Taking a break from Blogging

I haven’t posted in a few weeks.

Truth be told i haven’t really had time. We had two weeks of sickness from Alex and Miss Peanut, so that was a handful in itself. I have kept up with my walking through and 365 days of fitness. I haven’t posted all the pics on Instagram yet, just no time but i will.

I will also try at least to keep going with that on there.

The other reason I plan to stop blogging for a while is because i am starting to make a dream come to.

My writing.

I have been doing it for months and quietly making friends online with other writers/authors and learning how to become an author myself.

I have a book hopefully being publish end of August under a pen name and i have decided to put all my energy and time into that.

I am learning so much and growing as a writer. Yes i am very excited about this and i can’t wait. Honestly i did not realize how much you need to know!

Writing, Beta readers, editing, formatting, cover art, promoting, Author page, and the list goes on! But i am very very lucky to have found some friends and people in the same boat as me and learning as we go.

I am also very lucky to have a really good friend who is an editor and who is helping me out and doing an amazing job at it!

So yes i am very busy.

But i am feeling positive about it all and i have only had small bouts of depression. I am finding being focused and being creative is helping. It makes me feel productive and happy. It’s what i needed to feel like me again. To find myself again.

This is something i really think i needed.

Having said that i have been blogging here for quite a while and will no doubt come back to post and blog. When that will be i cannot say. But i am more that sure i will.

So for now this is Run Brit Chick Run signing off….




Rome Steam Punk Festival! SteamFest

SteamFest was on the weekend here in Rome. It was the second edition of this Steam Punk festival which started last year.

Steakpunk is something that has become very popular since the films Old Wild West and Sherlock Holmes.

Also Back to the Future 3 with the crazy Dr Emmett Brown! Its a meeting of Victorian era fantasy/technology!

So think H.G Wells, Jules Verne and more modern like Philip Pullman and Stephen Hunt.



I was very keen to go as Steampunk is something i have been interested in for quite a while. I have actually been looking online for costume ideas for a few months now. I decided to go on the 3rd day of the festival which was sunday 13th September.

The festival was being held at the same place the food festival was which i attended also this year.

Its a part of Rome know as Testaccio and not far to walk from the Piramide metro stop.

It was 7 euro’s to get in which is not that bad.

I got there an hour early and sat at a table by the bar. It was actually quite fun to watch them setting up and people all dressed up arriving.

Some of the costumes were amazing and you could see a lot of thought had gone into them.










There were quite a few different themes going on from safari, Disney, sea to soliders. Everyone was different and some of the details were really quite clever and well thought out. There was a costume competition later that day where you could win a trip to the London Steam Punk festival!



This guy dressed as a solider had music playing from his belt and he looked quite cool.



One of my favorite constumes was this guy dressed as what looked like the super hero Deadpool but Steampunk fashion. He was very kind and let me take a photo of him relaxing.


The stalls there were heaven for anyone into Steakpunk and even goth stuff. I ended up going from tent to tent mentally deciding what i liked and what i might buy.

There was everything from costume accessories like little cogs and watch faces to hats, clothing, rings, bracelets, necklaces and more!

I knew i was after some Steampunk goggles which i have been after for a while. Rather than buy them off the internet i decided it would be fun to buy them at the festival.

I saw quite a few cool hats as well but it took me a while to find one i fell in love with 🙂 And it was love at first sight!

This lovely lady had some interesting stuff on her tables and the moment i saw the red and black hat i was instantly in love!                              12006170_10153647363393594_3422723112999852126_n


It’s a tiny bit big which i can fix with glueing a little felt inside so that is not a problem. I could buy it with or without the goggles but as i liked the over all look i bought them with it.

I can also remove the goggles and wear them on their own if i wish. It was 30 euro’s for the hat which she had made herself and 18 for the goggles.

She even took a photo off me to put on her website for her business! 🙂

Which you can find on her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/manipuh?fref=ts

I really liked some of the clothes she had made to.



