365 Days of Fitness – Week Eight

Day 50 Mon 4th Apr – Today Grandma and Grandad take us to the dinosaur park in Norwich.

Miss Peanut loves dinosaurs! I am so excited to see what she will do. As soon as she gets out of the car she’s running towards the entrance. The first statue she see’s and she’s running up to it shouting ‘roooarrr’.

As she’s under 3yrs old so she’s free to get in. Once inside we see an animated dino which roars and moves. It sounds quite frightening but she LOVES IT!!

The kid is practically bouncing off the walls running up to it and roaring back. The park has a huge play area and various buildings with inside play areas and cafe’s.

Peanut run’s to the play area for her age group and goes on the swing then the slide. I have a huge grin on my face. I am so happy she loves it here. So happy we have made her day. I feel care free.

We end up following the dinosaur trail. They have statues that make sounds. Peanut runs to every dinosaur she finds and hugs and kisses it. She’s screaming with happiness, smiling and laughing.

Her face when she found the biggest dino in the park was a picture. A mix of awe then excitment. She looked so tiny compared to it.

We found a petting place and farm animals. There was a car which took you out to the deer park and even a water garden. We ate cornish pasties, chips and ice cream in a little cafe.

The whole time my little girl is smiling from ear to ear. It’s days like these i love. When we go some where to have an adventure. Somewhere Peanut won’t readily forget.

Grandma and Grandad are already saying we can go again on our next visit.

Grandad buy’s her a ton of toys in the gift shop. She leaves with a huge armful of toys. Some i know i won’t have room to pack. But i know they will sit on the bed we use when we visit and wait for her return 🙂

This ended up being the best day ever i think for everyone!


Day 51 Tue 5th Apr – 2 mile run today with my Sister. Miss Peanut give me cuddles before i go. She is happy watching Peppa Pig with Grandma and doesn’t care that i am off out for a while without her.

I have started to comfort eat the last few days. I can’t seem to help it. The naughty stuff is just to tempting. It tastes to good as well.

I know subconsciously it’s probably because this is our last week until we go back. I am trying to make myself feel better by eating what i can’t have in Rome.

In the end i just go with it. A few days won’t hurt. Ok maybe it will add to my waist line but when i get back to Italy i will be very very good with my eating habits.

No more snacking. No more bad things or eating to make myself feel better.

At least all the walking and running here is kind of keeping it balanced.


Day 52 Wed 6th Apr – Another trip to Norwich. More treasures found. We meet up with my brother and his girlfriend today. She’s the friend who was reading my first story.

She tell’s me she loves it. That she thinks the flow of the story is fantastic and she asks if i have anymore. I have the second completed so tell her I will send it to her.

She’s extatic that she can read more. This makes me happy. If one person in billions likes my writing then there will be a few more!

The day goes quickly as it always does when out shopping all day. We meet up with my other sister to. So its all of us, me my two sisters and brother. Plus Grandma, the kid, the girlfriend, her dad, mum and brother who have also come shopping in Norwich.

So many people to chat to and laugh with. Miss Peanut is in heaven. Everyone buys her chocolate. Again she is spoilt rotten and she knows it!


Day 53 Thur 7th Apr – Thinking about going to Rome and starting to pack. I don’t want to go back. My heart is screaming no no no inside me. I feel torn.

I am trying to not let it depress me. Yet it’s really hard.

With Miss Peanut starting nursery things might be a little better. I have to try. I have to see. I am just scared it’s going to be another promise which won’t come true.

I hate getting my hopes up then things never happen. We shall see i guess. That’s all i can do for now. I think you can see the unhappiness is my eyes.


Day 54 Fri 8th Apr – Last run with my sister today. I am going to miss her annoying crazy pain in the butt.



Day 55 Sat 9th Apr – Traveling back to Italy today. I hate it. I want to stay with my family but i know i can’t. Alex is anxious to have us back. Miss Peanut doesn’t seem to comprehend we are going back.

