365 Days of Fitness – Week Nine

Day 57 Mon 11th Apr – I am trying to keep my positive vibe going. All the sunny weather is helping. It’s so much warmer and brighter here than it was in the UK.

I take Miss Peanut out in the morning. We do our usual rounds. In the corner shop she is chatting away which surprises the people we know there. Usually she’s quiet and shy. She even runs up to Mauro and smiles at him taking offered pizza. He is over the moon as he always thinks that she doesn’t like him.

I think she was just shy before and didn’t have so much interaction with other people. In the UK she was swamped with it.

By the afternoon we are both knackered. I think we are still tired from the traveling. I get a little writing done. Then I chat to a friend on facebook.

I find out we lost a facebook friend the day before. Gil. He always posted lovely comments on my blog or comments on photos of Miss Peanut.

I get teary-eyed. I am going to miss the old guy. Even though I didn’t know him physically he was always a ray of positivity and happiness.

By the time Alex gets home I am too tired to run. The kid is also a little clingy. She has been asking where Papa /Daddy is all day. It’s a long day for both of us.

So I just stick with the walk I did in the morning as exercise.


Day 58 Tue 12th Apr – This morning is the visit to the nursery. I am anxious. We still don’t know the cost or if Miss Peanut will like it. The place isn’t far. The spring-like early morning walk fills me with hope that this is all going to go well.

The place is an old Villa with gates and buzzers to get. I like it on sight. The kid likes it to as she gets all excited.

As soon as we get in she squeals with delight seeing the other kids and toys. Then she’s off into the playroom. She only looks back a few times to check we are still there.

The owner is a Grandmother type. She is really nice and understanding. Alex and the lady chat about everything. Me I sit looking around and liking the place even more. It feels nice. Child friendly and has a good vibe.

We are shown around. Everything is child-friendly and cheerful.

Miss Peanut is having so much fun. I can hear her happy laugh from the other room. Eventually she does come looking for us. She wants me to play with her to.

The lady explains I should stand by the playroom door and not go in. This way the kid can see I am still there but will understand I won’t go in.

We agree to start Peanut at the nursery. She loves it and we are both happy. We all agree that she can start the following Monday.

It’s time to leave but the kid doesn’t want to go. She wants the toys she had found. Then realising we are leaving she cries and throws herself on the floor.

I sit and hug her fiercely, all the time whispering and promising she will start on Monday. That she will play and make friends. That I know she wants to go to this place.

Eventually she calms and says ‘bye bye’ to everyone. She is happy again. We walk back home talking about what we have learned. The place is not cheap but we want to do this for our little girl.

Even in September she doesn’t have to go the whole day apparently. She can stay until 1pm. This way it is a little cheaper than having her stay the whole day.

This makes me happy. I want time with her. I want to keep learning English with me and playing games etc and having snuggles.

I am lazy and stick to just a walk. We are also eating the stash of chocolate Grandma sent us home with. Not good for my waist line. But it tastes so good.


Day 59 Wed 13th Apr – I know i have been lazy. Today i manage a 1 mile run. It is better than nothing. It’s still light outside when i go. It means more people in my way. It makes me wonder if winter running is better. Less people to fall over and trip over.


Day 60 Thur 14th Apr – I keep forgetting to blog. I guess it’s not a great loss. I don’t need to write every thought in my head down here. My writing is going well. My third story is flowing from my fingertips through the keys of my little laptop. It’s just having the time to write which is the problem. Sometimes I end up just scribbling notes in my notebook when I am playing with Miss Peanut or if we are out. Sometimes stuff comes to me in the night and I have to get up and write them down quick. I am still passionate about my writing. The world in my mind and my characters are clamouring to get out.

Sometimes Alex point’s out I am mumbling to myself. This is me just reading my words out loud. I am not a crazy person. Well ok. I am a crazy to a certain level. I think everyone is one way or another. What is really normal in this day and age?

The kid is a little clingy today, so it’s just a walk.