I also bought some gloves she had made which i thought were really steampunk-ish to. They wrap around and then lace through the clip. There really comfortable and were 8 euros for the pair!




This watch caught my eye and i added it to the things i had bought as well. Steampunk use a lot of watches, cogs and things like that. So as i am building my own costume its good to find things i can add and collect to any ideas i have.


And of course if you go to a festival you have to at least get a festival t-shirt! They were sold out of the women’s large. So i ended up buying a man’s medium which is a little baggy but is very comfortable and was only 10 euros! I will be wearing this proudly around Rome and on my trip to the UK!


Apart from shops and cosplay people, there were also face painting, having your photo taken with people in costume. A stage for Steampunk bands which played in the evenings. Also live action role-play!

One of our friends was actually involved in that and he was fighting with sticks, boxing and other sorted fighting with others.


There was also a workshop on how to make your own Steampunk hat!

I wish i had gone all three days as they had quite a few different activties going on even then.

Saturday evening i know there were a few bands playing and even a burlesque artist.

A workshop on costume making as well and even a Barber Shop competition for the beard which looked the most steampunk!

I also found a tent for the LARP (live action role play) Steampunk Group which is here in Rome. They had some wonderful costumes and pretend weapons they were showing off.

I really enjoyed my afternoon at the festival and i’m really happy i got to go! I have three friends who have made and are making there own Steampunk costumes and i think i will be doing it to!

I already have my eye on a bag and corset to go with my hat! Perhaps next year i will go in my own costume 🙂

But for now i am happy with what i have so far!




31 Day Selfie Run Challenge – Days 6 to12

So here’s my round up of last weeks runs for the July Selfie run challenge 🙂

Day 6 – 33c evening run 2 and half miles done and here’s my daughters favorite friend her toy dog as the selfie was with a dog today 😉


Day 7 – 32c evening run 1 and half miles done and a hot and sweaty selfie done in the playground!



Day 8 – 31c evening run 1 mile and heres some of my racing bling selfie!



Day 9 – 29c 1 mile done and im flexing my guns selfie



Day 10 – 32c 1 mile done and my running twin was the selfie for this day and a lot of people were using already existing photos and so i decided to use the photo of me and my friend at the end of a race back in April. Me and her son are twins in our running tops 🙂


Day 11 – 32c evening run 1 mile done and post run snack selfie is my dinner mozzarella, prosciutto and focaccia! Yum!


day 12 – 30c evening run 3 miles done and its selfie with a sign today and mine says it all!!



Im still really enjoying the running every day although sometimes its a little harder than others especially with the temp! But im still going strong.

Its also fun seeing everyone else’s photos in the facebook Group for this event as some people have some really fun ideas for their selfies 🙂

Just 3 weeks left to go now!


31 day selfie run challenge – Day 1 to 5

Last Wednesday i started the 31 day selfie run challenge which was being run by Run the Edge. A calender had been posted the day before saying what needed to be included in each post run photo!

Here’s my first 5 days:

Day 1 – 29c evening 2 miles run and it was post run with some kind of drink 🙂 i was thankful for the water!


Day 2 – 30c evening run of 2 miles i was hot and sweaty in my PJ’s for the post run photo



Day 3 – 29c a mile and half evening run and the post photo with my stinky running trainers!


Day 4 – 35c 2 miles evening run and it was red White and blue! So red face, blue trainer and White top! 😛


Day 5 – 33c 1 mile evening run and it was a post run secret selfie taken with unsuspecting walkers! I was stalking Italians in the park  😉


I’m still trying to get used to post run photos when im shaking and hot from my run which can make some a little bleary! Im also getting alot faster now especially with my first mile which is a good thing.

It’s been kind of exciting with the post selfie photos and also makes it alot of fun! 🙂 Just another 26 days to go!


Making a runners medal board!

So over the weekend i saw online a magazine who had asked runners about where they kept their running medals! Alot of the replies were homemade medal boards and that got me curious about making one. If you have a look online there are many different versions of medal boards you can make yourself and personalise.