When they taxi comes to get us, she runs to Grandad’s car thinking we are going in that.

Grandma is already crying as she doesn’t want us to go. It upsets me. I hate this. Hate it. I wish we lived closer or even in the same bloody country.

All the drive to the airport and when we get there, the kid keeps asking me where Grandma and Grandad are.

I keep repeating we are going to see Daddy/Pappa. We are going on the plane back to Rome.

On the plane i think it starts to dawn on her what’s going on. She gets grumpy but i cuddle her and keep her entertained. Eventually she falls asleep for an hour and half.

I try to sleep to but i can’t. I’m to keyed up. I’m trying not to think about what it will be like when we are back there.

Alex is waiting at the airport for us. Peanut is all shy when she first see’s him but soon runs over for a cuddle.

She keeps touching his face like she can’t quite believe it’s really him.

On the drive out, i feel the black cloud that had been mostly at bay for 3 weeks slowly start to settle over me again. I feel like i am going back to my cage. My solitary life. I hate it.

I go from the chatty happy person i have been for 3 weeks to a quiet subdued shadow.

Alex notices. Ask’s if i am ok. I have a little cry. I am tired and over emotional. He says things will be better. I hope he is right.

When we get home it’s skpying Grandparent’s, then pizza for dinner.

We are all exhausted and fall into bed at 9pm.


Day 56 Sun 10th Apr – Alex takes us to the Mall today. It’s Miss Peanut’s favorite place. She adores it. They have rides and a play area and burger king. She’s so excited she’s running around like a mad thing.

She keeps saying Papa Papa and is very happy we are all together again.

I enjoy the business. That cloud of depression is still looming though. Somewhere in the back of my head i worried everything will be the way it was before. I can’t do that. I can’t go backwards. Things need to go forwards to work.

Alex seems to understand that now. He is very attentive to me and Miss Peanut. He never once goes on his video game. He spends his time us as a family.

The kid notices this and responds more to him. She even starts saying words shes not said before like ‘Georgie’ (from Peppa pig). She get’s him to play with her to which is really sweet.

Alex is also trying to feed us up! Food in never ending and to much. Hopefully the Italian will calm down with the smothering us with food for love! lol


365 Days of Fitness – Week Seven

Day 43 Sun 27th Mar – Miss Peanut decides to try out the dog cage. Her other fun thing to do was put all her toys inside it.

She’s picking up so many more words. Yes there all in English but at this stage i am happy she’s speaking in one of the languages she hears.

She can now say “upstairs” “Bubbles” “All done.” “empty” “open” “pizza” and quite a few other things. I don’t feel like a useless mother anymore. All she seemed to need was a little more stimulation with more people around her.

She’s blooming and developing before my very eyes. The more we are here in the UK the more she is becoming a little girl rather than a baby.

The black cloud i was in Italy is right at the back of my mind. It doesn’t surface much here. I am far to busy and having fun. I am smiling a lot of the time. I am genuinely having fun here. I am the old me. Grandma loves having Miss Peanut visit. She is cramming the kid full of chocolate and ice creams and spoiling her rotten!



Day 44 Mon 28th Mar – Miss Peanut is a little clingy today again. I manage to get 1 mile walked only. Yes i realise now i did two day 44’s! oh well never mind.


Day 45 Tue 29th Mar – The last four days I have kinda neglected typing about my day. I have been walking more now my back is much better. I intend to run again now.

I have also been very up and down emotionally. My family argue sometimes. It’s the normal family bickering. I have found though it brings me down lately.

I don’t want to listen to people ranting or shouting at each other. Instead of trying to calm things down like I used to do, I just sit quietly and switch off.

I have my own doubts and dark thoughts. I don’t need anyone else’s. Shutting down helps, I sit there thinking about other things. A few have noticed the chance. They know I get depressed now.

I sit through the ‘don’t be silly’ talks or ‘come on cheer up’.

My steampunk clothing is growing slowly. There’s still part of me asking why I am bothering.

