365 Days of Fitness – Week 11

Day 70 Sun 24th Apri – It’s raining. I go do all the food shopping and bring it home to unpack. My bad mood is still lingering from yesterday. I am trying to hold onto the positive-ness but it’s hard.

Alex suggests we watch that movie I wanted to watch the other day. Ground Hog Day. It’s one of my favourites. I curl up on the sofa. Miss Peanut sits playing with her toys. She doesn’t seem to mind.

The film is funny. It makes us laugh and smile. It’s just what was needed to loosen us all up. We need moments like these. When you can just sit and watching something heart-warming.

We chat with Grandparents on skype. Peanut is going nuts. She misses them. I can’t wait to get back there in June for the summer. Alex will be in tow. It will be a proper family holiday this time.


Day 71 Mon 25th Apr – I feel so tired. Ancient even. My face feels like it won’t be cracking a smile anytime soon. I feel like maybe I have resting bitch face. A constant look of cold reserve.

Miss Peanut isn’t sleep so well. Sometimes she makes little whimpers or upset noises. Bad dreams. They keep me awake. I worry about her. Or then my brain kicks in and I can’t drift off again.

Alex books the tickets for our holiday in June. It is always a chore. It can never be calmly done. Things have to be picked at then looked at over and over and over. I start to lose my patience again.

Why can’t things just be done simply? Breathing deeply and counting to ten helps.

We take her to the supermarket. It’s nice a family little walk just to grab some bits and pieces.

I need to go run today. The walking has been good as exercise but I promised myself I would run again.

Alex asks me when I will be done writing. This annoys me. He’s playing Facebook and the kid is playing quietly. Why do I have to stop?

I get snappy. I feel depressed but anger burns straight through it.

He tells me he doesn’t want me not to write. He’s happy I am. He just wants some family and us time. I say ok.

I know sometimes I am too focused, but it happens when I am in the zone, especially through critical scenes. When my imagination is flowing I can’t turn it off and on like a tap. I need to get it all down.

I tell him part of me is frightened he’s going to rip my writing from me. Crush it. That I am holding onto it so tight I won’t let it go.

He says he won’t. But I need to find balance. Ok. So he is right. I get that.

The rest of the day is calmer. We both spend time together. We spend time with the kid to.

I go out and run. It’s only a mile and half as the trees are shedding white pollen everywhere. It isn’t pleasant. I end up with it in my eyes, mouth and up my nose. Urgh.

At least though I ran. I am happy with that. I can see I have lost more weight. My running trousers are loser. I have to tie them up tighter.


Day 72 Tue 26th Apri  – Just a 3 mile walk today and yes I ate to much chocolate….


Day 73 Wed 27th Apri – Where did all the warm weather go? I hate this chillness, the rain. I want to feel the sun warm on my skin again. It relaxes me and makes me feel happy.

The kid is dropped off at school quite happily. I have two hours until I pick her up.

I hurry home. I have a ton of ideas I need to type down. Conversations and situations the walk had made me think of.

When I collect Miss Peanut she wants an early lunch. We spend the rest of the day dancing. She’s obsessed with music at the moment. We dance and wiggle. It’s fun and has me smiling.

When bedtime comes around she doesn’t want to go. We have had this for a few days now. She cries and screams. Why she doesn’t want to go to bed we have no idea. It’s Alex’s night but he can’t get her to settle. In the end for the second one of his nights, I end up going to bed with her.

It makes me angry. I don’t see why he can’t handle her. It’s not difficult. But nope he can’t do it. I end up laying there glaring at him angrily. Why am I the only one who can do this stuff?


Day 74 Thur 28th Apri – I ache. I think I am coming down with something. Either that or its all the morning exercise taking the kid to school. I power walk with the pushchair and sometimes it’s tough going.

I am still annoyed over last night. It’s also our 4 year wedding anniversary today. Alex doesn’t remember. I knew it was this week and only know it’s today because face book reminds me. I tend to just know what day it is, not the date we are on. It’s usually hmm ok its April the end of I think.