There were a few examples of how to DIY yourself a medal board on the website i was reading and so i decided to give it a go myself.

Nipping to the local shop which sells pretty much everything i picked up a few items i thought might be useful. I decided to go with the chalk board version of the running board as i could add the time etc of future races:

Chalk board with wooden frame


screw in hooks


little letters and some glue


Getting a hammer from our handy tool kit i used it to bang in the screw hooks a little before twisting them in until they were securely in place. I decided to have 4 hooks on each side to start with leaving me room to add more if needed so i could hang lots of medals. I also made sure the medal ribbon fitted fine on the hooks before doing this and also that the hook was the right way up!




Then it was time to get out the glue and my little different coloured letters and make some words across the top of the board and along the sides. I decided on ‘Run Brit Chick Run’ at the top and along each side ‘race’ and’ medals’. The words do look quite small as you will see in the photos below as the letters are small and supposed to be used for bracelet making but i still like the look of them.



I may try to find larger letters and decorate it a little more when i have time as i quite enjoyed doing that 🙂

I had an old picture hook and nailed it onto the back of the board once the glue i had used on my words was dry so i could hang it on my wall. Then it was just a matter of using some chalk to write the count down to my next race and hang up my lovely race bling!



Don’t they look lovely all hanging up there togeather? And there’s plenty of room for more to come 😉

I really enjoyed making myself my very own runners medal board from scratchy it was so much fun and its something quite personal to me i think making it myself. Im so happy i have somewhere now to hang up my medals at last as i didn’t have a proper place before!

If you don’t feel like making your own though or your not very crafty then don’t worry as many places now sell medal boards/hangers and can easily be found and ordered online.

Review: Hunstanton Sealife Centre – UK

While we were visting the UK i wanted the chance to take Peanut to a sealife centre as it was something she had never seen before. I had planned to take her back in May to the one in Hunstanton in Norfolk but it had been flooded due to very bad weather.

However this trip they had re-opened and we decided to visit them the second week of their opening. Of course we hadn’t realised this was the same week as half term so found a huge queue waiting to go inside! But lining up we only had to wait half an hour and getting chatting to another mother she gave us some spare discount tickets she had to get in. (which was extremely nice of her!)

Peanut was by now getting very excited seeing all the other children and was looking around her with curiousity. Once inside Grandad handed over the discount tickets for the adults as Peanut was free to get in as she was under 3 years old.

Our hands were stamped with the sealife logo so we could come and go all day if we wanted to.

Once inside we began to follow the other parents and kids along until we found ourselves next to the first tank of fish.

Peanut wasn’t sure at first what was going on but soon wanted out of her stroller to be carried so she could get a better look. She was quite mesmerized by the lights and water reflecting on the ceiling and top of the tanks.



And wasn’t quite sure at first what to make of all these different colourful fish in different shapes and sizes.

I have to say i think its a pretty wonderful aquarium and i loved the first huge low tank with the rays and sand sharks which were swimming around and around. As there was no top on the tank you could see when a Ray came to the surface which was quite amazing.




It was a little crowded around some of the tanks due to all the kids and parents but the tanks were so big you could easily see what was inside.

They even had a show and tell area where Captain Jack was their special guest who was showing the kids there all about rock pool sealife.


I loved the different seahorses who were floating gently in their tanks as we all stopped to look.




And i even ducked under the Piranha tank so i could stick my head into the glass tank to be right in the middle of them which was a little scary but worth it.


We had to take turns carrying Peanut as she did not want to be put back in her stroller as she was so excited over all the fish and what was going on around her. We even found a crocodile tank where again you could crawl under the tank and put your head in a glass tank among them but this time i did not try it.

I even found a tank low down where Peanut could stand next to it and see and stare at the huge fish which were going around and around. There were so many fish every which way you turned and each tank held something new and beautiful to look at.