Day 61 Fri 15th Apr – My monthly cycle had started. It makes me more sensitive than normal. It’s the end of the first week and my anxiety is back full force. I feel like I want to crawl out of my own skin.

Alex tells me to smile when he leaves for work. I can barely turn my lips up in a semblance of one. I don’t smile here as much as I do in the UK. I don’t feel carefree.

I feel lonely again. There’s no one to talk to. Don’t get me wrong I have people to talk to on facebook messenger. There’s even Alex on skype chat.

No I mean someone physically here, someone to have a laugh with, chat with. Connect with.

I have gone from three weeks of busyness, noise, and people to me just talking to Miss Peanut.

I am so wound up I feel like I might be sick.

I take the kid to the park hoping some air and activity will help.

It does. We see some other kids. She’s happy playing with them and we enjoy the warmth on the sun. Closing my eyes i soak it up. We just need to keep busy. This will help i am sure. All i can hope it that i am right.

I feel better by the time we go home. We spend two hours in the park. We both enjoy it.

Alex takes us out to the beer garden for dinner. It’s like old times. We all have fun. It’s what we all need. I feel myself relax.


Day 62 Sat 16th Apr – We are busy today getting things for Miss Peanut for nursery. We go shopping to get the non-slip socks she needs.

It’s a good morning. Me and Alex talk seriously about some issues. He knows I am still unhappy and on the verge of wanting to go back to the UK. Instead we talk about our fears and why things aren’t moving forward as they should.

We both thing nursery is going to help. I will have some much needed breathing space. It’s a start. We agree to take other things forwards from there. We shall see how it all goes.

The day is a good one. Alex is still more attentive than normal. He barely touches his online game. Miss Peanut adores it. She wants to play with him constantly or making him lay on the bed with her. She’s happy giggling and laughing. We feel more like a unit than individuals coping with a toddler.

just another walk today.


365 Days of Fitness – Week Four

Day 22 Sun 6th Mar – Tired this morning. I did a lot yesterday and am still recovering. We have a quiet morning. Lunch time we go for a walk and out to eat.

I am tired and strangely feeling down. I don’t know why. It’s just there hovering over me like a dark cloud. I have noticed that if I have a fantastic high day it always seems followed by a low the next day.

While we are out having lunch at a place we eat, I get lost in thought. I get sucked in to thinking about my writing.

I have two friends reading my first finished one. I want to know what they think. I have self-doubt. What if they think they are crap? What if they say I write badly? I have already warned them about my commas or lack of knowing where they go. I was dyslexic at school.

I struggled with spelling words for a long time. Through reading I managed to memorize what the words look like and how to spell them. I still have trouble sometimes when words don’t write how they sound. ‘Suggest’ was always a word I struggled with because it always sounded like it should have an ‘r’ in it somewhere.

Through my love of books and reading I managed to learn the correct way to spell it. I think this is why I struggle with learning to read Italian. I can’t sound the words.

I know my stories might not be for everyone. People like different type of books that’s natural. I know I will have to take criticism and I can and I will.

My fear is they won’t like my storyline.

I can feel my thoughts spiralling down. Alex notices and starts talking to me about my stories.

He knows all about them. He uses them as a way to get my talking and happy. I have talked to him about them none stop. He likes the ideas behind them.

Alex is the kind of man who tells you how it is. I know if they were crap he would tell me. He is insistent they are good.

We talk about publishing one. I want to. I really do, it’s a dream. The more I write about these characters the more they grow in substance. They are living and breathing in my imagination. They in a way are different aspects of me, I guess.

I want to bring their stories to others. I want to set them free in the world, into other people’s imaginations.

My emotions are up again. The rest of the day passes with me food shopping and unpacking and doing all the other Sunday’s bits and pieces.

At 6pm I go out and run 2.25 miles. It’s very slow. My legs still ache from the walking yesterday. I also still have back aching from doing the planks. It’s still a good run though.