I mention it to Alex. He smiles and says happy anniversary. I know we won’t be doing anything special today. Usually I make the effort and set something up. I am tired of being the only one who remembers. Who makes the effort. So I am not bothering.

He will be going roll playing with his friends tonight. I know he won’t change that. It’s not like he wants to do something with me to celebrate. I just want to have a hot bath tonight, write and be left alone. Maybe spend the evening watching cartoons with Miss Peanut. Have some more mother, daughter time.

I guess that’s not a good sign for a couple. But I am tired of making the effort. Let someone else do it for a change.

We meet a Nun on the way to nursery. We have seen her a few times. She had a kind smile and strokes Miss Peanut’s face. She says she can see my beautiful daughter loves school. It’s kind obvious when she’s calling the word at the top of her lungs.

The kid goes straight in. I am told to return at 11.15am. The time is growing longer soon she will be there until 12!

I powerwalk home. The silence of the house is welcome. I make a tea and sit writing a few notes I have thought of. Things to add to my third story. I am having fun with it. My characters are growing and are on a journey of self-discovery. I guess a lot like me.

Alex messages me and says he can get someone to baby sit on the weekend and we can go celebrate our anniversary then. I agree. Part of me would have liked to have done it today. I am also trying to remind myself what we are celebrating.

Before marriage, we were closer. More affectionate more bonded. It’s not like that anymore. I don’t feel connected, I just feel lost.

We do have a good evening. He sinks into his you tube video at dinner time. He brings cake home and we eat that after. We end up doing our on things.


Day 75 Fri 29th Apri – I am in a really good mood today. Nothing can dent it. I have exciting things brewing, which I can’t talk about yet as I don’t want to jinx it.

I can say my sister is doing a little project for me with her photography. Today she takes some test shots. I love them. Cannot wait to get started on the proper photos in June when we visit.

It’s warm again outside. I love love love the sunshine and the warmth. Miss Peanut is at nursery for a whole 2 and half hours.

This morning was the first time she got upset and cried about going. She has a cold. That’s the reason I know she got upset. When she comes out shes all smiles.

We spend the afternoon playing and dancing. I chat with friends on face book messenger. I am happy and relaxed. The future is looking up

It friday so our evening out. Alex makes noises about it like hes forgotten. I know he was. I remember him tell him he can still have a pizza as long as we go out as a family. We do. Everyone has fun. I intend to keep friday nights out up.


Day 76 Sat 30th Apri – Today we have a long walk out. The warm weather is back and we are all soaking up the sun. Miss Peanut walks about 2 miles and plays in another park we occasionally visit. She loves. She has so much fun.

When we get home and she naps Alex wants us time. We lie on the bed and talk. It’s like old times. He even gives me a back massage, which he hasn’t done in years. It melts my stress away. I miss moments like this. Everything seems to be one big hectic mess nowadays. It makes me feel a little closer to him again.

We say we are going to spend more moments like this together. We have said this before but maybe this time it will really happen.

I get a little time to write. I had writers block for a while but now it’s all flowing again. I seem to have eight books going on. Planned out in there outlines and waiting to be told. I am just going to keep writing because its something i love. I don’t feel so alone.



365 Days of Fitness – Week 10

Day 63 Sun 17th Apri – Was planning a longer run but Miss Peanut was out walking with Alex. As soon as she saw me, she didn’t want to let me go. So i couldn’t run past. So a short run today. Better than nothing.


Day 64 Mon 18th Apri – Peanut started nursery today. I was nervous as hell. She seemed to like the first visit but would she like it once she started? Me and Alex took her there. The whole way we kept telling her how fun school was.

She seemed excited. When she saw the building she started shouting yay yay. So that was a good sign.

She didn’t even look to see we there. Then we sat for 30mins waiting for her to finish. The first week she is staying a growing degrees of time.

Apparently this will wet her appetite for nursery. She won’t we were told grow bored and will want to come back. Each day will lead to something new for her. It’s clever and crafty. And I think it will work.

