Happy New year!

I know its 5 days since the new year started but hey Im now making the effort to blog.

If your reading this i hope you had an amazing Christmas and got everything you wanted. I also hope your New years eve was fantastic and fun. 🙂

Christmas we spent with friends. Miss Peanut had a blast she was so happy! She is now the proud owner of a ‘sunshine’ Care bear with a dvd which she loves from her Auntie Jess! She also had lots of Ben and Holly stuff from me and Alex and stickers.

We are in that phase where she is obsessed with stickers! We have them everywhere now! The tables, the cabinet the tv sits on, the tv itself! She stuck them even to me and the cat.

I got running stuff for Christmas, which is handy as i just started the ‘escape from the shire’ race. It’s of course a lord of the rings themed online race and is going to be set in stages across middle earth.

So the first one is 53 miles leaving the hobbits as the black riders chase you. The medal looks like the one ring and is very cool! Like the other long race i did (Road to Hogwarts) all the distances are recorded on the website then once i have completed the distance i receive my medal.

I am also supposed to be doing a 30 day running streak. That ermm has not gone to to well…i have only run once in four days due to a sick Alex and a little bit of laziness.

I know i really have to do better, but the cold and dark does not seem appealing right now. I will though motivate my butt out the door. I have to if i want the shiny shiny precious….i mean knew medal.

What i have been doing with my time is writing. As you can guess it’s not blog writing.

I have actually started to write stories. I do tend to get a little wrapped up in them.

My first story involves Paris, vampires, secret agents, a French arms dealer, techno mages and a bomb on the Eiffel tower. It’s romance, supernatural and lots of action. It’s quite a lot of fun coming up with the storyline and the interaction with my main characters.

So now you can see why i am a little distracted!

Ok New years resolutions:

  1. Blog more (i have been lazy and need to blog at least once a week again)
  2. Work on my stories and hopefully get them published on Amazon!
  3. Run more (My motivation is waning in the winter i need to get out there.)
  4. Enjoy my weekends more and go out(We need to spend more family time, in winter we just seem to stay in and i would like us to get out more)
  5. Do a few races. (I am not bothered if there online or real life races but i would like to do more)
  6. Cook more (I dont experiment enough anymore, everyone survive my cooking so i can start this again mawwhaaa)
I am sure i will think of some more at some point! We shall see.
I will be 39 years old this year! A very scary thought, especially as i still feel like i am twenty something! It’s funny how things sometimes seem to pass you by in a blink of an eye isn’t it?
Suddenly you start thinking of all the things you still want to do and haven’t done yet!



The Patronus 5k!

I have been a little busy with stuff lately but I am getting around to blogging about stuff we did in October while on the UK visit.

So here is the online race i did while there 🙂

Another of the Hogwarts races was held on the 4th October. It was called the The Patronus 5k!

If you know the books and films then you will know a Patronus can only be conjured by focusing on one’s happiest memories and finding the light amidst the darkness. They are used to fight off Dementors Attacks.

This race was being held to support the Noah’s light foundation, which is a charity for pediatric brain cancer. The fact this type of cancer affects children made me really want to take part.

Having a child myself i cannot imagine the pain of parents going through something like that and i hope i never do.

The race fee which was going to the charity was 30 dollars with 4 dollars over seas delivery charge.

The medal itself is lovely! It’s two sided with Snape’s patronus doe leading us through the forrest of Dean. On the other side it says: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

We also got a downloadable Bib to wear again 🙂

As this was the Sunday which would be my first full day in the UK, I ended up running it slow round the local park. My sister and the dog came running with me as they always do when i visit.

I had not run for a week and half before that so it was not as good as I would have liked. Still it was enjoyable and kept me running.

Once I was done I posted a pic of my time and distance on the Facebook event page.

I couldn’t wait to receive this lovely medal! 🙂 It looks fantastic on my medal board!


There are also a ton more races to choose from for November! I have signed up for two more The Voldemort V-miler (5 miles) and Department of Mysteries (6.2442miles)

As its the Time turn event i can do these when ever i want with no date set! So i will be doing these some time now in December!



Platform 9 3/4k Virtual Race

If you have ever seen or read Harry Potter than you will know that Platform 9 3/4 in Kingscross is where all the children catch the Hogwarts Express.

When this race came up through the Hogwarts running Group, I was eager to sign up for yet another challenge.



The race was being held on September 1st although you were allowed to do it another day if you couldn’t make that day. This of course was the day that Harry and Ron went to catch the train but missed it!

The aim was to run 9.75km or 6.058 miles the same distance as 9 3/4!

The 1st September was a tuesday which meant my running time was from 7pm. The days are starting to get shorter so the sun is slowly begining to dip by that time.

