365 Days of Fitness – Week 12

Day 77 Sun 1st May – I should run. I have been avoiding it. My spark of motivation is low. I am still losing weight from all the power walking. Salad every day for lunch also helps and avoiding snacking on crap snacks.

I am so tired. Lately every time I go to sleep I open my eyes again and its morning. I can’t stand it. These are the times depression sinks its claws in. I am easily swayed by it because I am so tired.

I end up snapping at Alex and crying. I want a break. We argue but then it seems to dawn on him what’s wrong. He hugs me and becomes all understanding.

He gives me the time I need to breathe. The time to re-collect myself again.

I go dye my hair red again as its been needing doing for weeks. This helps. A little care towards myself and it makes me feel better.


Day 78 Mon 2nd May – Pouring rain so no running. Something interesting to read though.


Day 79 Tue 3rd May -Another walk and writers block.


Day 80 Wed 4th May – Tortellini spinach and ricotta for dinner one of my favs.


Day 81 Thur 5th May -It’s ponies and the rave music tonight…Miss Peanut’s choice.


Day 82 Fri 6th May – I really need to start running again with our friday evenings out.


Day 83 Sat 7th May – My bestie Jess has got me doing the zombies run app again. Day 1 completed.


I haven’t felt like adding stuff day by day to this. It gets a little monotonous. It a good week. I eat to much and i am neglecting my salads. Miss Peanut is still loving school and is so excited to go. She’s going for 3 hours now 5 days a week. It’s the time I need apart.

I spend the time writing or just resting. I speak to friends over facebook chat. Sometimes I go for a walk or to them market to look at the second hand clothes. Other times I will sit in silence and drink tea.

You honestly don’t realise how much you miss the quietness until you don’t have it anymore. Just time to sit without a worry or a care and reflect.

It had improved my mood. Alex has noticed a change in me this week. He can see I am happier. I think it’s been good for all of us in different ways.

I don’t feel like I’m drowning anymore. I can breathe easily for a few hours a day.

I can also use my imagination much more widely when I am alone. There are no interruptions every five minutes. No cartoons on or me with my ear listening for what the kids up to.

I honestly think sending her to nursery has saved my sanity.

And she’s growing and expanding at an astounding rate now from the new stimulus. So many more words she is now saying in both Italian and English. She also doing things she hasn’t done before which I suspect she’s copying from the other kids. Her smiling face when I pick her up makes it worth it.

My friend Jess has also talked me into doing the zombies run app again. I am really lacking in motivation with my running. It’s blinking on zero at the moment. At least I am keeping up with the walking.

I do the first day of zombies run. I think it will keep me motivated.

I am pushing to do my own things now to. Things that make me happy and feel rewarding. It’s what I need and so far it’s going well.


Great Yarmouth Sealife Centre UK – Review

Last year we took Miss Peanut to the SeaLife Centre in Hunstanston. Although she couldn’t walk at the time she really enjoyed the experience. The Whole place had been rebuilt after a huge storm last May destroyed the place.

So this May we decided to take Miss Peanut to the SeaLife Centre in Great Yarmouth which we had been told was a much bigger place.

It was a little confusing on the drive there as we didn’t sea any signs for the place and in the end had to ask for directions. We ended up parking along the sea front near the pleasure beach area and walking along past all the shops and rides.

The SeaLife Centre was one of the buildings we found as we followed the stretch of beach and shops. This was my first time to Great Yarmouth so i wasn’t to sure what to expect.

A queue was already forming and it was quite busy as it was half term and all the kids were off school. It cost us around £40 – £50 to get inside as she didn’t have a coupon this time. (which we did for the other place).

Our hands were all stamped and as we were ushered inside we had to sit on a bench and have our photos taken. The women explained we could buy the photos at the end if we wanted them.

Miss Peanut who of course is walking walked straight up to the huge first tank of fish not quite sure what to make of them.



She seem fascinated as they swam round and round and she liked the soft lighting of the room. As we moved into the next area which was a tunnel it became very dark and she actually got quite scared and wanted to be carried.

Even Grandad commented that the corridors here were much darker than the other SeaLife centre we had visited.

The next area was even darker as the creatures in the tanks were glowing as they were jellyfish and under special lighting. They were absolutely beautiful to look at as they moved slowly about.




The next room had a door leading outside to the penguin pen and we decided to give Miss Peanut a break from all the darkness.

The pengiuns were so cute and one kept coming close to the glass and tapping on it with its beak right next to us. I was a little disappointed at how much the glass was scratched and thought they could have done a better job to clean it as i couldn’t get the best photo’s.