30 mins later and she’s led back out to us. The kid has a huge grin on her face. She’s so happy. She doesn’t want to leave again.

I take her home. I am feeling full of hope. She needs this I can see that. Peanut is over excited and so so happy.

I have time to write when she naps. She’s exhausted. I feel lighter. I am feeling more determined to. I am going to start doing more things for me now.


Day 65 Tue 19th Apri – 8am and the kids fully dressed at the door chomping at the bit to get to school! I have to keep repeating we don’t need to be there until 9. She makes me laugh with her enthusiasm.

I am enjoying the walk there each morning. It’s all green with lovely flowering trees. I feel like I’m out and part of the world again. I feel like I am connecting again.

Peanut stays longer this time. I have to stay the first week just in case she gets worried. It’s all part of the psychology. Hopefully by next week she will start the full 9 until 12 and I will be able to go home in-between.

She comes out with a drawing she did. The kid is all smiles again. She carries it all the way home. We get pizza slices from the shop as a snack.

It’s funny how changing something can make you feel better. Even the walk in the morning is lifting my spirits. Maybe it’s all the sunshine to.

Alex is sinking into watching his youtube videos at dinner time again. It’s annoying. He knows how I feel about it. Once in a while is fine, every night is not. I haven’t seen him all day and would like to talk.

After trying to ask him a question three times and him not realising because he’s glued to the video I give up.

I feel disappointed. It starts to get me a little down. I don’t like being ignored. It makes me feel like I am disappearing or that I am an unheard ghost.


Day 66 Wed 20th Apri – So tired today. I think this first busy week is taking its toll. Peanut screams school school on the way there in the morning. It’s the first time she’s said it. There are other words she’s saying now to. Italian words.

The nursery is obviously doing her good and stimulating her talking. I am relieved.

She’s there for over an hour today. I sit reading a book I bought with me. Its nice to have a corner there to read in while I wait.

They take the kids out in the garden to play. Peanut doesn’t want to come home when its time. She wants to stay with her new friends. I have to bribe her with the promise of pizza.

It’s good she wants to go. I just hope it stays that way. Everyone there says she’s a lovely little girl and I have done well with her. That I should be proud.

I get more writing done today. I feel a little down. I am not sure why. Maybe it’s just the tiredness.

I am hoping it’s not the depression creeping back more. I know it’s still there. I am just choosing to ignore it and focus on the positive.

My story is going well. I have the outline and now just writing chapter by chapter. I am having fun with my characters.

I find a one day writing workshop in Rome! I sign up immediately. I have to do. I want to go. I love my writing and if ways appear to learn and improve it, I will grab it with both hands.

The workshop isn’t until May. I am smiling when I write it in my diary. It’s another thing to look forwards to. Another thing that is mine.


Day 67 Thur 21st Apri – Even more tired today. The week seems to be going quickly but it’s leaving me so tired. Maybe it’s all the activity. My confirmation for the workshop arrives. I do a little happy dance. I can’t wait!


Day 68 Fri  22nd Apri– I am told at the nursery to go and come back in an hour and half! I spend the time exploring the area which I don’t know completely. It’s a lovely day. The sun is warm and healing on my skin. It calms me.

Even the brightness of the sun is making me happy. I will have to dig out my sun glasses at some point.

I go look at a little market I am always fond of but never have a chance now to go and look at. I have fun rummaging through all the second hand clothes. I even find a little jacket which looks a little steampunk like and buy it.

Then I have a three mile walk. I power walk as I explore. My head is circling with ideas for my story. Every so often I stop to scribble in my note book.

The exercise is good for getting the imagination juices running. My mind flows to more descriptive words. There are also twists and turns being added to my stories plot. Things that I have not foreseen before now.

Peanut is happy when I collect her. She loves school. They have a male teacher who teaches the kids English. He comes up and translates for me. I love this. Love having someone to explain things to me properly in my own language.

It puts my mind at ease. He tells me he’s always around if I need him to translator.