I decided to try and run the whole distance, although you were allowed to break the distance up if you needed to.

I started off slow for the first mile and half taking my time. The temp has dropped so it was a lovely 27c that evening. Two miles in a sped up.

My legs have been feeling really good and strong since i started running further, so i like to push myself a little now.

When i hit the 3 and half miles mark i had to stop as my legs had started to hurt. The fact it was getting dark was also another factor.

I haven’t run further than 3 and half miles so i kind of knew I might not make the whole 6 and half miles in one go. (I’m not quite ready to hit 10km again but getting there!)

So tueday i did 3 and half miles and the following evening i did just over 3 miles.

I managed to make a personal best for my 5km run to! I used to be able to run 5km’s in 35mins some years ago and want to get back down to that. So i was very pleased to get my 5km down from 38 minutes something to 36 mins 41!


I was not the only one to break up the long run but i was happy that i completed it 🙂

We were even given a special ticket bib just for the run to wear which is really pretty and looks like a train ticket for the Hogwarts Express!

I posted a photo of myself on the events facebook page after i had finished along with everyone else.

It was also nice to get some more miles done for points for my Hufflepuff house!

I have to say i love the exclusive medal we will all recieve to for our run 🙂 I can’t wait for the next race!




Road to Hogwarts Virtual Race

As i mentioned in a previous post i have joined a Harry Potter virtual running Group.

Apart from joining one of the different school houses (Hufflepuff) and getting house points from running they also do virtual races.

Middle of July i signed up for the Road to Hogwarts 90 day challenge! It cost me 30 euros for the entrance fee which goes to charity.


Then I had from the 1st July to the 1st of October to run 52 virtual miles from Aberdeen to Dufftown where Hogwarts is located.

Once you had signed up on their web page and the race web page you had to indicate what type of device you used for running. So for me it was my Garmin although other options where fitbit and Runkeeper.

It then connected to my Garmin account where it would automatically log my runs each day and add them to my distance to Hogwarts! This got me motivated to run and connect my Garmin as sometimes i would leave it for some days before doing this.

Once you finished the course between those dates you would recieve a very cool Medal for your achievement!

It took me 5 weeks to run the entire distance which im quite proud of and it kept my motivation for running high. I did have a problem with my Garmin connecting but that was the fault of Garmin and a recent update to their website which alot of people are having trouble with.

Luckily the race website gives you the option to put your runs in manually so thats what I had to do for the last 20 miles.


I am so happy to have finally completed my run all the way to hogwarts!

I am really enjoying these virtual races as after all i am always running against myself even in when doing normal races.

I also like the fact im getting some very cool exclusive medals that not everyone else has and im working for them over a longer time period 🙂

It’s also nice to have them linked to something like the Harry Potter world which i love and makes them all the more special in my eyes 🙂



Running with Hogwarts!

Some weeks ago me and my friend Jess came across The Hogwarts Running Club which is an online community for people who love to run and who love Harry Potter!

They have virtual runs and races all inspired by the Harry Potter world and the money they make go to different charities.


I am a big Harry Potter fan and have all the films on Dvd which i love to pull out now and then and sit and watch.

So i was extremely excited to find the community and join up on their facebook Group!

The first thing i had to do was go to the Pottermore website and take the sorting hat quiz to find out which house i would be under. (You don’t have to do this you can always decide for yourself which school house you want to join)


I turned out to be a HufflePuff! So then it was an easy task of finding the facebook HufflePuff common room where i joined all the rest of my school team.


Next with the instructions on the Group page I downloaded the charity miles app. You use this app when running and your miles go as points towards you house. (i search for your Group on the app and join it)

Different sponsors of the app also donate money to the different causes you can run for with charity miles depending on your distance. You can choose a different charity eachtime you run, its free and all go to good causes.

Another thing i like about the Hogwarts running club is that you can also buy Hogwarts Running Club t-shirts to wear along with t-shirts and other bits and piece for your school house. For example they have alot of HufflePuff tops and even have competitions on the Hufflepuff page for us to design tops 🙂

So you can really feel the part when doing your run wearing one of these and bring a little magic to your workout.

There are also races that we can sign up for and get very exclusive medals at the end. At the moment i’m signed up for two of the races each were 30 euro’s to join and once i complete them i will recieve very different lovely medals. (I will blog more about these races as I finish them)

I have to say i love the idea of being part of Hogwarts through running and it really motivates me to run. Alot of the other runners listen to the Harry Potter audio books while they run which is something i am thinking of doing to at some point.

I think it will really make me feel part of the wizarding world as I run further and get fitter!



Training for my first half marathon

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