After watching the pengiun’s frolick around in the water for a while we decided to head back inside and see some more fish.

I had to laugh at one of the tank displays as it had a toilet inside and a rubber duck!


It was getting busier with more kids and parents as we headed to the next area. Here they were showing off some of the friendly sealife creatures. I was asked to put my hand in a swallow pool and a large shrimp swam over onto my fingers.

I was told it would clean all the bacteria of my hand if i stayed still. It felt very strange, my fingers were tingling in a strange way. It was slightly ticklish almost bordering on painful. The shrimp was quite intent and it took all my will power not to snatch my hand back.


My fingers still tingled even after we had left the pool and were still walking around.

Miss Peanut was still getting upset about the dark corridors and we took turns carrying her when needed as we had left the stroller in the car.

Alot of the tanks were smeared with little hand prints or just dirty which we all found a little disappointing when trying to see the different fish.




The main tank of the place was in the middle of the building and again i was a little disappointed. It didn’t seem as good as the other place but maybe that was because the other SeaLife Centre had been rebuilt. I also don’t think they had as many fish, sharks etc inside.




Miss Peanut didn’t seem very impressed and even needed a hug from Grandma while we watched the fish.

She was more than happy when we moved and even got down and walked holding my hand.

Again Grandad commented on the chocolately smudge marks on alot of the tanks. But i did point out we had come at half term so the kids were bound to leave lots of marks!

We enjoyed seeing the different types of star fish and Miss Peanut would stop at each tank and gaze up at them and touch the glass.





I liked a little flat fish who had very human features when it settled on the glass infront of me. It was strange but cute in a way.


The reptile area i really liked as the tanks were more open and you could see the creatures more clearly.




Grandad even spotted one of the turtles in distress on its back! When we found one of the SeaLife people we told them what we had seen and hoped they would help.

As we rounded another area we realised we had come to the end. We had been told by others that the place was much larger than the other one but in truth i felt it was smaller.

We were offered the photos of ourselves from the begining at a price but we decided not to both with them. We emerged into the gift shop and resutrant but decided to head outside.

In the end for lunch we found a lovely fish and chips place next to the beach.

All in all i think we were all disappointed with our trip to Great Yarmouth Sealife centre. I guess we had been spoilt with the visit to the one in Hunstanton and expected much more than we saw.

We all agreed in the end if Miss Peanut wanted to go to a Sealife centre in the future than we would stick to the one in Hunstanton.

But i would like to visit Great Yarmouth again as i really enjoyed the beach, pleasure beach rides and shops. Miss Peanut enjoyed walking around the town and i even found a wonderful second handbook stall in the market!


365 Days of Happy – Days 121 to 150

Another round up of 365 Happy days 🙂 Here is Day 121 to 150 and Autumn is here 🙂

Day 121 last cuddle with the kittens before i go back home to Rome and their just starting to open their eyes!


Day 122 Peanut being a very good girl on our trip back to Rome although she looks sad to be leaving her Nonni (grandparents)


Day 123 Miss Peanut having fun with her Papà who she has missed while we were away.


Day 124 pasta ragù for dinner yum!! Sometimes its little things like this that make my day 🙂


Day 125 feeling crap as i have a bad cold but i have peanut M&Ms to cheer me up.


Day 126 fried egg sandwich for lunch which my cold was urging me to have! Hopefully it helps.


Day 127 watching cartoons on a rainy day then having a play and cuddles 🙂


Day 128 love my new cat purse an early xmas present from my Sister and goes lovely with my tea cup scarf i bought in the UK! I feel a little like Alice in Wonderland now.


Day 129 Miss Peanut practicing her walking with her Papà in the park shes starting to get confident.


Day 130 me at the cinema to watch Guardian’s of the Galaxy in english at the LuxRoma and im completely alone in the sala! 🙂


Day 131 snuggling on the sofa under the new blanket as i feel sick 😦 Snuggling does make me feel better though especially with such a warm blanket.


Day 132 White rice with parmigiano and a little oil at least i can eat this without getting tummy cramps.


Day 133 watching the film Inkheart for the first time, its really good!


Day 134 Peanut’s surprise arrived from her Nonni (Grandparents) an early Christmas present and she LOVES it!


Day 135 Made my homemade shepherds pie for dinner which is always a big hit with the family 🙂


Day 136 Tramezini from the local bakery which were so so good and a nice change for lunch


Day 137 improvements on Miss Peanut’s walking still using our hands for support but she is getting better and better!


Day 138 a quick trip to the shop to get new bricks, paper and crayons and we have a happy Peanut on a rainy day 🙂


Day 139 watching the wrestling in bed with the family 🙂


Day 140 Peanut daydreaming on her swing on this glorious autumn morning here in Rome!