He tells me their happy with Miss Peanut’s progress. They are trying to teach her the rules. She needs to learn to sit when told. Not to shove other kids or take their toys. I know this will take a while.

I go home feeling a lot happier.

I weave my new ideas into my storyline when it’s her naptime.

In the afternoon we play and watch cartoons. I feel a lot closer to her than I have been.

Alex comes home. I have assigned Fridays as our family even out time. He is a little grumpy. He just wants a pizza at home.

I am firm with the idea of our evening out. We go to a local place we know. Everyone had fun and we enjoy a meal of meat and vegetables. So much better than pizza. He admits he had fun. We are all happy even our little girl.


Day 69 Sat 23rd Apri – Miss Peanut is at the front door once she’s dressed at 8am. She thinks she’s going to school. When she realises Alex is staying home, she’s all over him like a baby monkey.

I try and spend the morning doing some writing. You would think with another adult at home this would be easier right? It’s not. I am now looking after two human beings instead of one. Both are demanding.

Every five minutes I am being called to go look at something. Things I don’t really need to see. The kid wants Daddy. He is happy to have her but he soon gets tired.

I have two friends reading my first story. The first one had already given me feedback. The second one now messages me.

She’s the one who loves this genre. She’s hard core role player and fiction addict. I wait biting my nails to what she’s going to say. I know it doesn’t matter too much. Not everyone will like them. Yet still I find it important to have someone enjoy them.

She LOVES IT. She enjoyed the plot, my characters and ideas. And she wants to read my second book!

This brings up my confidence and my mood. Two people in the world like my novels. There will no doubt be more! It gives me a well needed smile.

We take Miss Peanut to the part and then a few shops. Home again she plays and watches cartoons.

There’s supposed to be a storm today. Its grey outside but the rain doesn’t come. I want to watch a movie together but there doesn’t seem to be time.

I can feel my mood slipping. I end up snapping at Alex. I don’t have patience anymore. I just want to go somewhere for five minutes of peace.


365 Days of Fitness – Week Nine

Day 57 Mon 11th Apr – I am trying to keep my positive vibe going. All the sunny weather is helping. It’s so much warmer and brighter here than it was in the UK.

I take Miss Peanut out in the morning. We do our usual rounds. In the corner shop she is chatting away which surprises the people we know there. Usually she’s quiet and shy. She even runs up to Mauro and smiles at him taking offered pizza. He is over the moon as he always thinks that she doesn’t like him.

I think she was just shy before and didn’t have so much interaction with other people. In the UK she was swamped with it.

By the afternoon we are both knackered. I think we are still tired from the traveling. I get a little writing done. Then I chat to a friend on facebook.

I find out we lost a facebook friend the day before. Gil. He always posted lovely comments on my blog or comments on photos of Miss Peanut.

I get teary-eyed. I am going to miss the old guy. Even though I didn’t know him physically he was always a ray of positivity and happiness.

By the time Alex gets home I am too tired to run. The kid is also a little clingy. She has been asking where Papa /Daddy is all day. It’s a long day for both of us.

So I just stick with the walk I did in the morning as exercise.


Day 58 Tue 12th Apr – This morning is the visit to the nursery. I am anxious. We still don’t know the cost or if Miss Peanut will like it. The place isn’t far. The spring-like early morning walk fills me with hope that this is all going to go well.

The place is an old Villa with gates and buzzers to get. I like it on sight. The kid likes it to as she gets all excited.

As soon as we get in she squeals with delight seeing the other kids and toys. Then she’s off into the playroom. She only looks back a few times to check we are still there.

The owner is a Grandmother type. She is really nice and understanding. Alex and the lady chat about everything. Me I sit looking around and liking the place even more. It feels nice. Child friendly and has a good vibe.

We are shown around. Everything is child-friendly and cheerful.

Miss Peanut is having so much fun. I can hear her happy laugh from the other room. Eventually she does come looking for us. She wants me to play with her to.

The lady explains I should stand by the playroom door and not go in. This way the kid can see I am still there but will understand I won’t go in.