Day 23 Mon 7th Mar – It’s Monday. The beginning of the week always feels like its stretching out in front of me. It seems long and never ending.

Today Miss Peanut decides to be a model. She wants to put on different clothes every five minutes. It’s cute. She growing and I have been encouraging her to choose her own clothes and toys since she was born.

I am feeling positive again. I have been thinking a lot and writing down story ideas. It’s all good. The genre I am writing in is a popular one. There will be someone out there who likes my stories. If not then that’s fine. I am writing because I love to and that’s all that really matters in the end. My happiness to do so.

A friend online suggests a different type of plank that won’t hurt my back. I will give it ago when it finally stops hurting. At the moment I seem happy just to run.

The day seems to go quickly which is nice for once, usually they drag.

In the evening I go run 1.15 miles. It’s a good run I feel strong and I am happy. I even smile for my photo this time. I wish i didn’t have manic eyes in the photo lol


Day 24 Tue 8th Mar – Alex’s friend who does my back comes over. He’s here to crack me into place and help my ache. He is a nice guy but seems shy.

I tend to have a habit of looking people exactly in the eyes when I talk to them. This seems to make some people shy. He is one of these people.

He cracks and twists me a few times. It strange both exhilarating and frightening. Feeling and hearing the cracking is strangely nice. It never hurts just sounds scary. I can feel the strength in his body. He’s a big guy.

I don’t mean fat, but muscular. It wouldn’t take much for him to snap me in half. It’s a funny little thrill for me placing myself in the hands of someone else with trust.

He’s always gentle with me even when the positions become a little uncomfortable.

He says he can feel I am running again. My muscles feel more fluid. This makes me happy. He says the running is the best thing for me.

I know this already. I am not going to stop. I enjoy it too much now.

Everyone leaves and it’s me and Peanut alone again. She’s obsessed with putting different Peppa pig dvd’s on every five minutes. It’s raining we aren’t going out.

Another face book friend messages me. She follows my blog and has been catching up. She says I was describing her feelings over a year ago. Like me she has suffered from depression since becoming a Mum.

She tells me she had read a lot of surveys and apparently peoples happiness decrease when they become parents. I can believe this is true.

Suddenly you aren’t free anymore. You’re responsible for a small person who can’t take care of themselves. It fills every waking hour and even when you sleep. You eat, breathe and sleep it.

It’s easy to lose your identity in being MUM.

Like me she doesn’t have family close. You feel trapped and without any help. It can be a struggle.

She tells me she made a list of how she was and how she wanted to be. It’s sent to me. I am curious and read it through.

A few points jarringly stick out. She mentions how depression affects those around us to.

It hits me then like a fucking lightning bolt to the head. My darkness, my depression is affecting Miss Peanut to.

It gets the cogs turning. Am I being a bad mother? Maybe I am. God knows I try to do stuff with her and sometimes it’s a struggle to get myself motivated.

This little person, my daughter is looking up at me as a role model. Am I failing her? I don’t know what to think. I know I do tend to over think things, more than ever now when being depressed.

I want to be happy and healthy for her. I want to be a fun Mum. Someone the kid wants to spend time with.

I run two miles. It’s a good run. I am getting faster slowly and feeling stronger.

The whole time I am thinking everything I have learned through. I need to do better. The kid needs me. I have to try harder to be what she needs.

No more wallowing in depression. I have to get over this pity party.


Day 25 Wed 9th Mar – I endeavour to spend more time amusing Miss Peanut today. We break out the paints and paper. She hasn’t played with paint before. I have always stuck with crayons.

Yes I know it’s lazy. It’s just easier and I don’t have Alex freaking out that there’s paint everywhere. Even after 2 and half years he still struggles with the mess a child makes.

I am not sure he will ever be comfortable with it.

Miss Peanut loves it. I teach her how to wet the brush, put it in the colours then paint. She’s a fast learner. Soon she’s painting away like a pro.

It’s fun. We both enjoy it.