Day 141 my friend Jess signed me up for the WeRunRome 10k race on 31st December as part of my Christmas pressie! eeek!


Day 142 so many pretty colours in the park! I love Autumn!


Day 143 Lunch with Nerys as she was visting Rome and its Always fun 🙂


Day 144 still enjoying playing with the shutter speed on my camera and creating some Amazing photo effects!


Day 145 Something new to read as im getting into my photography and being creative.


Day 146 my new favorite dinner fried egg toast sandwich! It was so good and i can’t believe i never thought of using toast before.


Day 147 2nd day of my weights workout im back into and its going to be a looooooooong workout over the next 5 months!


Day 148 a treat from the supermarket 🙂 a freshly made suppli and a crocchetta yum!


Day 149 loving all the Christmas chocolate and Christmas things in the shops! It feels so Christmas-like now 😀


Day 150 a trip to a very Christmas Porta di Roma shopping mall for a walk around, present shopping and lunch! I love all there Christmas decorations!!


215 days left to go on this 365 days of happy photos journey! 🙂

Review: Hunstanton Sealife Centre – UK

While we were visting the UK i wanted the chance to take Peanut to a sealife centre as it was something she had never seen before. I had planned to take her back in May to the one in Hunstanton in Norfolk but it had been flooded due to very bad weather.

However this trip they had re-opened and we decided to visit them the second week of their opening. Of course we hadn’t realised this was the same week as half term so found a huge queue waiting to go inside! But lining up we only had to wait half an hour and getting chatting to another mother she gave us some spare discount tickets she had to get in. (which was extremely nice of her!)

Peanut was by now getting very excited seeing all the other children and was looking around her with curiousity. Once inside Grandad handed over the discount tickets for the adults as Peanut was free to get in as she was under 3 years old.

Our hands were stamped with the sealife logo so we could come and go all day if we wanted to.

Once inside we began to follow the other parents and kids along until we found ourselves next to the first tank of fish.

Peanut wasn’t sure at first what was going on but soon wanted out of her stroller to be carried so she could get a better look. She was quite mesmerized by the lights and water reflecting on the ceiling and top of the tanks.



And wasn’t quite sure at first what to make of all these different colourful fish in different shapes and sizes.

I have to say i think its a pretty wonderful aquarium and i loved the first huge low tank with the rays and sand sharks which were swimming around and around. As there was no top on the tank you could see when a Ray came to the surface which was quite amazing.




It was a little crowded around some of the tanks due to all the kids and parents but the tanks were so big you could easily see what was inside.

They even had a show and tell area where Captain Jack was their special guest who was showing the kids there all about rock pool sealife.


I loved the different seahorses who were floating gently in their tanks as we all stopped to look.




And i even ducked under the Piranha tank so i could stick my head into the glass tank to be right in the middle of them which was a little scary but worth it.


We had to take turns carrying Peanut as she did not want to be put back in her stroller as she was so excited over all the fish and what was going on around her. We even found a crocodile tank where again you could crawl under the tank and put your head in a glass tank among them but this time i did not try it.

I even found a tank low down where Peanut could stand next to it and see and stare at the huge fish which were going around and around. There were so many fish every which way you turned and each tank held something new and beautiful to look at.




Coming out of the main building we found a Penguin enclosure, a seal tank and otter enclosure! The penguins were watching everyone as they headed to the pool. We found the seals frolicking playfully togeather and the otters fast asleep.

Here there was plenty of outside seating and a play area for the kids so you could eat a picnic or take a rest before moving on.

There was also two other buildings one housed wild baby seals who had been injured on the beach and were recovering and they were the cutest little things!


The second building was just completely amazing! You entered it to find the roof and sides made of glass and the fish swimming above and around you!




Even Peanut who was now back in her stroller just sat there staring above her in awe and amazement! And it got even better when you realised it wasn’t just fish inside the huge tank but Rays, Sharks and a huge sea turtle swimming above you!

Both me and Grandad stopped for ages to take photo after photo of this amazing sight and had to keep making space for passing people.

As we followed the corridor around i found a tank of beautiful jellyfish moving gently about and couldn’t help but think how lovely they were.


As we turned the corner and found ourselves infront of the main huge glass tank which made up all of the room you couldn’t help but stare in awe.

This was amazing and picking Peanut up we went and sat right next to it as we watched the seaturtle glide gracefully back and fourth infront of us.




For me this really was worth the money to get in and the time spent driving there and walking around just to see the awe and amazement on my daughter’s face.