Coming out of the main building we found a Penguin enclosure, a seal tank and otter enclosure! The penguins were watching everyone as they headed to the pool. We found the seals frolicking playfully togeather and the otters fast asleep.

Here there was plenty of outside seating and a play area for the kids so you could eat a picnic or take a rest before moving on.

There was also two other buildings one housed wild baby seals who had been injured on the beach and were recovering and they were the cutest little things!


The second building was just completely amazing! You entered it to find the roof and sides made of glass and the fish swimming above and around you!




Even Peanut who was now back in her stroller just sat there staring above her in awe and amazement! And it got even better when you realised it wasn’t just fish inside the huge tank but Rays, Sharks and a huge sea turtle swimming above you!

Both me and Grandad stopped for ages to take photo after photo of this amazing sight and had to keep making space for passing people.

As we followed the corridor around i found a tank of beautiful jellyfish moving gently about and couldn’t help but think how lovely they were.


As we turned the corner and found ourselves infront of the main huge glass tank which made up all of the room you couldn’t help but stare in awe.

This was amazing and picking Peanut up we went and sat right next to it as we watched the seaturtle glide gracefully back and fourth infront of us.




For me this really was worth the money to get in and the time spent driving there and walking around just to see the awe and amazement on my daughter’s face.


After we had finished we found ourselves in the sealife centre shop where i bought her a little onsie with a cartoon crab on. The shop wasn’t that expensive as i had a quick look around before going to pay.

Having a chat with the lady at the desk she told me they hadn’t expected so many people turning up from there opening the week before and how wonderful it was.

We stopped for some sandwiches and a cup of tea in the sealife centre restaurant and it was quite reasonable at £4 for a sandwich.

We really enjoyed our time there and spent two hours in the whole place, an hour and half walking around and 30 minutes eating. It was the right amount of time to keep Peanut happy and distracted with what was going on.

Next year we will take her to the sealife centre in Great Yarmouth which is much larger and by then she will be bigger and walking around.

If you have kids it really is worth the trip to have a look at Hunstanton Sealife centre and its a great day out for everyone.

Also if you walk along the beach for 10-15 minutes from the sealife centre you can easily reach the town centre for a look around this beautiful seaside town. There’s also plenty of amusements, rides and places to eat if you want to make a day of it.

And i also found a boat ride on the beach which takes you out to see the wild seals out at sea! (which i would like to do next time)

Below is the website for the sealife centre!





Review: Zombies Run app

So i decided to get back into running but i didn’t want to do a standard 5km/10km workout app as i wanted to try something a little bit different. images

I had recently bought myself a Google play gift card so i could buy a few payment apps and had already heard good things about Zombies run running app.

Zombies run is no ordinary workout app! You are runner 5 in a post zombie apocalypse world helping to get supplies and other bits and pieces from one base to another.

The app fits nicely around your music playlist on your phone/ipod so you can actually listen to music while you are running. The talking bits cut in when needed when you are told to run or when the storyline starts up.

The Zombies run app people recommend Shuttle Music player which i downloaded but had trouble with it finding my music. After a lot of googling i had to save my music i had bought from Google play to my PC desktop make a folder on my phone and resave the music there before i could listen to music. And now the Shuttle Music player app can find the music and i can easily make a playlist(hopefully this saves people time if you want to try this app to).

The first few workouts you are training at the town/base called Abel and going through basic walk/running exercises to build you up. The storyline and characters are quite fun to listen to as you get drawn into the story and you meet people who live and work in the town.

Its 3 runs in before you are sent out on a real mission and have to face a zombie which of course you have to run away from.


I must admit the moment the trainer cut in through my music telling me i had a shambling zombie on my tail my eyes grew wide and i had an image from the walking dead in my head! The trainer tells you not to stop moving as its right behind you and of course this makes you running like crazy!

Especially when im running in the evenings in Rome and its getting dark it really adds to the atmosphere.

You do get really into the game and dont even realise how far you have run as you listen for instructions or warning of incoming zombie Attacks!