I am more attentive to her than usual. We play and sing songs. It leaves me feeling very positive. Maybe I don’t suck at being a mother after all.

By 3pm the day is dragging for both of us. It’s raining so we don’t go out. She brings me the phone and wants to phone Grandma.

We can’t get through because there something wrong with the line. She runs to the computer and gestures to skype. We can’t do that either. Grandma doesn’t know how to do it alone and Aunty Rachel is out.

Peanut cries. She sobs her little heart out. I feel awful. She is desperate for contact with others. I am obviously not enough. I can understand that to.

After some messaging, Aunty Rachel skypes us. She’s at her boyfriends. I haven’t met him but he seems like a lovely guy.

The kid is so happy and over excited! It makes her afternoon.

By the time Alex gets home at 7pm I just want to go run. It’s my time to breathe. Just me and outside with my music playing. I am really enjoying it and don’t want to stop.

By 7.28pm I finally get outside. I hate waiting for Alex to be ready to let me get out.

I have a lovely 1.50 mile run. I enjoy it so much.

I wanted to do more but Alex is going out to see friends tonight. I don’t have time. It’s already late and I have to cook dinner before he goes. I content myself with the short run. People in my building think i am a little crazy. Guess there not far out on that. I end up smirking as i take my photo as the woman who lives next door to us is talking to me.


Day 26 Thur 10th Mar – Tired this morning. Peanut woke me up about a million times last night. I am quiet and subdued. Alex doesn’t seem to grasp this.

He is annoying. I don’t feel like doing much today. All I want to do is go back to bed or curl up and read quietly. Neither happens.

I play with Peanut. Eventually she leaves me to play alone. She tugs out all her toys. There strewn across the sitting room floor. I can barely see the ground beneath. I am too tired to put them away. She will just pull them back out again anyway. So it will be done just before Alex gets home.

I have writers block in the morning. By her nap time I have some ideas to write down.

Afternoon and I am feeling happier. I am designing a Steampunk costume. I want to wear it at the next festival here in Rome in sept. I have the dress, goggles, gloves and hat.

The other bits I need I will search for in the UK. Just 9 days now until our trip and I can’t wait. I am going home. This knowledge makes me happy.

We talk to Grandma and Aunty Rachel for a while on skype. This makes the kid happy. I can’t wait for her to see them. She gets sad every time we end the skype conversations.

I have decided to do more things to make myself happy and please myself. I don’t think this is being selfish. I am just meeting needs and wants I have.

Things like my exercises. I also want to get a new tattoo at some point. Do things that are important to me whenever I have spare time. If I find spare time.

My run tonight is 2.25 miles. It’s raining a little and there’s a biting cold. Not many people have ventured out. I am only one of four runners to brave the weather.

I have to go slow because the ground is slippery. Never the less I get my run done. I am happy with the results. My running is giving me an inner peace. I need the calm it brings now, the time to think.

I chat on Facebook to a mum expat friend. It makes me smile and I go to bed happy.


Day 27 Fri 11th Mar – Today i spend more time playing with Peanut. More painting. She loves it a lot. We sing to her favorite sings. I talk to her as i always do chatting away. She talks back in baby chat. Somethings sound like words but there not clear. She watches me as i say the correct name to things but she likes to call everything ‘apple’ or ‘ Peppa’ her to favorite words.

1 mile and half tonight.

There are too many dog walkers. Don’t get me wrong I love dogs. It’s there owners I hate here.

They stand all spread out on the path chatting in a group. There dogs are either free to roam or on the leads as far as they can go. You can’t get past. They are everywhere and in the way.

It’s so rude and they don’t seem to care. I end up growling under my breath a million times at them. I hate their rudeness.

The run goes well and I am happy with it.


Day 28 Sat 12th Mar – We are going to Miss Peanut’s favourite place today. The little Mall. It’s the last weekend before me and the Kid go to the UK for 3 weeks. I can’t wait! It’s my high point that’s keeping me focused at the moment.