Miss Peanut is having so much fun. She’s saying more words and so many cuddles with everyone. We go out every day for walks or shopping.

I can’t believe it’s been just over a week. It feels like we have been here a lot longer.

Whenever I think about Rome I feel sad and don’t want to go back. I like being busy. Even though my family can sometimes be annoying I love them. I love the noise and doing stuff.

I feel more alive here.

My second story is finished. I am still re-reading it to see if I have missed anything.

My third story has begun to. I am not writing tons but enough to keep my creative side satisfied.

Me and the dog enjoy a nice run together. He’s always happy to go out with me. I also enjoy running in the day with sunlight!


Day 46 Wed 30th Mar – A friend here in the UK asked to read my first story. I have agreed and sent it to her. It’s nice to have someone give it a quick read. I have just asked her to let me know if the flow of the story sounds good.

Miss Peanut thought this feather would be an interesting buy at a charity shop.


Day 47 Thur 31st Mar – Long run today with my Sister. I love these runs. We talk. We laugh. These are things i miss in Rome as i have no one to do this with. I honestly think if i had someone to run and talk to there even for an hour a day i would be less depressed.


Day 48 Fri 1st Apr – 3 mile walk today


Day 49 Sat 2nd Apr – I ask Alex if i am going to go back to the same as it was before. I have a week left and i don’t want to go back to the way it was in Rome. I like having company. I like doing things. I like having people to talk to.

Alex tells me we will do more. He also tell me we didn’t get into the state nursery for Miss Peanut. He does leap into action though and contacts a private one near us. We have an appointment to visit them the week we are back in Rome.

The head of the place even suggests Miss Peanut could go to them from morning til lunch until June. This makes me happy. She loves other kids. I really believe she will be happier going to play with other little ones.

My only down is september she will go from 9 am til 4pm! To me thats so long! All day and she will be only 3 years old. I mention my concern but Alex says thats what is done there.

Grandma is also worried about it. But talking to my American friend Jess she tells me they do that in America. Also googling it looks like they do it now in the UK.

I just feel its so long to be parted. I feel a little down. We haven’t been apart much for almost 3 years. Suddenly this feels like a huge step, one i know i wanted.

Alex says we have to cut the strings for mother and child. To me it sounds cruel but i guess other parents do it to. God knows what i will do with all the time i will have in september.

I can’t even remember what that much free time feel likes. I can’t even remember what the heck i used to do with it!



365 Days of Fitness – Week Six

Day 36 Sun 20th Mar – Car boot sale in the morning was fun. Then food shopping. Miss Peanut loves going to the supermarket with everyone. She helps put things in the trolley and chooses her yoghurts and snacks.

I found some fun figures for her at the car boot and now she’s addicted to playing with them. She adores them. Farm, zoo and airport people with vehicles for her age group.

In the afternoon me and Grandma go through old boxes in the spare room. Some of its old stuff I left there over 8 years ago when I moved to Italy.

It’s of my life from London I wanted to keep. The Grandparents are having the house sorted out in May. Builders will be in to do things, so everything needs to be sorted through and stored away.

It’s funny seeing things from my old life, things that were once important to me. Things that still are. There are things I still want to keep and I can’t get back to Rome. Grandma’s is happy to keep them still. I get rid of a lot of stuff. No point keeping it.

It’s an hour of heavy lifting and moving things about. It’s therapeutic. We both enjoy it.

I have a two mile walk in the afternoon to.

It’s so busy here, I have no time to think or feel depressed. I actually like being this busy. It’s exhausting but fun.


Day 37 Mon 21st Mar – Relaxing morning watching cartoons. Then in the afternoon Aunty Rachel takes us to Windham and Attleborough. Two lovely little towns to go shopping in. So much fun looking in charity shops with Grandma and Rachel.

Miss Peanut has fun and buys a few little toys. She has a little cold and a cough where her nose is running. We keep her wrapped up warm and have medicine of she needs it.

It’s relaxing.