We agree to start Peanut at the nursery. She loves it and we are both happy. We all agree that she can start the following Monday.

It’s time to leave but the kid doesn’t want to go. She wants the toys she had found. Then realising we are leaving she cries and throws herself on the floor.

I sit and hug her fiercely, all the time whispering and promising she will start on Monday. That she will play and make friends. That I know she wants to go to this place.

Eventually she calms and says ‘bye bye’ to everyone. She is happy again. We walk back home talking about what we have learned. The place is not cheap but we want to do this for our little girl.

Even in September she doesn’t have to go the whole day apparently. She can stay until 1pm. This way it is a little cheaper than having her stay the whole day.

This makes me happy. I want time with her. I want to keep learning English with me and playing games etc and having snuggles.

I am lazy and stick to just a walk. We are also eating the stash of chocolate Grandma sent us home with. Not good for my waist line. But it tastes so good.


Day 59 Wed 13th Apr – I know i have been lazy. Today i manage a 1 mile run. It is better than nothing. It’s still light outside when i go. It means more people in my way. It makes me wonder if winter running is better. Less people to fall over and trip over.


Day 60 Thur 14th Apr – I keep forgetting to blog. I guess it’s not a great loss. I don’t need to write every thought in my head down here. My writing is going well. My third story is flowing from my fingertips through the keys of my little laptop. It’s just having the time to write which is the problem. Sometimes I end up just scribbling notes in my notebook when I am playing with Miss Peanut or if we are out. Sometimes stuff comes to me in the night and I have to get up and write them down quick. I am still passionate about my writing. The world in my mind and my characters are clamouring to get out.

Sometimes Alex point’s out I am mumbling to myself. This is me just reading my words out loud. I am not a crazy person. Well ok. I am a crazy to a certain level. I think everyone is one way or another. What is really normal in this day and age?

The kid is a little clingy today, so it’s just a walk.


Day 61 Fri 15th Apr – My monthly cycle had started. It makes me more sensitive than normal. It’s the end of the first week and my anxiety is back full force. I feel like I want to crawl out of my own skin.

Alex tells me to smile when he leaves for work. I can barely turn my lips up in a semblance of one. I don’t smile here as much as I do in the UK. I don’t feel carefree.

I feel lonely again. There’s no one to talk to. Don’t get me wrong I have people to talk to on facebook messenger. There’s even Alex on skype chat.

No I mean someone physically here, someone to have a laugh with, chat with. Connect with.

I have gone from three weeks of busyness, noise, and people to me just talking to Miss Peanut.

I am so wound up I feel like I might be sick.

I take the kid to the park hoping some air and activity will help.

It does. We see some other kids. She’s happy playing with them and we enjoy the warmth on the sun. Closing my eyes i soak it up. We just need to keep busy. This will help i am sure. All i can hope it that i am right.

I feel better by the time we go home. We spend two hours in the park. We both enjoy it.

Alex takes us out to the beer garden for dinner. It’s like old times. We all have fun. It’s what we all need. I feel myself relax.


Day 62 Sat 16th Apr – We are busy today getting things for Miss Peanut for nursery. We go shopping to get the non-slip socks she needs.

It’s a good morning. Me and Alex talk seriously about some issues. He knows I am still unhappy and on the verge of wanting to go back to the UK. Instead we talk about our fears and why things aren’t moving forward as they should.

We both thing nursery is going to help. I will have some much needed breathing space. It’s a start. We agree to take other things forwards from there. We shall see how it all goes.

The day is a good one. Alex is still more attentive than normal. He barely touches his online game. Miss Peanut adores it. She wants to play with him constantly or making him lay on the bed with her. She’s happy giggling and laughing. We feel more like a unit than individuals coping with a toddler.

just another walk today.


365 Days of Fitness – Week 5

Day 29 Sun 19th Mar – Another family day. We get the suit case down for me to pack for the trip. Miss Peanut bursts into tears when she sees it. She sobs her little heart out.

I am guessing this means she knows where we are going. I have a feeling she’s feeling a little overwhelmed. The upset passes after ten minutes. Then she’s happy to play with the case.