Today I notice changes in my body. I have lost weight on my hips and tummy. My face looks a little thinner to. They aren’t chances other people would really see I don’t think. Not unless I was naked.

As I live in this body, under this skin, it’s easier for me to see them. I am happy my getting fit and stronger is working. I like the changes in my body. I want to get back down to a size 10.

I have only been that size once. It was when I got married and before Peanut was born. I felt comfortable that size and happy in myself. I want that again.

I am toying with 30 day progress pics, but we will see. I think seeing the difference and having them as a reminder will help if my motivation lags at any time.

We all have fun at the Mall. Peanut plays with other kids and runs around with the biggest smile on her face. I am glad it’s made her happy.

I’m getting more excited about our trip and can’t wait to start packing even though it’s still a week away.

My run today is just 1 mile. It’s a good run I do it fast and feel happy after.



365 Days of Happy – Days 301 to 330

Im almost at the end of the 365 days of happy challenge and im stil going strong!

Day 301 laughing so much at Miss Peanut’s crazy crisp eating skills!


Day 302 thank goodness for this today as shes teething badly.


Day 303 last cuddles tonight before we head off to the UK for 4 weeks without Daddy


Day 304 first evening back in the UK & its chinese takeaway for dinner yum!!


Day 305 nap time!


Day 306 one of my running partners and he’s ready to go!


Day 307 bought some new second hand books to read 🙂 i love a good romance!


Day 308 a trip to Cromer for the day we loved the beach and shops there 🙂


Day 309 loving my new hat!


Day 310 OMG i love this new chocolate! (i sneaked 3 bars back in my case lol)


Day 311 all you can eat chinese buffet in Bury St Edmunds with the Whole family 🙂


Day 312 sunday morning carboot sale is Always fun.


Day 313 running in my new running trainers for the first time


Day 314 cute new necklace in the style of a Russian doll with a smaller one inside!


Day 315 feeding the swans and ducks with Miss Peanut & Grandma.


Day 316 an afternoon in Diss shopping.


Day 317 got some good offers on number 7 in boots today and even had a mini makeover from the lady on the counter 🙂


Day 318 new hat and I love it!


Day 319 Miss Peanut’s first race! Race for life Norwich 5km!!


Day 320 hot cross bun!


Day 321 found Miss Peanut a Peppa pig onsie in a charity shop!


Day 322 behind the scenes of Miss Peanut’s photo shoot with my Sister 🙂


Day 323 fell in love with this cat mask in Norwich today while shopping will be good for Halloween!


Day 324 saw a little white heron on our walk today!


Day 325 new top for the summer 🙂


Day 326 roast pork for dinner! yum!! ( i miss roast dinners alot in Italy)


Day 327 first season of Penny Dreadful now all mine! Mawwhhaa!


Day 328 Miss Peanut’s first time on the whirling tea cup ride in Great Yarmouth! She loved it! We were both very dizzy when we got off.


Day 329 Miss Peanut meets the cold north sea! And tries to go for a swim! (she kept walking in and wouldn’t stop lol)


Day 330 Grandad’s special as he calls it! Toast, bacon, poached eggs lunch 🙂 it was soo good!


35 days left to go and my quest for taking happy photos once a day will be at an end! 🙂

365 Days of Happy – Days 31 to 60

Day 31 – new workout tops and what they says is true! 🙂


Day 32 Gelato at the local Gelateria!


Day 33 prosciutto and stracchino sandwich yum!


Day 34 family watching the wrestling every tuesday evening! We love it!


Day 35 Beer-a-misu! which has guinness inside at our local Irish pub!


Day 36 Peanut in her first ever dress 🙂 A gift from her Aunty Anita.


Day 37 New weights both 7kgs for my weights workout.


Day 38 Trapizzino from our local pizza place! sooo good!


Day 39 Finding a beautiful fresco on the back of a local Church.


Day 40 A gift for Peanut from one of the old ladies we Always talk to in the park. She knitted the teddy bear especially just for little Peanut! We love it!