Rachel, me and the dog decide to go running in the evening before dinner. She’s been mainly doing the gym and treadmill. Every time I come over she likes to run outside with me. It’s fun because we chat while we do it. The time goes quicker and we catch up. I always enjoy these times.

Miss Peanut is happy watching cartoons with Grandma.

2.50 miles run. It’s good to get out and stretch our legs.


Day 38 Tue 22nd Mar – I have my haircut in the morning. Then me, Peanut and Grandma look in a few shops. We stop for a Cornish pasty at a nice little place with tea and coffee. The kid has a chocolate brownie.

It’s nice to be out and doing things. Nice to have places to go and feel important and free.

My back is starting to ache. I think the heavy lifting Sunday was not such a good idea. Also the kid keeps making me sleep on my side. I can’t stay in that position all night, it gets uncomfortable and I don’t think its helping.

By the time Aunty Rachel gets home and drives us to the town of Diss my back is hurting a lot and stiff. I can’t make sudden moves or I get lightening pain through my lower back.

Luckily everyone else helps with Miss Peanut. I just use the pushchair to walk with. When we get home I have a hot bath, this helps a little. I keep stiffening up when I sit down.

Pain killers help. I know I will have to take it easy for a few days. No running for a little while.

I managed to pick up some steam punk like clothes in the charity shops. This makes me happy.

3 miles walked in Diss so that was my exercise for today.


Day 39 Wed 23rd Mar – My back feels much better today. Tiny bit stiff and I am walking slow, but a big improvement. Sleeping on my back and front helped a lot. I think sleeping on my side would have made it worse.

Alex notices Miss Peanut coughing over skype. He panics because she has a cold. I get annoyed about this. It’s a cold and a little cough she doesn’t need to go to the hospital. We have medicine that works just fine and is just as good as Italian medicine.

He brings my happy feelings down. I have looked after her for over 2 and half fucking years. I have coped with far worse. She has had coughs and colds here before. His lack of faith makes me want to punch him in the face.

I shut down emotionally after that. We end the skype call. Grandma notices the change in me.

Even she thinks Alex is being over dramatic. He messages me and apologizes. He’s just worried as we are away and things are out of his control. I can understand that bit, I really do. But he has to learn to let go, especially as she gets bigger and wants to go do things with friends etc.

I found a lovely little cameo necklace in a charity shop. My steampunk stuff is coming along so nicely. I have quite a few ideas for it which I can do while I am in the UK.

I treated Miss Peanut and Grandma to a pub lunch as its Grandma’s birthday tomorrow. We had fun. The food was fantastic. My heavy mood lifts and I am smiling again.

My exercises today is a 2 mile walk.


Day 40 Thur 24th Mar – 3 miles walked today around Norwich. Plenty of shopping and seeing my other sister and my niece. I think the photo says its all 🙂 I am going to hang that in my room.


Day 41 Fri 25th Mar – 2.70 miles run today. Miss Peanut still has her cough and is a bit clingy. So it was a stay inside watching cartoons and playing.


Day 42 Sat 26th Mar – 3.50 miles walked.


I have skipped a few days blogging properly. To be honest i had so much to do i forgot. I was also having fun and feeling more like my old self. I kept up with the exercises though as you can see.


365 Days of Fitness – Week 5

Day 29 Sun 19th Mar – Another family day. We get the suit case down for me to pack for the trip. Miss Peanut bursts into tears when she sees it. She sobs her little heart out.

I am guessing this means she knows where we are going. I have a feeling she’s feeling a little overwhelmed. The upset passes after ten minutes. Then she’s happy to play with the case.

I want to try a new place I found through a leaflet. It’s an all you can eat Chinese buffet place. It’s within walking distance.

Alex scrunches his nose up at the idea. He would rather go eat pizza or pasta. After eight years of Italian food I find pleasure in eating other things, especially as pizza and pasta is eaten by us 3 or 4 times a week. I am starting to loath it.

It’s a little battle but I get him to agree. The victory feels hollow. I don’t understand why he can’t just be happy to eat something different sometimes. I don’t ask all the time. I would do it without complaint if the roles were reversed.