After we had finished we found ourselves in the sealife centre shop where i bought her a little onsie with a cartoon crab on. The shop wasn’t that expensive as i had a quick look around before going to pay.

Having a chat with the lady at the desk she told me they hadn’t expected so many people turning up from there opening the week before and how wonderful it was.

We stopped for some sandwiches and a cup of tea in the sealife centre restaurant and it was quite reasonable at £4 for a sandwich.

We really enjoyed our time there and spent two hours in the whole place, an hour and half walking around and 30 minutes eating. It was the right amount of time to keep Peanut happy and distracted with what was going on.

Next year we will take her to the sealife centre in Great Yarmouth which is much larger and by then she will be bigger and walking around.

If you have kids it really is worth the trip to have a look at Hunstanton Sealife centre and its a great day out for everyone.

Also if you walk along the beach for 10-15 minutes from the sealife centre you can easily reach the town centre for a look around this beautiful seaside town. There’s also plenty of amusements, rides and places to eat if you want to make a day of it.

And i also found a boat ride on the beach which takes you out to see the wild seals out at sea! (which i would like to do next time)

Below is the website for the sealife centre!





365 Days of Happy – Days 91 to 120

A few days of happiness in Rome in this post and then more happiness on our trip to the UK for a month which is always fun!

Day 91 all packed and ready for our UK trip to visit family for the month of October! Can’t wait woohoo!! 😀


Day 92 Peanut practicing her walking against the sofa shes still not confident to let go but she walks up and down along the sofa holding on to it! 🙂


Day 93 last taste of real Italian pizza taglio (which is the pizza cut into squares and to take away) for a Whole month! eeek!


Day 94 me and Peanut arrived at stansted Airport and waiting for family to pick us up.


Day 95 Peanut enjoying a new toy bought for her by Grandparents 🙂


Day 96 having cuddles with my Mum’s pregnant cat who is a little sweetheart.


Day 97 having lunch in Norwich shopping mall after a morning shopping with my mum, sister and peanut.


Day 98 shopping in Bury st edmunds on a very rainy day!


Day 99 bacon sandwich with ketchup yum! I have missed my Mum cooking me these.


Day 100 my new fitness toy! A Garmin vivofit!


Day 101 dinner out with my Brother and his Girlfriend at an all you can eat chicken night nom nom nom.


Day 102 i love my new scarf! been after one of these for ages! Its so warm and nice.


Day 103 chocolate fudge cake dropped off by my Brother as a present for the family yum!


Day 104 finished my virtual race today! Bit slow as i had the dog with me and he kept stopping but happy its all done yay!


Day 105 having a welcome cup of tea out while shopping with my Sisters, Mum and Peanut.


Day 106 Tuna and cucumber sandwich down by the river at the little tea hut on a sunny day 🙂


Day 107 we saw the beautiful male heron again on the river bank and i took some more photos for my photo blog called ‘A Claire lens’.


Day 108 a warming bowl of tomato soup for lunch out at the bakers Oven with my parents 🙂


Day 109 sunday morning car boot sale with the Grandparents is always a nice morning out and such good bargains.


Day 110 found some lovely christmas dresses for Peanut in a second hand shop 🙂


Day 111 Were playing with our tunnel today having fun as its a rainy, windy day and we are happy to be inside.


Day 112 warm fluffy blanket chosen by Peanut to take back home to Rome for winter snuggles on the sofa 🙂


Day 113 Peanut enjoying lunch out with family and getting her first balloon! Pic is a sort of selfie as i got my brother to take it for me but still counts as a happy moment!


Day 114 playing Midwife to my parents cat as it was her first litter and didn’t want to be left alone. After 4 hours we had 3 lovely little kittens and a very happy mummy cat.


Day 115 all you can eat buffet chinese for lunch today in Bury St Edmunds with almost the whole family.



Day 116 new hair colour on my hair! nice and red again 🙂



Day 117 received my medal for my virtual race today in the post yay!



Day 118 beautiful butterfly dressing gown i found in a charity shop and fell in love with 🙂




Day 119 taking Peanut to the sea life centre was a fantastic day and the last tank was just amazing! One of the best day of my life seeing the awe on my daughters face!




Day 120 Miss Peanut eating chocolate cake in the chinese all you can eat place and she was such a good girl 🙂



So much fun the last 30 days as we move into Autumn on our holiday visiting the UK and family and then it will be back to Roma:)

Food Adventures Week 2 & 3 – UK Trip

Here’s the round up of week 2 and 3 of my foodie food art photo’s from our trip.

Chocolate fudge cake my brother bought us over! it was chocolate overload heaven!