Day 41 After dinner biscuits Alex sneakily bought home with him!


Day 42 Peanut practising her standing in the park playground shes obsessed with the 3 wheeled bikes there people leave for the kids to play with! Love my playground 🙂


Day 43 trying a Palestinian dish called Maqluba for lunch it was really good!


Day 44 Chinese dinner out at a friends house this evening we had a lovely time 🙂


Day 45 In the Pub again! Love coming to the local Irish pub especially as its all different now including the food.


Day 46 Deciding what to wear on my evening out for the next day.


Day 47 a night out on the river Tevere with Rivertracks


Day 48 finding these English crisps in the local Italian supermarket and of course buying some.


Day 49 these crisps are Amazing!! so good with a cup of tea! yum!!


Day 50 I binned all my old makeup which i had a lot of and decided to go simplistic with just a mascara and lip gloss! 🙂 Basic is better.


Day 51 at the sports centre we found sorting out parent and baby swimming lessons for Peanut after our visit to the UK in October.


Day 52 watching the New episodes of Dr Who on my phone 😉


Day 53 the Bus driver let Peanut it in his seat! I don’t think they would do this anywhere else in the world apart from Italy lol She wasn’t to sure though when he said she could drive the bus lol


Day 54 lovely clean new White plates i bought which are lovely for taking food photos on for Instagram and my blog!


Day 55 my new favorite snack brown bread with ricotta and honey! Its so good and my favorite for mid-morning.


Day 56 meeting up with Diana another expat here in Rome and having these amazing pancakes at Bakery House all at the same time! 😉


Day 57 a little bit of home for lunch today! lovely Beans on toast with butter! yum!!


Day 58 getting my blog post about our trip to Sovana Tuscany published on the Sovanablog website which was quite exciting! 😀


Day 59 cheapo new shoes i bought off the Market there so comfortable 🙂 love the colour and they will be good for whats left of the summer and then next summer to!


Day 60 having lunch at a friends house eating their homemade lasagna and enjoying a relaxing sunday afternoon 🙂


60 days already done and over and just another 305 days to go! 🙂 Can you post a photo of something that makes you happy for 365 days? (1 year) Im giving anyone who reads this the challenge! 🙂

A night with Rome River Tracks!

A few weeks ago i recieved a lovely message on my blog Facebook page from a fan who invited me to take part in an evening on the tevere river here in Rome with River Tracks.

His name is Domenico also an Expat here in Rome and last year he and his girlfriend Simona started an event here in Rome called Rome Tram Tracks! And just recently this summer they started River Tracks.

“These are evening excursions around the city with an aperi/cena, unlimited wine and a live concert (rock / pop, not too heavy / not too soft , Italian / American ” He told me.

I have to admit i was quite excited and intrigued at the prospect to experience a night on the river with them and see for myself what the evening would hold.

So yesterday evening me and my friend Angela headed to the meeting point for the boat along the banks of the river near isola tiberina.

The banks of the river were full of people enjoying the summer markets which stretch along for what seems like miles. You can buy many things here including food, clothes, bags, jewellery, etc and is something fun to do i the summer months.

It wasn’t to difficult to find the hostess who handed us our tickets before we waited with other excited passengers for the boat to arrive. There were a mix of Italians and expats and even a couple with a 6 month old baby which made me think that perhaps my Peanut would have enjoyed the adventure to.


The boat was a little late in arriving but it gave people who were late time to arrive and get their tickets.

You knew the moment the boat was coming as you could hear the music playing and see the people waving and smiling as the boat began to dock.

We were greeted very warmly before being ushered into the boat where tables were laden with cold food for us to eat. I loved the touch of the record name place setting telling us where to sit, something we were told we were allowed to keep. It really did feel like a party atmosphere from the moment you stepped onto the boat and you couldn’t help but smile and get in the spirit.