I want to try a new place I found through a leaflet. It’s an all you can eat Chinese buffet place. It’s within walking distance.

Alex scrunches his nose up at the idea. He would rather go eat pizza or pasta. After eight years of Italian food I find pleasure in eating other things, especially as pizza and pasta is eaten by us 3 or 4 times a week. I am starting to loath it.

It’s a little battle but I get him to agree. The victory feels hollow. I don’t understand why he can’t just be happy to eat something different sometimes. I don’t ask all the time. I would do it without complaint if the roles were reversed.

It makes me feel a little down. I know he will find something to complain about. He always does when I suggest something non Italian.

We go have a nice walk and eat there. I admit it’s not the best Chinese I have ever had but it’s different and I don’t care. I happily munch my way through noodles, battered crab balls, dumplings.

Miss Peanut is happy with her bits to nibble on and then her bowl of ice cream.

Alex doesn’t like the coffee much and tells me he will let me know if he digests the food. If he does we can go there again. It’s always the same so I just keep quiet.

By the time we get home I am knackered. Both physically and mentally drained. All I can do is lie on the bed and read. I can’t sleep even though my eyes feel like their weighted by lead. Either Alex or Peanut will come in and not let me sleep. I feel frayed at the edges.

I know it’s the build up to the break away. I just need a good rest. Eventually everything comes crushing down on me. All the not sleeping properly and running around.

I just read for an hour. Alex seems to realise how tired I am and leaves me alone. I am even too tired to run. We walked today so I decide that’s enough.

All I want to do is go to bed early. That won’t happen I know this. The kid will be up at least until ten or more. She had a late nap.

We talk to Grandma and Grandad on skype. They are so excited. They have all the food she likes, shiny new toys and crayons with colouring books. There both bright eyed and eager.

Six days still feels like a life time away until we go to the UK. I’m so tired that I know I am letting depressing feelings roll over me. I am already thinking about when we have to come back. How I am not sure I will want to.

A cryptic post on Facebook and John and Ali message me worried.

Ali says go have a cry. I already have tears in my eyes. Alex notices and thinks its Peanut bothering me. I go have a bath and sob.

I have been so up lately and it just comes crashing down. I hate this. I hate feeling like a fucking yo-yo. I don’t think feeling so tired is helping. I honestly have barely any energy to move.

I still feel unhappy by the time I get out.


Day 30 Mon 14th Mar –This morning I start to pack. Miss Peanut is helping me. She pulls out all her clothes and throws them across the bed.

I tell her we are going to see Grandma and Grandad. She runs to the computer and points at it. She thinks I mean on skype. I say no in real life.

She runs and gets the phone. I laugh. I don’t think she will understand until we go on the plane and then see them. It’s such a long stretch between seeing them it had to be confusing to her, bless her little heart.

I end up making a list. My head is such a tumbled mess there is no way I will remember everything without writing it all down.

The packing will have to be done in dribs and drabs. Something can’t be packed til last minute.

Me and Miss Peanut play. She likes to ride my back like a horse lately. I carry her from room to room. We watch the Peppa Pig episode they go on holiday on a plane. I tell her that will be us on Saturday. She just smiles.

I am a little up and down today. But I stay positive. My lovely little daughter keeps me busy trying to make her every possession.

I plan to do a 2 and half mile run today. It’s part of the 5km plan I am following. I do the first mile and know I am in trouble. My legs are stiff and aching. I didn’t stretch properly before starting.

I finish a mile and half before I stop. It’s better than nothing. Just getting outside and moving is good.


Day 31 Tue 15th Mar – Day is a good day. Me and the kid play a lot. We have the t.v off much more. I usually leave it on as background noise so we don’t get lonely. This normally ends up with some kind of cartoon on. She will either go play, draw or sit on my lap and watch it.

I am a little up and down emotionally. I now find playing with the kid brings me up again. Seeing her grinning face just makes me smile so much. She is so funny sometimes to.