It really is alot of fun and i found myself really looking forwards to each run just to see where the storyline would take me next!

The training is 3 runs per week but i guess if you wanted to you could always run more than that. Its also nice that the app creators have added more missions and seem to be expanding the app all the time so you don’t get bored! So far there are 3 seasons and over 160 different missions to do over different distances.

I like how i can carry it everywhere on my phone so as long as i have my running gear i can run anywhere! Im already on week 5 and stil running here on my trip to the UK with the family dog as i don’t want to miss a thing!

You can easily get into your character runner 5 and after each run can upload your runs to the zombie runs website which is free to register with. You can also share the runs and missions complete on Facebook and twitter if you want to.

Also on the website you can see what missions you have completed and what items you have collected or been given, along with you progress.

I have to say its a really motivational game and if you need a push to start running and want some fun while doing it this app is for you! It’s really given me the push i need to get running again and i was surprised how easily it is for me now and how eager i am to get out the door and go save the world! Oops i mean go run! heehee 😉


Bio Parco Rome Zoo

Tuesday was Peanut’s birthday so we decided to take her to the Rome zoo Bioparco for the first time.

I have been there many times before but not as a parent and so we were looking at it this time with new eyes! I decided i would be looking out for area’s for kids, changing areas etc anything helpful to parents like us when they visit.

We arrived just after 10am as the park opens at 9.30am and found the ticket booth wasn’t busy so it was only a matter of minutes getting our tickets. We stopped to see the turtles lazying about in the Sunshine just outside the park gates for a few minutes which sparked Peanut’s interest.


Peanut got in free as she was 1yr old, Alex and myself paid the 15 euros each which is the adult price.

The woman told us as we had a stroller/pushchair we wouldnt be allowed into the inside fish area and also the reptile house. This was fine with us as we didn’t think Peanut would be to interested in these this year and would be more exciting the following year.

We also discovered we couldnt take it on the zoo train and decided to leave this for next year to 🙂

The first thing we came to once we entered was the Giraffe enclosure where we found we had to leave our stroller outside in a little area if we wanted to go inside or up ontop to view the animals.

Picking up Peanut Alex headed up top with me following behind to find the giraffes enjoying their breakfast!


Next we headed down to the farmyard area where there was a collection of chickens, pigs, donkeys, a cow, bees, etc

Here we also found out first toilet area which was marked on our handy map we had recieved with our tickets. It was good to know where the toilets were with changing areas for children.


Peanut seemed to be a bit puzzled by the animals as she hasn’t seen anything like these before and even a little nervous at first. But she was enjoying a new place and the adventure of the day and also seeing all the other children at the zoo.

Carrying on we found a selection of different types of deers along with the african dogs which had recently had puppies! They were all out and close up to the fences which i have never seen before. It seemed we had come at the right time as all the animals were being fed so actually out and about.


Here we encountered rather alot of steps leading up to the next area so we had to retrace our steps back and go round another way to the same area. This didn’t take long and we soon found ourselves near the mini monkey area and other monkeys like the baboons.

10703531_10152738993718594_7656957563320450120_nWe found plenty of benches to stop and sit down for a while as we fed Peanut some pizza rosso for a snack along with some milk. We did get pestered by a peacock at this stage as it was after our food and we had to keep shooing it away as it was quite determined.

Carrying on we found ourselves beside the vulture cages and discovered groups of children on some kind of course where they help out the zoo keepers and learn about the animals! It was fun to watch them sweep the floors and move buckets as the keeper explained everything to them!

There were also plenty of feral zoo cats slinking about and we even found one trying to look through the rubbish bags on a little cart!


We stopped to look at the different types of vultures which all looked huge and impressive.

There was one in particular which just stood and eyes us up and looked at Peanut like she could be its next snack! It had the prettiest eyes though as it just stood and stared straight at us. I managed to snap some photos of it on my camera which was perfect for this sort of thing as it just wouldn’t have worked with the camera on my phone.