The food was pretty nice, starting with a cold pasta with pesto and a selection of cheese, a type of quiche, little rolls, prosciutto and a few other things. It didn’t make you feel to full but was enough to keep you satisfied for the evening ahead.




This is when the wine began to be poured into glasses and you had a choice of red, white and also water.

I noticed right away that your glass was topped up quite quickly as the music began and they began to sing a mix of English and Italian songs.

I have to say when a song popped up that you knew and this was pretty much all the time you couldn’t help but sing along to.

And you were encouraged to sing along as you ate your meal as the hostesses continued to refill glasses and dance their way along the boat.




I have never been on the river tevere before so it was very exciting also to watch outside the window as we began our journey.

I also liked the fact they told us they couldn’t be to loud until we passed the hospital on the isola tiberina which didnt take more than 5 minutes.

Once the food was eaten we were invited to go above onto the upper deck if we wanted to where the guitar player was standing and enjoy the view.

I did have to say ‘wow’ once i made my way up there with the river stretching out before me as another song began with the party, happy atmosphere overflowing. There were some incredible views from the boat and of course i had my camera with me for just such an occasion.









The singer followed us up onto the deck singing the whole time as people began to dance, chat, drink and take in the amazing views. It did get quite busy up there but there were plenty of benches to sit down on and the slight way of the boat you didn’t really notice.

We past the markets on the river banks leaving them far behind, with people occasionally waving to us from bridges and the bank. Soon we were passing San Pietro, until we could see Castel Sant’ Angelo on our left.

Here the boat docked as the singer and dancers made their way onto the bank to have a boogie and invite us to join them and join in!


Quite a few people got off to dance while me and my friend had a dance on the deck of the boat as onlookers from the road and banks watched. The music and the boat was attracting a lot of attention from passing people and others on the bank.

But you felt so swept away with the music and atmosphere you didn’t care who was looking as you boogied away.

Then it was back on the boat to dance and sing some more as the boat began to move again and the wine glasses were refilled!






The fun was never ending as more songs were sang and everyone joined in as they took photos and selfies as the sun began to go down.

It was even more magical as the lights everywhere started to come on and brighten the gathering darkness as we headed back up the river the way we had come.








We could see the lights of the market and knew our time on this wonderful evening had almost finished so it was time for a few photos of the lights and a quick selfie.



I headed back down stairs to the band to take some quick photos while everyone was standing above and in the process got another lovely photo of the singer! My friend Angela danced all the way down the boat as she was stil enjoying the evening so much.




Then it was time to disembark and lots of warm farewells from everyone as we left it felt like you were leaving an evening with friends. I loved the little badge we were given as well as a souvenir of the evening.

I really enjoyed the evening and it was a pleasure to have such an amazing adventure that we were still buzzing from the night on the way home. Huge smiles on our faces and a real feeling of fun and enjoyment from both me and my friend.

I even stopped to take another quick photo of the night market as we crossed the bridge.



If you want a really fun and unique evening out in Rome this is the one for you!

I can be quite a shy person but this River Tracks evening had me singing and dancing and really enjoying the whole evening. Everyone was friendly and it did really feel like an evening with good friends and a magical way to see and experience the river Tevere here in Rome.

I would recommend this excursion to anyone who wants something a bit different and who wants alot of fun, wine and song!

If your interested in an evening out with them you can book on the Tramtracks website: http://www.rometramtracks.com

Im quite tempted now to persuade Alex that we need a night out experiencing their other evening out called Tramtracks and see if he will book some tickets!

(Tram Tracks is on a historic Roman Tram and drives past many of the city’s most beautiful sites – San Giovanni, Terme di Caracalla and a 15 minute stop for dancing and selfies in front of the Colosseo).



An afternoon wandering Pitigliano in Tuscany

Pitigliano is a beautiful medival town sitting upon a plateau the same rock that it is carved from in the Tuscan countryside in the Maremma region and over our holiday we decided to go and wander its streets.

We decided to drive to the town after lunch as it was an hour away from where we were staying. Again we had visited this town previously over the years but always enjoyed a visit there.