It makes me feel a little down. I know he will find something to complain about. He always does when I suggest something non Italian.

We go have a nice walk and eat there. I admit it’s not the best Chinese I have ever had but it’s different and I don’t care. I happily munch my way through noodles, battered crab balls, dumplings.

Miss Peanut is happy with her bits to nibble on and then her bowl of ice cream.

Alex doesn’t like the coffee much and tells me he will let me know if he digests the food. If he does we can go there again. It’s always the same so I just keep quiet.

By the time we get home I am knackered. Both physically and mentally drained. All I can do is lie on the bed and read. I can’t sleep even though my eyes feel like their weighted by lead. Either Alex or Peanut will come in and not let me sleep. I feel frayed at the edges.

I know it’s the build up to the break away. I just need a good rest. Eventually everything comes crushing down on me. All the not sleeping properly and running around.

I just read for an hour. Alex seems to realise how tired I am and leaves me alone. I am even too tired to run. We walked today so I decide that’s enough.

All I want to do is go to bed early. That won’t happen I know this. The kid will be up at least until ten or more. She had a late nap.

We talk to Grandma and Grandad on skype. They are so excited. They have all the food she likes, shiny new toys and crayons with colouring books. There both bright eyed and eager.

Six days still feels like a life time away until we go to the UK. I’m so tired that I know I am letting depressing feelings roll over me. I am already thinking about when we have to come back. How I am not sure I will want to.

A cryptic post on Facebook and John and Ali message me worried.

Ali says go have a cry. I already have tears in my eyes. Alex notices and thinks its Peanut bothering me. I go have a bath and sob.

I have been so up lately and it just comes crashing down. I hate this. I hate feeling like a fucking yo-yo. I don’t think feeling so tired is helping. I honestly have barely any energy to move.

I still feel unhappy by the time I get out.


Day 30 Mon 14th Mar –This morning I start to pack. Miss Peanut is helping me. She pulls out all her clothes and throws them across the bed.

I tell her we are going to see Grandma and Grandad. She runs to the computer and points at it. She thinks I mean on skype. I say no in real life.

She runs and gets the phone. I laugh. I don’t think she will understand until we go on the plane and then see them. It’s such a long stretch between seeing them it had to be confusing to her, bless her little heart.

I end up making a list. My head is such a tumbled mess there is no way I will remember everything without writing it all down.

The packing will have to be done in dribs and drabs. Something can’t be packed til last minute.

Me and Miss Peanut play. She likes to ride my back like a horse lately. I carry her from room to room. We watch the Peppa Pig episode they go on holiday on a plane. I tell her that will be us on Saturday. She just smiles.

I am a little up and down today. But I stay positive. My lovely little daughter keeps me busy trying to make her every possession.

I plan to do a 2 and half mile run today. It’s part of the 5km plan I am following. I do the first mile and know I am in trouble. My legs are stiff and aching. I didn’t stretch properly before starting.

I finish a mile and half before I stop. It’s better than nothing. Just getting outside and moving is good.


Day 31 Tue 15th Mar – Day is a good day. Me and the kid play a lot. We have the t.v off much more. I usually leave it on as background noise so we don’t get lonely. This normally ends up with some kind of cartoon on. She will either go play, draw or sit on my lap and watch it.

I am a little up and down emotionally. I now find playing with the kid brings me up again. Seeing her grinning face just makes me smile so much. She is so funny sometimes to.

My writing is going well. I had a few scenes for my second story I decided to shorten and work much better. I need to start reading the conversations my characters have out loud as someone suggested. This helps with making sure they sound believable.

I have a headache pounding in my head by the end of the day. It sends pain through my left eye. I chugging water down hoping this will clear it. I want to try for the long run tonight which I couldn’t achieve last night.

The day seems to be going quite fast for a change which is nice.

Head gone by the time Alex gets back. I got run. I manage 1.12 miles with really bad stitch where I can barely breathe it hurts so much.

