that i got to do a race with my daughter for the first time. 🙂

She even got her own medal which i am keeping for her so she will have it when shes bigger and hopefully runs some more races with me one day. As for the OCR races?

Well there’s still plenty of them to do when we visit the UK in October which my sister has said she might do with me! 😉 10731184_10153411530358594_5395386336152885069_n

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