As we carried on walking we found the wallabys and emus enclosure opposite the zoo restaurant and little shop where you could find food, drinks and icecream. They were both closed and we were not sure why as usually the little shop is open. We had to make room for a female peacock as she proudly walked down the road with her little baby in tow looking for food.


Carrying on we found another toilet area and also by then we had noticed plenty of water fountains as well where you could stop and take a drink or wash your hands.

Peanut was mesmerised by the lemurs when we found them as she watched them run, jump, play and bounce around as they enjoyed their breakfast!


She also really liked the seals when we found them as one was swimming backwards and forwards in their pool 🙂

By now we decided to have another sit down and coming to the picnic area we found one of the food places finally open.

Here we could buy some warm prosciutto and cheese sandwiches along with other different sandwhiches, hotdogs, icrecream, coffee and drinks.

We bought the prosciutto and cheese sandwiches and settled down on a bench to share them with Peanut.

This is where i tell you to beware the peacocks if you ever visit as there are tons of them! And alot of them seemed quite happy to hang around the picnic area looking for anyone enjoying a snack!

They were even ontop of the place we had bought the food looking down at people as they walked away! We were only bothered by one peacock but it was the ducks we had to be careful off! Two ducks marched up and edged closer and closer as we were eating until we had to scare them away!


I think next time we might take a picnic of our own as it might be cheaper and alot of people seemed to be doing this. Also here there is a large pond area with birds like ducks and geese etc. There is also a huge play area for kids which is wonderful if you want to have a break from walking around!

As we moved on we found the elephants and at this stage Peanut fell asleep from excitement! 🙂 But me and Alex decided to carry one and so moved to the camels next door.


Alex wanted to wash his hands and we found a handy water fountain just behind the large pond where i discovered some flamingos!

We moved onto the brown bear enclosure but there was no sign of the bear at all which must have been hiding!

Beside the bear enclosure is a little slope up which not many people take, here there are signs showing you the different types of bears. There are also little port holes to look down into the bear area and this is where i discovered the bear happily hiding from the watchers below.

10629812_10152739023303594_1086077271009619230_nFrankly i don’t blame him for wanting a break sometimes and he looked quite happy where he was on the rocks above the main area.

Here we found more steps up but if you went left you could follow the path upwards and not have to walk up them all. Here we found zebras and other savana animals enjoying the Sunshine.


Here we stopped for another break as Peanut was still sleeping and also found another toilet area if we needed it. We were also eyed up by one of the many seagulls to see if we had food for it which we did not.


Alex decided to carry on sitting on the bench watching Peanut while i had a quick look at the chimpanzees who were just sitting about. I like the way the chimp i was watching kept looking over at me then seemed quite happy to pose in different positions which made it easy to get some nice photos 🙂


As we were approaching the reptile house and knew we couldn’t go in there we decided we would make our way out of the park. But as we moved along we found ourselves outside a new area to the park where the komodo dragon was housed!


Im pretty certain he’s new to the zoo as we have never seen him before! His name was Richard and he was lovely but deadly as he moved around his huge home before taking a little bath.


Peanut was still asleep and we had been at the park for a good 3 hours so we headed back to the entrance where you have to go through the zoo shop to get out. This is quite clever by the zoo as your soon surrounded by cuddly toys, animal books, plastic animal toys and other bits and bobs! So there is no escape if you have kids as they will head straight for the toys!

So even though she was still fast asleep we bought Peanut a little present a toy tiger 🙂 As you leave the gift shop there is also another bar where you can buy food, drinks and of course icecream.

She was still asleep as we left and headed back to the car and didnt wake up until we popped her in her carseat but she was smiling in her sleep so we knew she had fun. She also loved her toy tiger which she played with all the way home so all in all it was a very good first birthday for her. 🙂


If your in Rome with kids i would recommend it for a good day out! We didn’t even get to see all off it including the lions, tigers, some of the monkeys, wolves, fish and reptiles!