I know it’s from where the kid was sharing her crisps with me before I come out. Usually I don’t eat an hour or two before I go out.

I still feel so tired. World weary even. I really can’t wait for the holiday to begin Saturday.

I spend Peanut’s bed time showing her pics of everyone in the UK. She gets so excited and chats away. I can’t wait for her to see everyone.


Day 32 Wed 16th Mar – Ali and John are coming to visit in the afternoon today. I am so happy. We love their visits.

I spend the morning doing more packing it keeps me distracted. Keeping busy means no time to think and get depressed.

Idle hands are the devils work as the saying goes. Not sure if that’s appropriate or not but I like that saying.

Whenever the kid wants my attention now I completely focus on her. It’s doing both of us good.

I still do have my dark moods sometimes, I still want to cry and not move but it’s not as bad at the moment.

We walk down in the afternoon to meet Ali and John at the metro. Peanut’s face lights up when she sees them. She is so excited. She keeps looking to check their coming with us.

Back home I make them tea. The kid is busy showing the toys. She says the words she knows proudly ‘boot’ ‘blue’ ‘yellow’. She shows how she knows what all the colours are.

She is so happy. The fact she also hasn’t had a nap today makes her a little crazier. Eventually she will crash.

It’s so nice to have people to talk to. We chat about everything and nothing again. We joke, we chat about serious stuff to. I make more tea.

I ask them if they want to stay for dinner. They say YES.

I am even happier now. It’s forever since we have been out to dinner with anyone or even just as a family.

Miss Peanut is practically bouncing off the walls now. I know she doesn’t want them to leave either. She loves sitting on Ali’s lap and showing her things. She’s even warmed up to John this time and hasn’t pushed him out the door.

They help me feed her. We take turns. It’s funny as the kid doesn’t seem bothered at all.

When Alex gets home we go to Osteria Sette. It’s supposed to have the 3rd best carbonara in Rome. It’s good, really good.

We chat and joke.

Peanut is so tired now you can keep her eyes trying not to close. It’s hilarious.

When we get back Peanut crashes. It takes 2 minutes and she’s asleep.

My exercise for the day is the 1 mile walk to meet them. Exercise is exercise and it got me out of my Pj’s.


Day 33 Thur 17th Mar – Today drags. I think after all the fun yesterday the absence of others is more glaring. I spend the time doing more packing. This is part of the reason I drag it out now. It gives me something to do.

I also didn’t sleep well. I had moments of being wide awake and staring at the ceiling. A nightmare didn’t help either. The type which scares you senseless and wakes you with heart pounding and fear pouring down your spine. It left me feeling unsettled the rest of the night.

The kid is still knackered after yesterday. She ends up having an early nap and playing quietly.

I decided to do a 30 minute weights workout while the kid naps. I haven’t done them for ages. It’s actually quite fun.

I managed to find time to do a little reading and a bit of writing.

My dark days seem to be long gone at the moment. I think as I have said before this is because of the trip. I dread when we have to come back.


Day 34 Fri 18th Mar – So busy today! Alex has the day off to spend with us. In the morning we take Miss Peanut out to the park and then eat lunch out.

After that I am in a whirl wind of finishing the packing. Making sure things are all charged, findings snacks, toys and things for her to do on the flight tomorrow.

Then its bath time, her then me. She happy plays with Alex, while I run around like a headless chicken.

It’s stressful but a good kind because I know we leave tomorrow. I can’t wait!

I have time for a quick walk of a mile and half.

There will be plenty of running done in the UK with my sister when we get there!

A lovely person on Instagram asks if I am going to do the 5km run the day of the Rome Marathon. It’s the day after we arrive back.

I am really tempted. It would be nice to meet up with another runner and probably be something positive to return to. Luckily I can join up on the day, so I will probably do that.

So tired today so it’s early to bed.


Day 35 Sat 19th Mar –

Today was a blur. Up at 5.30am to get dressed and ready for the airport. Miss Peanut was very good but got a little upset when she realised Daddy wasn’t coming to the UK with us. There were a few tears.