We managed to find a parking space about a 10 minute walk from the centre of the town as it was packed and busy with other holiday makers.

Many of the restaurants and bars where packed with hungry tourists as they sampled the local food which i must say looked mouth-watering as we walked past. There were other shops selling local beers, pasta, ragù and other foods you could buy along with touristy things like fridge magnets and other nic-nacs.


I loved the little wooden shields and swords which i saw for sale for children along with the little childs bow with the sucker ends on the arrows they were so cute!



As we ventured further we soon reached the little winding streets, with endless narrow pathways shooting of the main paths. Its almost maze like at first glance with little steps and stairs down these other passageways.

It has a very medival almost magical feel to it down these little streets and easily a feast for the eyes for any keen photographer as theres many an opportunity to take a photo here.




Peanut was very excited as she carried on our walk and really seemed to enjoy the place and atmosphere alot.

We soon found the many balconies where you can see the breath-taking views and vantage points of the countryside below and even other parts of the town.










I love the little Church we always find on our wanderings which happens to be the oldest Church in Pitigliano. The glass-stained window above the door is just beautiful.



I have started to wonder that if like Rome many of these Tuscan towns keep cats both domestic and wild as good luck!? As again as we explored the steets we were watched by feline eyes.


Playing at being tourists we took many photos of anything which caught our eye and even enjoyed a gelato along with others at a local gelateria.

And then it was a quick look at the shops to buy a souvenir for Peanut for her first family Holiday and nothing could be more appropriate than a cinghiale (wild boar). As Tuscany is famous for its wild boars and many of the tuscan dishes involve boar meat.





I also picked up a few little things as gifts for friends when i got back to Rome such as patè cinghiale, truffle oil and regional ragù.

Pitigliano is a stunning town and worth the visit if your in the area and i have also heard even more magical at night when it is lit by spotlights. (something i would like to see one day).

You can easily sit at one of the bar’s, glateria’s or restaurants and watch the world go by. Or even spend your time exploring the winding streets and taking in the stunning views of the surrounding landscape.



We didn’t have time to visit the Le Vie Cave (sunken roads) which were mile high pathways carved out of tufa (the local stone) by the Etruscans back in the bronze age. These are just outside the town down the hill and are amazing to explore.

But this is an adventure for next time we visit Tuscany!





My new Camera!

The Italian summer sales are here again starting from July 5th which is of course today. It can get pretty crazy when the sales start but we were brave enough to head to the shopping mall Porta di Roma for a few hours this morning.

We did notice the carpark filling up alot quicker than normal and as we reached the shopping area there were signs everywhere screaming the words ‘Saldi’ (Sale).

Even the little bar we always go to was packed with people so we couldnt get our usual snack and Alex his little coffee.

I was determined to get into Media world and check out the camera’s and the one i had my eye on as i wanted a better camera. I had spent the week discussing camera’s at length with my expat friend John who knows his thing when it comes to camera’s.

Heading to the counter we found a display of cameras you could actually pick up and hold which is where i stumbled across the one i had been looking for the Canon Powershot SX510 HS digital camera! Picking it up and examining it i was instantly in love with it and even Alex had to agree it was a cool looking camera.


The zoom was much better than my Samsung S3 phone and my little Sony Cybershot and it was perfect for taking close up and far away photos and much more proffesional looking.

The original price had been 249 euros but in the Sales it was now 199 euros and i had the right amount to make this camera mine. Of course then it was a matter of buying an SD memory card and i had to get the 32GB and also a camera bag to carry my new little treasure in.



It will be fantastic for when we go on holiday and i can take some lovely shots with it! So now here i sit impatiently waiting for the battery to charge up so i can finally get to see my new camera in action. It can drive you a little crazy checking to see if the orange light has finally turned green letting you know its finally charged!

Im so happy to finally have a better camera especially as i have been really enjoying taking my photos and would like to carry on taking them and express myself through photos.


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