There are plenty of toilet areas with baby changing areas and water fountains if you need to top up your water. The kids have fun and so do the adults and the animals are amazing to see.

The map we were given was very helpful telling you the feeding times of some of the animals, It also had signs for all the facilities such as toilets, childrens play area, where the animals were,picnic area and the food places along with services for disabled visitors.

And i think its well worth the 15 euro’s for adults and 12 euro’s for children over 1 metre and under 12yrs old.

There website is in english and italian so pretty easy to use: http://www.bioparco.it/


365 Days of Happy – Days 31 to 60

Day 31 – new workout tops and what they says is true! 🙂


Day 32 Gelato at the local Gelateria!


Day 33 prosciutto and stracchino sandwich yum!


Day 34 family watching the wrestling every tuesday evening! We love it!


Day 35 Beer-a-misu! which has guinness inside at our local Irish pub!


Day 36 Peanut in her first ever dress 🙂 A gift from her Aunty Anita.


Day 37 New weights both 7kgs for my weights workout.


Day 38 Trapizzino from our local pizza place! sooo good!


Day 39 Finding a beautiful fresco on the back of a local Church.


Day 40 A gift for Peanut from one of the old ladies we Always talk to in the park. She knitted the teddy bear especially just for little Peanut! We love it!


Day 41 After dinner biscuits Alex sneakily bought home with him!


Day 42 Peanut practising her standing in the park playground shes obsessed with the 3 wheeled bikes there people leave for the kids to play with! Love my playground 🙂


Day 43 trying a Palestinian dish called Maqluba for lunch it was really good!


Day 44 Chinese dinner out at a friends house this evening we had a lovely time 🙂


Day 45 In the Pub again! Love coming to the local Irish pub especially as its all different now including the food.


Day 46 Deciding what to wear on my evening out for the next day.


Day 47 a night out on the river Tevere with Rivertracks


Day 48 finding these English crisps in the local Italian supermarket and of course buying some.


Day 49 these crisps are Amazing!! so good with a cup of tea! yum!!


Day 50 I binned all my old makeup which i had a lot of and decided to go simplistic with just a mascara and lip gloss! 🙂 Basic is better.


Day 51 at the sports centre we found sorting out parent and baby swimming lessons for Peanut after our visit to the UK in October.


Day 52 watching the New episodes of Dr Who on my phone 😉


Day 53 the Bus driver let Peanut it in his seat! I don’t think they would do this anywhere else in the world apart from Italy lol She wasn’t to sure though when he said she could drive the bus lol


Day 54 lovely clean new White plates i bought which are lovely for taking food photos on for Instagram and my blog!


Day 55 my new favorite snack brown bread with ricotta and honey! Its so good and my favorite for mid-morning.


Day 56 meeting up with Diana another expat here in Rome and having these amazing pancakes at Bakery House all at the same time! 😉


Day 57 a little bit of home for lunch today! lovely Beans on toast with butter! yum!!


Day 58 getting my blog post about our trip to Sovana Tuscany published on the Sovanablog website which was quite exciting! 😀


Day 59 cheapo new shoes i bought off the Market there so comfortable 🙂 love the colour and they will be good for whats left of the summer and then next summer to!


Day 60 having lunch at a friends house eating their homemade lasagna and enjoying a relaxing sunday afternoon 🙂


60 days already done and over and just another 305 days to go! 🙂 Can you post a photo of something that makes you happy for 365 days? (1 year) Im giving anyone who reads this the challenge! 🙂

Food Review: Bakery House Rome

So today i had a tweet-meet up with Diana the expat blogger who is behind the blog BrowsingRome  http://www.browsingrome.com/ and also creator and custodian of the BrowsingItaly website where the blog posts, experiences, advice and photos of other bloggers living in Italy are displayed.

It makes it alot easier to find advice, information and knowledge on places you might want to visit and get local tips which i have to say is such a wonderful idea!  http://www.browsingitaly.com/

We had been talking for a few weeks and decided it would be nice to meet finally face to face.