She slept on the plane after being a little grumpy about the seatbelt. The journey wasn’t too bad and actually the most relaxed it has ever been. No one was in passport control and we breezed through. The taxi driver I always chat to had only been waiting for 5 mins, so he was impressed.

Miss Peanut got excited when she saw the Grandparents house. She ran up to the door all happy when she saw Grandad open the door she burst into tears. Then she hugged the taxi driver’s legs. Then realising it wasn’t me run back to me. She was sobbing her heart out. I think she was a little overwhelmed with the whole day.

5 minutes later she was happily playing with everyone.

It was just a 3 mile walk for exercises today. I was knackered.

It’s good to be home. Good to see family again.


I am playing catch up with my blog now that i am  back in Roma.

365 Days of Happy – Days 331 to 365! Challenge complete!

Last of my 365 days of Happy photos!

Day 331 reading a very good book! (i also went on to read the next two in the series to)


Day 332 starting to feel better after having a nasty virus hate being ill 😦


Day 333 another new book for my collection! (love all the second hand books i can find here in the UK)


Day 334 added to my new lipstick collection 😉


Day 335 new dress for Miss Peanut and its so cute!!


Day 336 a trip to the ruined castle at castle acre


Day 337 lovely day spent in the playground


Day 338 last bacon sandwich before we head back to Italy Tomorrow!!! eekk!


Day 339 Peppa pig crayons bought at Stansted airport & kept Miss Peanut quiet


Day 340 Miss Peanut happy to be in the supermarket with Daddy and me 🙂


Day 341 Miss Peanut happy to be back in her park


Day 342 back to healthy eating!


Day 343 Miss Peanut enjoying an evening in the park something we do now it’s summer & hot in the day but cooler in the evenings


Day 344 Pizza for dinner after my run


Day 345 signed up for a virtual selfie running challenge for july!


Day 346 couldn’t help but get one of these today they remind me of our trips to the mountains


Day 347 i love my new running top!


Day 348 finally got some time to play with the mini laptop i bought second hand on our UK trip


Day 349 We loved this cartoon in the UK and as they don’t have it on any of the Italy channels i bought them on dvd and arrvied today


Day 350 Miss Peanut ready to shop with her trolley which arrived today


Day 351 not the best photo but happy with my increased milage today


Day 352 Always love it when Hubby brings home an after dinner treat!


Day 353 having a go at writing my own fantasy story


Day 354 fun in the park! love how parents leave out old toys for the kids to play with in the playground


Day 355 my first 5km run in a loooong time! it felt good 😀


Day 356 new takeaway mexcian place just opened cannot wait to try this


Day 357 new top 🙂


Day 358 started writing a new story


Day 359 so happy for nap time today!!


Day 360 new at the supermarket and i just had to try them!!!!


Day 361 a morning walking around Villa Torlonia


Day 362 finally back in my size 12/10 shorts!! woohoo!


Day 363 Found this at the second hand toy shop not bad for 9 euros and she loves it 🙂


Day 364 my first photo of the july 30 day running selfie challenge and had to be with a drink 🙂


Day 365 Last photo of this year long challenge and its me and Peanut in the park and the best photo of all 😀


My one year challenge of taking a photo of something that makes me happy once a day is finally complete! I cannot actually believe i have made it through all 365 days!!

And along for the ride have been some lovely friends and twitter ladies who have also completed this year long challenge 🙂 @cilentoangel  and @welshieinitaly

Im really quite proud of all of us that we reached the end of this journey togeather!

Well done ladies! 😀


365 Days of Happy – Days 301 to 330

Im almost at the end of the 365 days of happy challenge and im stil going strong!

Day 301 laughing so much at Miss Peanut’s crazy crisp eating skills!


Day 302 thank goodness for this today as shes teething badly.


Day 303 last cuddles tonight before we head off to the UK for 4 weeks without Daddy


Day 304 first evening back in the UK & its chinese takeaway for dinner yum!!