My writing is going well. I had a few scenes for my second story I decided to shorten and work much better. I need to start reading the conversations my characters have out loud as someone suggested. This helps with making sure they sound believable.

I have a headache pounding in my head by the end of the day. It sends pain through my left eye. I chugging water down hoping this will clear it. I want to try for the long run tonight which I couldn’t achieve last night.

The day seems to be going quite fast for a change which is nice.

Head gone by the time Alex gets back. I got run. I manage 1.12 miles with really bad stitch where I can barely breathe it hurts so much.

I know it’s from where the kid was sharing her crisps with me before I come out. Usually I don’t eat an hour or two before I go out.

I still feel so tired. World weary even. I really can’t wait for the holiday to begin Saturday.

I spend Peanut’s bed time showing her pics of everyone in the UK. She gets so excited and chats away. I can’t wait for her to see everyone.


Day 32 Wed 16th Mar – Ali and John are coming to visit in the afternoon today. I am so happy. We love their visits.

I spend the morning doing more packing it keeps me distracted. Keeping busy means no time to think and get depressed.

Idle hands are the devils work as the saying goes. Not sure if that’s appropriate or not but I like that saying.

Whenever the kid wants my attention now I completely focus on her. It’s doing both of us good.

I still do have my dark moods sometimes, I still want to cry and not move but it’s not as bad at the moment.

We walk down in the afternoon to meet Ali and John at the metro. Peanut’s face lights up when she sees them. She is so excited. She keeps looking to check their coming with us.

Back home I make them tea. The kid is busy showing the toys. She says the words she knows proudly ‘boot’ ‘blue’ ‘yellow’. She shows how she knows what all the colours are.

She is so happy. The fact she also hasn’t had a nap today makes her a little crazier. Eventually she will crash.

It’s so nice to have people to talk to. We chat about everything and nothing again. We joke, we chat about serious stuff to. I make more tea.

I ask them if they want to stay for dinner. They say YES.

I am even happier now. It’s forever since we have been out to dinner with anyone or even just as a family.

Miss Peanut is practically bouncing off the walls now. I know she doesn’t want them to leave either. She loves sitting on Ali’s lap and showing her things. She’s even warmed up to John this time and hasn’t pushed him out the door.

They help me feed her. We take turns. It’s funny as the kid doesn’t seem bothered at all.

When Alex gets home we go to Osteria Sette. It’s supposed to have the 3rd best carbonara in Rome. It’s good, really good.

We chat and joke.

Peanut is so tired now you can keep her eyes trying not to close. It’s hilarious.

When we get back Peanut crashes. It takes 2 minutes and she’s asleep.

My exercise for the day is the 1 mile walk to meet them. Exercise is exercise and it got me out of my Pj’s.


Day 33 Thur 17th Mar – Today drags. I think after all the fun yesterday the absence of others is more glaring. I spend the time doing more packing. This is part of the reason I drag it out now. It gives me something to do.

I also didn’t sleep well. I had moments of being wide awake and staring at the ceiling. A nightmare didn’t help either. The type which scares you senseless and wakes you with heart pounding and fear pouring down your spine. It left me feeling unsettled the rest of the night.

The kid is still knackered after yesterday. She ends up having an early nap and playing quietly.

I decided to do a 30 minute weights workout while the kid naps. I haven’t done them for ages. It’s actually quite fun.

I managed to find time to do a little reading and a bit of writing.

My dark days seem to be long gone at the moment. I think as I have said before this is because of the trip. I dread when we have to come back.


Day 34 Fri 18th Mar – So busy today! Alex has the day off to spend with us. In the morning we take Miss Peanut out to the park and then eat lunch out.

After that I am in a whirl wind of finishing the packing. Making sure things are all charged, findings snacks, toys and things for her to do on the flight tomorrow.

Then its bath time, her then me. She happy plays with Alex, while I run around like a headless chicken.

It’s stressful but a good kind because I know we leave tomorrow. I can’t wait!

I have time for a quick walk of a mile and half.

There will be plenty of running done in the UK with my sister when we get there!