Sausage Roll lovely and hot from the Bakers oven and i haven’t had one in years! It was better than i remembered and reminded me of children’s parties when i was little as they were used as finger foods! Peanut even had a nibble on one and really enjoyed it to!



A plate of chips and a cheese burger from the moonlight cafe in Norwich 🙂 Always a nice place to visit when we are shopping there as they have such good food and a big variety to choose from. Peanut enjoyed the chips very much as a snack 🙂



A warming bowl of tomato soup with a roll to butter and dip in my soup! This to me is comfort food and was enjoyed very much yum!




Cup of tea on a sit down after a shopping trip and an adventure out and about 🙂 Being a Brit i love my tea and its always a welcome break after a busy morning!



I have been missing pizza half way through my trip and decided to have a mini deep pan pizza! It was nice but nothing like Italian pizza.



Mini Jammy doughnut with a strawberry jam centre! even little peanut loved these!




Raspberry ripple cupcakes very festive for Halloween and very tasty also some lovely spooky yellow cupcakes!






Noodles and a mix of rice and other goodies at the all you can eat chinese buffet in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.




Not sure what this type of cake was but it was very very good yum!




As you can see its been a very yummy 2 weeks and i just have 1 week left to go now!

365 Days of Happy – Days 61 to 90

More of a photo of happiness a day for 365 days! And im still going 🙂

Day 61 having photos from my Tuscan holiday posted on the BrowsingItaly website! I feel so honoured and happy!


Day 62 Peanut’s first time on the mat we bought her to crawl on at Ikea over the weekend and she loves it! Complete crawl mania! 😀


Day 63 Peanut’s new favorite expression after coping me!!! eeek its so funny !


Day 64 Tonda our favorite pizza place is open again after the long August break and Alex was desperate to have a good pizza and so was i!


Day 65 Crostata which we dont have very often and Alex bought it home as a suprise! yum!


Day 66 I found some amazing Cheesecake gelato at a bar in Castel Gandolfo it was very good and even Peanut loved it.


Day 67 bought myself a Google card to buy some paid for apps to try them out 🙂


Day 68 finally trying the Zombies Run app running game! Can’t wait to get started tonight.


Day 69 at the Rome zoo BioParco with Peanut for her first birthday she loved it so much and so did we! Always a fab day out and so much to see.


Day 70 finally got my hair cut and it should stop little hands from pulling it now thank goodness!



Day 71 blue skies after a night of storms and then sudden rain during the day, its always nice to see the sunshine afterwards.


Day 72 Peanut’s curls are growing more and more im sure shes going to have the cutest hair around when it finally grows longer!


Day 73 new shoes for a little someone the special walking shoes which should helper her be more stable when we are at the park Learning to walk.


Day 74 all the goodies Peanut got as presents from her party we had so much fun with a load of friends coming over to visit! She will be the best dressed muscial Young lady around 😉


Day 75 My first taste of Pinsa a type of flatbread pizza the ancient Roman’s used to eat it was fantastic!


Day 76 Peanut is turning out to be muscial little lady and was happily banging away on this for ages 🙂


Day 77 a lovely strawberry frappe on a sunny afternoon it was so good and made with fresh strawberry gelato! yum


Day 78 shopping therapy got some nice tops off the local market! 🙂


Day 79 some well deserved me time after a long day with Peanut 🙂


Day 80 more retail therapy! Rocking my new belt and tops i bought over the weekend 😉


Day 81 drinks out at the beer garden enjoying the Sunshine and still summer-ish weather now in september.


Day 82 comfort-food made with love 🙂 Me and Peanut shared scrambled eggs on toast yum!


Day 83 new funky earphones for my running as im really back into my runs now thanks to that app im doing.


Day 84  Had another good run thats just over 2 weeks of back to running and really loving it with my new running app!


Day 85 finally nap time as Miss Peanut decided she didn’t want to nap in the morning and i can finally get on with some stuff 🙂


Day 86 enjoying the Sunshine on this chilly morning as summer is almost long gone and soon it will be jumper and coats weather!


Day 87 the best melanzane alla parmigiana i have ever had in my life! Seriously its made to perfection!


Day 88 a lovely sunday nature walk with Peanut and Alex along the river! We saw lots of birds, insects, reptiles and flowers 🙂 We really enjoy our family walks.


Day 89 I bought a new cooking book off the local bancarella (market) for 3 euros 🙂 lots of Nonna (Grandmother) recipes to try!


Day 90 fresh porchetta bought from the corner shop this morning 🙂 the moment i saw it i knew i was going to have a good lunch!


100 Days already done and only another 265 days to go! And the other 3 ladies im doing this with are still posting to and i have a feeling we might all make it until the last day 🙂

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