Day 305 nap time!


Day 306 one of my running partners and he’s ready to go!


Day 307 bought some new second hand books to read 🙂 i love a good romance!


Day 308 a trip to Cromer for the day we loved the beach and shops there 🙂


Day 309 loving my new hat!


Day 310 OMG i love this new chocolate! (i sneaked 3 bars back in my case lol)


Day 311 all you can eat chinese buffet in Bury St Edmunds with the Whole family 🙂


Day 312 sunday morning carboot sale is Always fun.


Day 313 running in my new running trainers for the first time


Day 314 cute new necklace in the style of a Russian doll with a smaller one inside!


Day 315 feeding the swans and ducks with Miss Peanut & Grandma.


Day 316 an afternoon in Diss shopping.


Day 317 got some good offers on number 7 in boots today and even had a mini makeover from the lady on the counter 🙂


Day 318 new hat and I love it!


Day 319 Miss Peanut’s first race! Race for life Norwich 5km!!


Day 320 hot cross bun!


Day 321 found Miss Peanut a Peppa pig onsie in a charity shop!


Day 322 behind the scenes of Miss Peanut’s photo shoot with my Sister 🙂


Day 323 fell in love with this cat mask in Norwich today while shopping will be good for Halloween!


Day 324 saw a little white heron on our walk today!


Day 325 new top for the summer 🙂


Day 326 roast pork for dinner! yum!! ( i miss roast dinners alot in Italy)


Day 327 first season of Penny Dreadful now all mine! Mawwhhaa!


Day 328 Miss Peanut’s first time on the whirling tea cup ride in Great Yarmouth! She loved it! We were both very dizzy when we got off.


Day 329 Miss Peanut meets the cold north sea! And tries to go for a swim! (she kept walking in and wouldn’t stop lol)


Day 330 Grandad’s special as he calls it! Toast, bacon, poached eggs lunch 🙂 it was soo good!


35 days left to go and my quest for taking happy photos once a day will be at an end! 🙂

Happy Befana!

On 6 January (today) Italians celebrate the religious feast of the Epiphany or the more popular one of Befana.

I blogged about the origins of Befana last year that on the night of the 5th of January (Epiphany Eve) in Italian Folklore the Befana strega (witch) or old woman leaves gifts to children here in Italy which are usually sweets and chocolate but if you have been bad she will leave you coal!

So its a little like Father Christmas leaving you presents while you sleep except this is a witch who gives you sweets 🙂

I also blogged that the Holiday is originally a Roman festival to a Goddess! (not a witch!)

I love this Holiday with all the sweets and other bits you can buy for your kids!

The socks you usually put out for Christmas for Christmas present fillers well this is when the Italians get them! Many supermarkets sell the socks full of sweets all different shapes and sizes!

Of course these are for the kids so alot of them will have popular cartoon characters on etc. Or sometimes with mixed sweets inside and Others with certain brand sweets.

As Miss Peanut is almost 16 months old this year and a big girl with many teeth now (12 to be exact) i decided she could have her very open Befana sweet sock!

Some of them can be expensive depending on where you go and the size of the sock. I found some nice ones in the local supermarket and decided on a more traditional one.

There were as i said before popular cartoon socks but shes still small and doesn’t know what they are.

So i went for a kinder sock instead with a witch which was 8 euros but this only happens once a year so i don’t think its to bad price-wise 🙂


There is a nice mix of kinder chocolate inside 7 pieces and Miss Peanut LOVES kinder chocolate when shes allowed it which isn’t often.

Her face this morning when we opened the sock for her so she could see all the chocolate! She’s never seen so much before! heehee

Of course it will be rationed and not eaten all today but will last her a while as little treats now and then.

I love the witch which came with the chocolate she looks really happy and nice so a good witch giving out her sweets 🙂



The Witch onces we have finished Befana will be going to Grandma in the UK in May as she loves that kind of thing. And its also nice to share an Italian tradition with the family back in England! 🙂




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