A lovely person on Instagram asks if I am going to do the 5km run the day of the Rome Marathon. It’s the day after we arrive back.

I am really tempted. It would be nice to meet up with another runner and probably be something positive to return to. Luckily I can join up on the day, so I will probably do that.

So tired today so it’s early to bed.


Day 35 Sat 19th Mar –

Today was a blur. Up at 5.30am to get dressed and ready for the airport. Miss Peanut was very good but got a little upset when she realised Daddy wasn’t coming to the UK with us. There were a few tears.

She slept on the plane after being a little grumpy about the seatbelt. The journey wasn’t too bad and actually the most relaxed it has ever been. No one was in passport control and we breezed through. The taxi driver I always chat to had only been waiting for 5 mins, so he was impressed.

Miss Peanut got excited when she saw the Grandparents house. She ran up to the door all happy when she saw Grandad open the door she burst into tears. Then she hugged the taxi driver’s legs. Then realising it wasn’t me run back to me. She was sobbing her heart out. I think she was a little overwhelmed with the whole day.

5 minutes later she was happily playing with everyone.

It was just a 3 mile walk for exercises today. I was knackered.

It’s good to be home. Good to see family again.


I am playing catch up with my blog now that i am  back in Roma.

Review: Fitbit fitness tracker

Almost 6 months ago my friend Jess sent me my very own fitbit as a little present when i was visiting family in the UK back in May.

Since then my fitbit has always been on me and i love it to bits!  10363370_10152504094143594_4079291470700384433_n

What is a Fitbit you ask?

Its a fitness tracker you can wear all the time which is also wireless! I have the white Zip fitbit which is small, cute and easily clips onto my top, trousers or jeans and super easy to use.

It has a sleep mode when your not using it and activates itself when you start moving about so all you have to do is to remember to clip it on in the mornings.

It tracks my steps, distance, calories burned and is even a handy little watch which can wirelessly be connected to the fitbit app on your phone to download. Or if you have a PC it does come with a little wire if needed to download your stats that way to.

You can set goals of how many steps you want to do a day, add friends and cheer or taunt them if they manage to do more steps than you or less.

I have quite a few friends doing it so its motivational to see who is beating me or lagging behind so i can choose to cheer, taunt or message them!

There are several different types of Fitbit you can buy and as i have said i have the Zip.

The others are ‘Flex’ which is a wrist band again it counts distance, calories burnt, measures your sleep and wakes you in the morning. The only down side is you cant see your stats on the wristband screen and have to view it on the app on the phone. (Im interested in getting a wrist one but will probably go with a different make for this).

There’s also ‘One’ which is another clip version which counts steps, distance, calories burnt, steps climbed and also measures your sleep at night!

There is also a FitBit scale called ‘Aria’ which again is wireless and tracks your BMI, body fat percentage and weight and makes a helpful graph and also has online tools to help keep you motivated!


Sound cool don’t they? And i love all the different colours you can get! So bright and lovely and to me they are more than just a pedometer.

My Fitbit has kept me motivated to move for so long now and its easy just to see how far you have walked or run and sometimes its the push you need to do some more.

I try to do the minimum of 3 miles a day and more if im able to as im really enjoying my walks and then having a quick check to see how im doing on my fitbit.

The batteries for my Zip are the small round ones and last for months so i dont have to worry about them running out especially with the sleep mode.

The fitbit also lets you know if the battery is starting to run out so you have time to go and get another battery before it dies completely.

The Fitbit app is quite basic and easy to use if you just want to sync your daily steps and keep an eye on friends progress. The Fitbit website which is free to register with has some more advanced features such as a calories  in vs out section, how much water you have drunk and a  food planner. Again its very easy to use and you can choose to use these features or not as well as link for daily steps to Facebook or Twitter.

You also get awarded little badges on your Fitbit page when you reach big goal distances which is another motivational push.

I really think my Zip Fitbit has kept me aware of how much movement i have been doing in the last almost 6 months and im already over 250 miles 🙂




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