We decided to meet somewhere local in my area and i decided to finally try out the Bakery House which i had heard a lot of good things about.

We were meeting outside the place so it gave me 5 minutes to inspect their window which had lovely cupcakes in a ship theme which Peanut really liked and they all looked delicious!


I had tried to have lunch here more than once before but their tables were always booked for 2 hours so i never got a chance. It does seem to book up pretty quickly so its always best to phone and book a table if you want to have lunch there!(its a popular place).

Luckily we were meeting for breakfast/brunch so we managed to get a table without much trouble even though alot of people where coming and going.


Looking at their menu i noticed they do a lovely selection of food, we were spoilt for choice!

Breakfast you can order pancakes, french toast, muffins, cinnamon buns, scrambled eggs on toast, omelettes etc

They also serve brunch, lunch and dinner! They have a nice selection of bagel fillings ranging from chicken, cheese, salmon etc. Along with burgers, salads, more bagels, sandwiches and of course cakes. (hmmmm bagels)



They also have a large selection of different tea’s and being a Brit i love my tea so adored this to bits! And so of course ordered a nice Early Grey hot tea which arrived with the tea bag at the side 🙂

1451971_10152707512798594_4871233307121143932_nAnother nice thing i noticed is they have a takeway and delivery service! So if you ever get a bagel craving you can have it delievered to your door!

We were their for brunch so as we parused the menu it took me a while to decide what to have as it all sounded so good!

So next my biggest question was what was i going to have?

Carrot cake, cheesecake, apple pie, double chocolate cake, key lime pie, donuts, chocolate brownies, coconut cake, chocolate truffle cake, scones, muffins, cupcakes, shortbread, banana bread! The list went on and on and it was all so very tempting!!

I decided on pancakes as they are always nice to try when i find them and of  course had to go for the maple syrup and also chocolate on top!

Diana went for french toast which looked really nice when it arrived but in my excitment i forgot to shoot a photo of it!

But luckily i did remember to get a few snaps of my pancakes before i began to eat them and they were very very good and filing! They came with fruit which were strawberries and blue berries and two little White jugs one containing the maple syrup and the other chocolate.

So i was free to put as much of each over my pancakes as i liked which was a little decadent and very yummy!


Im getting much better at food photos as i have been practising which i will blog about another time 😉

And a big thankyou to Diana who took the above photo for me when i had my hands full with Peanut!


We really enjoyed our brunch and i have to admit the pancakes were very good and i can see why its so busy all the time! It’s also made me curious about trying their lunch menu as well at some point.

Peanut did get grumpy at one point and wanted to sit on my lap and then Diana’s while i was eating as she just wanted to look around and join in. The place was child friendly like most Italian eating places and we even saw another couple coming in with a little boy at a similar age to Peanut as well.

It was nice to get out and have a chat with Diana and i really did enjoy our time togeather and learn about her blogging and expat life.

Im also glad i finally got to try Bakery House after hearing lots of good things about it from friends! I loved the modern look of the place and the fact you could buy things with the name of the place on.


I was tempted to buy one of their fabulous looking cupcakes and Diana ended up buying a piece of Key Lime pie to take home! But in the end i bought one of the tea mugs which said Bakery House and love your mug on the other side as they looked so pretty.


I loved the packaging it came in and the little ribbon also saying Bakery house on it 🙂 And once i got home and gave it a good clean it looked very smart with a nice early grey brewing inside!


Me and Peanut walked Diana to the nearest metro station while we chatted away before she had to get home again. It was such a nice morning Peanut fell asleep while we were walking and when she woke when we got home looked around to see where her new friend had gone lol

Bakery House is a lovely place for a treat if you want to have something different, the food isn’t to bad price wise but i would book if you want lunch or dinner there. Its been such a success they are even opening another shop in another area which is Always good to know!


Bakery House                                           Bakery House

Corso Trieste 157 b/c                       Ponte Milvio
(Piazza Istria) Roma                               Via Riano 11, Roma





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